Chuggington Bubble Train Whistle, Light Up Bubble Chugger & Play Balls Review

Our newest Chuggington Conductor toy is actually four different toys! Now for some outside, summertime fun… Chuggington Bubble Train Whistel, Light-Up Bubble Chugger and two fun bouncing balls.


Summertime brings outside play leaving me looking for fun and inexpensive toys for the kids to enjoy on the porch. We were sent two Chuggington bubble blowers and two balls. I was actually more excited to open this box than the kids were. I love traditional toys like bubble blowers and balls.

As soon as the kids saw how easy it was to blow bubbles with Chuggington they were excited as well. Here is Ethan enjoying the Light-Up Bubble Chugger. This is a battery operated toy. Ethan simply dips the purple tip into the bubble solution and pulls the trigger. This is fabulous for little guys like him that tend to over blow or miss their target with traditional bubble blowers.


Emma is showing off the Bubble train whistle. You also have to dip the tip into bubble solution, but instead of blowing through the wand you blow through the train whistle. As it toots, bubbles shoot out the other end. My kids both like to play with this toy without the bubbles as well.


I neglected to take photos of the kids playing with the balls… mainly because they ran off into the backyard with them before I could snap the pictures. They like to roll these down the slide and race them and the smaller of the two works great for dodge ball on the trampoline. All four toys are great inexpensive outside summertime toys!


You can purchase the Chuggington Light Up Bubble Chuggers for $8.99 and the Bubble Train Whistle for $4.99


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