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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that this year my husband and I decided to become beekeepers. We have quickly learned to love these girls and I enjoy spending time watching them work.

So when I was looking through the Chinchar / Maloney site and found this adorable Bird and Bee Ring in Silver, I had to have it.


The Bird and Bee Ring is part of the Charm Alone collection:

Our collection of edgy, fun and quirky jewelry inspired by the long history of charms and amulets in both ancient and modern jewelry.


I love that this ring measures on the smaller size at almost 1/2 an inch (about 11mm) at its widest. I am not one to wear statement pieces. I was just looking for a piece that would make me smile when I looked down at it.

I requested my ring to arrive in a brushed finish, but it is also available in polished silver for a little more shine.


The more I look at it, the more I fall in love with it.

I’ve also decided that it would make an excellent pinky ring as well. As I am losing weight and will need to size it down in the future anyways, I may just resize it to fit my pinky next time.


There are so many cute rings in the Charm Alone section that would make fantastic gifts this upcoming holiday season. I know several girls that would love any of them!


CHINCHAR / MALONEY also has a gorgeous collection of fine jewelry as well. Engagement rings and Wedding bands, white and black diamonds, natural color stones like pinkish and champagne diamonds, rose gold… really you could get lost for hours daydreaming.

bs rings

I wanted to specifically mention their beautiful birthstone line, though.

With the holidays quickly approaching, a birthstone ring, bracelet, and necklace would make a fabulous gift for Mom or Grandma or even yourself! I know I still cherish my birthstone ring my mom bought me when I was a teenager. But what makes this line so special is that Chinchar/Maloney donates a portion of the sales to special needs children.

I will be looking to Chinchar Maloney for my future jewelry purchases!


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  1. what beautiful pieces. I LOVE the birthstones!

  2. shelly peterson says

    What super nice jewelry. I really like the ring you chose, it’s super cute. I’m liking the mother’s rings and it’s great they donate a portion of the sales to special needs children.

  3. Maria Iemma says

    Beautiful jewelry, I specially liked the birthstone bracelets. Very pretty

  4. I skipped the first paragraph and when I got to the pic with the real bee I was thinking, “HOW is she NOT mentioning the bee on her finger!!!!?” lol I forgot about you raising bees. 🙂

    • Hahaha Thanks for the morning giggle. Yes, we love our girls! Sorry to freak you out, though!

  5. Karen Glatt says

    These rings are gorgeous and I like the cute bee ring. They all look very unique and so pretty that I want to get one for me and my sister. We would love one of these rings.

  6. Candice Hull says

    Those are beautiful! I wear a lot of statement jewelry, but my favorite pieces are smaller ones that hold a lot of meaning and value for me.

  7. courtney b says

    wow what a review Heather, I love that you actually got the bee on your finger! how did you do that without getting stung??

    Bravo!! amazing!


    Very nice looking jewelry. Always looking for unique pieces like these.

  9. Amazing designs. Unique and stylish too. I would love to have all of these. 🙂

  10. Nicole says

    Very pretty jewelry! They have great selection for something for everyone, awesome holiday gift picks too!

  11. What unique rings! I love that they manage to be beautiful but not gaudy or over the top.

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