Change the Way Your Kids Brush with Firefly | #Firefly4Kids


Change the Way Your Kids Brush with Firefly | #Firefly4Kids

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Teaching children how to brush correctly is a challenge. The combo of technique with timing is a hard concept for young children to grasp. Teeth are with us for a lifetime. Our children’s oral health hinges on learning to brush them correctly.


Emma and Ethan were sent a box of Firefly toothbrushes and toothpaste to test out (free of charge… all opinions are 100% our own). The first thing both of them noticed were the cool designs. They were sent Angry Birds, Barbie and Spider Man.


The next thing they noticed were the lights on the handle. Ethan instantly told me that they looked like a stop light. We have been discussing in the car what the colors on a stop light mean, so transferring the meaning to the Firefly was easy.


Something I noticed were the bases of the toothbrushes… they are suction cups! How genius is that?! Before Firefly my kids would toss their toothbrush into a drawer (gross) or leave them laying around the counter in a puddle of water. Now their area is neat and tidy and the toothbrushes stay put (even if knocked) until it’s time to brush again.


Firefly toothpaste is a unique fluoride foaming toothpaste that will change the way your kids brush! Although it is meant to squirt directly into your mouth, Emma preferred to start with it on her toothbrush. She easily applied one squirt to her toothbrush (portion control) and began brushing. This was refreshing as she usually left a toothpaste mess on the counter and in the sink from squeezing the tube too hard.


After a quick lesson on how it worked she easily followed the directions (of pushing a button) to start the lights on the toothbrush. She watched the colors changing in the mirror as she brushed and knew exactly when she could stop brushing that row when the red light blinked and turned off. Then she restarted the brush and cleaned the opposite row for a total of 60 seconds on each row!


Ethan is 4 and had a little harder time with the pump. With my help he was ready to start brushing. He easily started the lights on the brush and also watched his progress in the mirror until the red light blinked and stopped. Then he repeated for the other row.

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After several nights of using both Firefly products I asked Emma and Ethan what they thought. They both still loved the designs, they thought the blinking lights were cool and that the toothpaste was fun and tasted “yummy”. Both agreed brushing their teeth was now fun.

I like that Firefly appeals to both my children making them want to brush and not whiz through and do half the job. The foaming toothpaste  is designed to reach cavity prone spots and the mess free design leaves my counters free of toothpaste puddles. The toothbrushes have high-quality bristles for gentle cleaning and leave my children’s teeth clean. The row of lights helps them time how long they should brush each row of teeth for an overall clean.


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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Firefly as part of a sponsored blog tour with Burst Media, but all opinions are my own.

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