Sunday Dinner: A Tradition Worth Bringing Back

Sunday Dinner: A Tradition Worth Bringing Back The Sunday dinner used to be ubiquitous in our culture. Even families who weren’t religious would come together once a week to sit down to a big meal and just…be together.  Sometimes extended family members or family friends would join in the fun. No matter what though, parents and kids sat down for one big family meal every week. We’ve gotten away from that in our increasingly disconnected … [Read more...]

Plan a Teen Party

Plan a Teen's Party! Planning a party for a teenager is not as scary as it may seem. Yes, they are begging to throw the biggest gathering yet - inviting people from every school, wanting you to foot the bill - but under your supervision they will have a great time and you will be happy with the result.  Just continue to tell yourself that everyone will be safe and everything will go as planned... ...because it’s time to prepare: Set Ground … [Read more...]

5 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes

5 Unique Kids Birthday Party Themes Every year is another opportunity to surprise your kid with a unique birthday party. This list includes our birthday party picks, from the ultra-whimsical to the superhero extravaganza. If you’re looking for birthday party ideas for your child’s big day, these are some of the best and most unique themes we could find.  1. Whimsy Under the Sea What little girl doesn’t love The Little Mermaid? If your … [Read more...]

Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots

Posing Ideas for Family Photo Shoots Family photos are not only fun to look back on, but they become a treasured memory as your children begin to grow up and make their own way in the world. If you continue the custom even when they have a job and have moved out, it might well even become an extra event for all of you to get together at. Thinking up different posing ideas for a family photo shoot can be bit tiresome and nerve-wracking if the … [Read more...]

Finding A Balance With Our Kids Activities | Let Your Kids Be Kids

Let Your Kids Be Kids                                                                                    Are your kids involved in enough activities? Or have you put them in too many? Finding a balance between not enough and too much can be difficult. We have all seen those TV shows that have put the lime light on kids who are bred to be superstars in their craft. I do have a bit of an addiction to dance moms and can somewhat relate to … [Read more...]

Dining Out With Kids

Dining Out With Kids I admit it, when I was young and unencumbered by little ones I rolled my eyes when families piled all of their babies and toddlers into a booth near me at a restaurant. I steeled myself against their eventual shrieks and cries. I held my breath hoping to avoid flying napkins and baguettes. I commiserated with a waitress as toddlers tore up and down the aisle twisting her up in their game of tag. For the first few years … [Read more...]

Buying a Family Car: What You Need to Think About

Buying a family car: what you need to think about Your family car goes through a lot, so if it's time to start thinking about a new one, there's a lot to consider. If you don't know what to look for under the hood, this guide will help you when it comes to the technical stuff as well as the practical side of space and reliability. PassSmart - the team who writes about cars every day - have written this guide to make your vehicle shopping … [Read more...]

Looking Good on a Low Budget

Looking Good on a Low Budget It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to look like a million dollars. It is a simple matter of making a plan and shopping smartly to collect all of the items you need to look great at work or out on the town. Follow these simple suggestions, and you will not have to take a second job just to look good. Save a Ton on Beauty Products Many women spend a lot of money on makeup when they don’t really have to. … [Read more...]

Safe Winter Driving Habits You Should Adopt

Safe winter driving habits you should adopt Getting around on foot when there is ice on the ground is difficult enough, so when the temperature drops it can be even trickier getting around by car.  However, here are some driving habits you should adopt to stay safe on the roads this winter. Checklist – As exacting as it may sound, you should have a pre-journey checklist you run through before you head out on the road. This … [Read more...]

Affordable, Toddler-Safe Holiday Decorations

Affordable, Toddler-Safe Holiday Decorations In the midst of holiday excitement, it can be easy to forget that some decorations are dangerous to children. Toddlers are particularly at risk for choking hazards, intestinal blockages, and poisoning from traditional holiday decor. Homemade or toddler-proof decorations present attractive, low-cost alternatives. Useful Decorative Substitutes To prevent burns, substitute cool-burning LED lights for … [Read more...]