Dasani | A Refreshing Look At Recycling | #WIN a Pair of New Balance newSKY Shoes! | #sponsored

A Better Bottle: About PlantBottle® DASANI is now served in PlantBottle® packaging. Plantbottle is the award-winning bottle made from up to 30% plants, sourced from sugarcane by-products from Brazil. Brazilian sugarcane is considered an “Advanced Renewable Fuel” by the EPA & is the only first generation biofuel widely recognized by thought leaders globally for its unique & social performance. Using plant-based materials reduces our … [Read more...]

Green Works Reverse Graffiti Campaign | Clean Tagging | #WIN a TRIP to LA & $1,000 GC | ends 4/26

 Reverse graffiti, or “clean tagging,” is a method of creating art by removing dirt and grime from a filthy surface. This unique art form taps into the Green Works mantra that cleaning can be beautiful. The Reverse Graffiti Project campaign's aim is to create awareness around the Reverse Graffiti Gallery and inspire users to like the Green Works Facebook page where they can watch the making of the Reverse Graffiti Gallery and participate in … [Read more...]