Celebrate Valentines Day With Cuties Clementines and Mandarins

Celebrate Valentines Day With Cuties Clementines and Mandarins


Valentines Day brings back memories of elementary school of making our decorated boxes and passing out the cheap little Valentines with funny little sayings in them. It was so much fun picking which Valentine would be for each of my friends. I went to the store just the other day to purchase a box of those for Emma. This is her first year participating in this ritual and I was saddened by the lack of cute Valentines out there!

Cuties is here to help!

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Right now on Cuties Facebook page you can find great crafts and printable Valentines for kids, as well as a limited time .50 cent off coupon!

So what are you waiting for? Start printing!


Connect with Cuties:


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  1. Maralea says

    I like they are giving printable valentines! Awesome!

  2. Dawn Loughner says

    I like that they have a coupon. My daughter LOVES these!

  3. Erika says

    What a cute app with those valentines! Thanks!

  4. Melissa Curran says

    Love the coupons!

  5. Jessie H says

    I learned that they’re all out of coupons lol BUT the Valentines are super cute!!

  6. jennifer horn says

    I like the coupon savings and the valentines.

  7. Texas Momma says

    I love the coupon! My daughters love these but they aren’t cheap to keep stocked, this will help us a lot! =)

  8. June says

    I’d like a whole crate of these sweet oranges.

  9. Collleen Walker says

    LOVE Cuties

  10. esther says

    Their little sayings are cute! no coupon though…

  11. Amy S says

    I like the different sticker Valentines that you can give to a friend.

  12. Leigh Anne Borders says

    Love the app–the valentine’s are too cute!

  13. Natasha Maldonado says

    My kiddos would love this 🙂

  14. Claire says

    I like the coupon savings and the valentines.

  15. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We love cuties–perfect size for snacks and lunches. I noticed they have a Send A Sticker! Cool! I’ll have to go see if I can make that work 🙂

  16. Rhonda Breeding says

    “I got peelings for you” LOL so funny

  17. Melissa Hartley says

    I would love to try the Cuties juice 🙂 love the Clementines!!
    Thank you.

  18. Leah Ryan says

    I love the send a sticker! Too cute!!

  19. kristyl galli-berg says

    Love the coupon of course!! 🙂 Thanks so much for doing this give away…My daughter would love to win, she said she would rather have cuties everyday then go to Disneyland!!! 🙂 That’s a pretty big deal!!

  20. Beth Ann Erwin says

    I like the printable coupon. Thanks!

  21. I like the stickers on the app


  22. Amanda Emily says

    I liked the printable coupon. Shame they are all gone now 🙁

  23. tam childers says

    I like the coupon savings

  24. Claudia says

    I like the valentine printable.

  25. sarakate brushaber says


  26. Mayla M says

    I like the Valentine’s Day cards that can be colored. Great project to do with my kids.

  27. Michaelene Doyle says

    I liked one of their sayings “U R A Q T”. Clever!

  28. Michele Menefee says

    Coupons!! Woo hoo!!

  29. Sarah B says

    I love fresh produce coupons!!!

  30. Kelly D says

    I like the 50 cent off coupon

  31. Louis says

    they have a printable coupon
    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  32. barbara n says

    I printed out the valentines cards to put in my kids lunches this week with their cutie!

  33. jennifer says

    printable valentines!!!

  34. I “want”the coupon, but unfortunately it has expired.

  35. Stephanie Phelps says

    I love the stickers that you can send! So cute!

  36. Jennifer says

    Love the valentines!

  37. Jennifer says

    They have the cutest valentines and a 50 cent coupon!

  38. mell says

    I like that they have printable valentines and I learned that the site is out of coupons.

  39. D SCHMIDT says

    I really like the printable Valentines and the 50 cent coupon!

  40. Mer says

    How cute! I learned that it will save me money…yay for coupons!

  41. Sylvia White says

    The coupon

  42. Fawn H says

    I like the coupon and the printable Valentine day cards. The “color me” vaentines are really cute.

  43. Les Johnson says

    I really like the Valentine’s.

  44. melissa williams says

    I love all the printable valentines. My daughter and I thought they were so cute!

  45. Brenda F says

    I like that you can send ‘stickers’ to your cutie!!

  46. Chris Uniejewski says

    I like that there are coupons. My boys love Cuties, so the coupons will help since we are ALWAYS buying them!

  47. jeanette sheets says

    i got pheelings for you card i want these

  48. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Learned Cuties Has A Variety Of Juices!, Also Like The Printable Valentines

  49. Megan Parsons says

    I like the U R A Q T card!!!

  50. They were out of coupons 🙁 but I sent a cute sticker to a good friend who could use some cheering up!

  51. Colleen Maurina says

    I like that they offer coupons because we really like Little Cuties!

  52. Holly S. says

    I like that they have a coupon (or will have soon), because Cuties are my favorite fruit! I wait until winter every year to get some and we go through them like mad. Thanks!

  53. Kristi P says

    The stickers are super cute!

  54. Karen Lynch says

    Love the coupons.

  55. Debra Hall says

    i went to there pinterest site they have cool crafts pinned

  56. Vivien L says

    I like how you can send cute stickers to other people!

  57. Bo says

    I like their Valentines – especially the one that says, I have peelings for you!

  58. Sonya Morris says

    I learned that they are out of coupons but now I know to check back for savings!

  59. Kristen says

    Cuties coupon…yay! 🙂

  60. Deborah says

    You can print Cuties Valentine’s Cards!

  61. They are the perfect size for little one and so naturally sweet. They make a nice treat anytime of the day. Love the coupons as well.

  62. LB says

    Love the stickers…. sent one to my hubby 🙂

  63. Debbie Welchert says

    I like that you can print out their Valentine’s Day cards. They are really cute.

  64. jamie braun says

    i like that they have coupons, even though they are all out right now

  65. Virginia Rowell says

    I love the Valentines and the coupons.

  66. Sarah says

    I didn’t know they offered printable coupons on that site!

  67. rachel says

    They’re so healthy! And fun 🙂

  68. nannypanpan says

    i like that they offer coupons on their site, although currently out

  69. Lesley M. says

    i love the Valetine’s that they have on their site!

  70. Michelle H. says

    I think the Valentine’s cards are cute.

  71. kathryn dowell says

    my son’s favorite part is the Cuties sticker some of them have

  72. April Wyatt says

    I love the $.50 off coupon. My kids go through cuties like crazy!

  73. Liz says

    coupons, yeah!

  74. Becky O. says

    Love the printable valentines! I wish I’d seen them in time to use them for my kiddos!

  75. Sarah G says

    Coupons for Cuties!

  76. I love the cuties valentines! And I would love to win this prize too!

  77. Hayley says

    Sweet! We love cuties!

  78. Amanda C. says

    I love Cuties especially with a coupon!!

  79. julya says

    My boys love cuties! Would eat them all day if they could.

  80. barbara cooper says

    my daughter loves theses because she can peel them by herself

  81. Angie Gilchrist says

    I learned I could receive Cutie news via email. 🙂

  82. s. loe says

    i learned that everyone loves cuties, lol. happy to get a coupon since we buy these every week. thnx! i would love to win the basket of cuties!

  83. Tracy Tibbels says

    Those Cutie stickers are awesome! I love them almost as much as I love CUTIES!!!

  84. Jackie Damer says

    Love the coupons and Valentines

  85. Teresa says

    love it thanks

  86. candice fusilli says

    I love how they provide the coupon!! not many companys have them

  87. Pauline MacGowan says

    We all love Cuties ! I like to have them for snack, and put them in my daughter’s lunch bag

  88. wen says

    I told all my friends about Cuties and they just love them, but now I can’t find them anywhere in my town. I’ve searched every grocery store in the area and can’t find one bag 🙁

  89. Kristin says

    What a cute basket! Love the savings.

  90. Sara Beth Schwab says

    Cutie has coupons available!

  91. Lindsay DiSanto says

    I love cuties and I love this website!!

  92. Ashley says

    I love cuties!!

  93. tina says

    This would be so great! My kids love cuties!

  94. Veronica says

    My grandchildren ARE cuties too!

  95. Dana Said says

    I love that they have a coupon. We are constantly buying these. My daughter loves them!!!

  96. Jennifer Burns says

    My daughter will only eat Cuties. I accidentally bought a different brand and she refused to eat them. I ended up taking them to work to share with my co-workers!

  97. Beverly Mays says

    I love Cuties

  98. Melanie says

    My favorites!!

  99. Irene says

    LOVE, LOVE CUTIES….especially my boxer, Buster…:-)

  100. Tracy says

    We love Cuties and love having coupons for them.

  101. Erica Best says

    i love the coupon

  102. amelia Lanxon says

    i love cuties and a coupon always makes it sweeter 🙂

  103. jodi raih says

    I love cuties!

  104. Lisa says

    I want to win this. I love Cuties.

  105. Jennifer Hogg says

    My family & I LOVE Cuties, they’re delicious!!!

  106. Corina says

    I love the money saving coupons!

  107. Sandy says

    My daughter loves Cuties! I love the coupon off. 🙂

  108. Marcia Goss says

    You can print a coupon for 50 cents off.

  109. Tammy Shelton says

    Cuties + Coupons = Yay!

  110. Daniela Artola says

    I hope I win the Cuties gift basket, those coupons would be great for the next time my daughter has to bring snacks to her classmates.

  111. Susan P. says

    You can print out Valentine’s Day cards from the Cuties FB page.

  112. Carolsue says

    I don’t know if my comment went through….I think the “I’ve Got Peelings for You” Valentine is super cute!

  113. renee walters says

    I like the coupon savings and the valentines.

  114. Hello,
    I like your blog, especially the giveaways. I’m not a mother, but I think your tips and giveaways are useful to all women trying to run a household and keep others happy. I love Cuties a lot. I can eat 8 in one day. However, it’s getting a bit difficult to buy them because my grocery store keeps raising the price. First they were $4.99. Then $5.99. Now they’re $6.99 a box :(. I have a box and a bag I found at another store for $4.99, but once they’re gone, i don’t know if I can afford more, so this giveaway would really help me, as it seems to include coupons. I love Cuties more than almost any fruit, and it’s always good to sneak some fruit into one’s diet. When it’s this delicious, I don’t mind that it’s full of vitamin C. So, I have never won anything in my life, and doubt this will be the first time, but figured it was worth entering…thank you.

  115. Mary Happymommy says

    I like the send a sticker.

  116. Maria Iemma says

    I love cuties, they are easy to peel and th ekids love them

  117. Dawn Edfors says

    Those Valentines are super cute, wish I would have seen them earlier!

  118. connie says

    Very nice that there was a coupon but the giveaway ends on the 20th and it is only the 17th and the coupon is expired? Would love to win though!

  119. Marcia Goss says

    I learned that you can print a coupon for 50 cents off.

  120. Robin Miller says

    Love the coupon!

  121. Megan C says

    I liked the 50 cent off coupon, lol. My kids demand cuties every week! LOVE them! megancrose@gmail.com

  122. christine jessamine says

    i love the valentines cards

  123. Katy P says

    I like the coupons- but they were out of them

  124. Jennifer Marie says

    Love the coupon option.

  125. Michelle S says

    I want some cuties 🙂

  126. Carolyn K says

    The printable valentines are so cute!

  127. Allison Downes says

    love the .50 coupon they have available!

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  128. Karen Gulkin says

    I like the valentines, will keep for next year and give with a fresh cutie.

  129. Angel Jones says

    Who doesn’t LOVE cuties??

  130. Teresa Riddle says

    My boys love cuties. I bought a bag on Saturday, and they are already gone. I love that they’re easy to peel.

  131. jennifer loper says

    loved the printables and coupons!

  132. Shannon Foster says

    I learned they have printout coloring valentines.

  133. I love that you can print valentine’s or send stickers! My son would looking for a unique card for his teacher this year, and one of these would’ve been cute!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  134. Heather G. says

    Autism speaks & my my household it has spoken that it takes a lot of cuties to raise a cutie with Autism! I love the fun Valentine printables on their page!

  135. Nicole says

    I would have loved the coupon, I’ll have to check back and see if they have more another day.

  136. Dawn M. says

    We just love cuties. The one snack my daughter never turns her nose up to. Also I love the stuffed cutie!

  137. Dawn M. says

    I was surprised to find out that cuties are two kinds of Maderin oranges.

  138. Candy B says

    I’d love to see a Recipes section!

  139. Lisa Burk says

    I love the coupons!

  140. heather eg kaufman says

    I love the printable Valentine’s cards

  141. Karen Propes says

    So sweet, I sent a sticker to my Granddaughter. We love cuties they are delicious. We bring cuties to all family get togethers. Love them so much. I love the extra small for lunch boxes.

  142. Tiffany says

    Yay! Cuties coupons!

  143. sandy weinstein says

    love these clementines, so good, get coupons, on app, and valentines

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