Getting Ahead of the Flu #CMHMoms

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Children's Mercy. All opinions are my own. Everyone has a favorite and a least favorite season. My favorite season happens to be Fall. I love that the weather cools down after enduring the hot summer heat. There is just something amazing about bundling up in jeans and sweatshirts. I live for fall. Oh and how could I forget about those gorgeous leaves that change color so quickly, and then fall to the … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Get More Healthy Omegas in Your Diet

5 Ways to Get More Healthy Omegas in Your Diet Your body does a pretty good job of using what’s on hand to keep it running smoothly. The more good food you take in, the more vitamins and nutrients are available for use. But when it comes to essential fats—those your body cannot make or convert from other fat sources— you have to be more vigilant. Known as omega fats (like omega-3 and omega-6), the only way your body can get them is from the food … [Read more...]

Something Great but Better: The Many Health Benefits of Drinking Infused Water

Something Great but Better: The Many Health Benefits of Drinking Infused Water You’ll probably feel like there’s always another new trend that people are catching onto and the latest one you may have heard of is fruit infused water. As people start to infuse their water with natural ingredients like vegetables, herbs and fruits, you may be wondering if it’s all worth it and whether there are any benefits. However, these people are right to … [Read more...]

Midnight Munchies: Healthy Ways to Handle Those Late Night Hungries

Midnight Munchies: Healthy Ways to Handle Those Late Night Hungries Having the late night munchies is like the plot to a midnight cable horror movie. There’s a slow buildup of fluff and then it’s bad news for the victims. In the case of stuffing your face with your favorite late night snacks, your stomach is the eventual victim. Luckily, there’s a healthier road, one which does not lead to stomach pains. The Right Amount of Sleep Most … [Read more...]

The Pink Lotus Foundation | Breast Cancer Screening & more #savinglives

Disclosure: This post brought to you by Pink Lotus Foundation. Getting up every single morning and lending a helping hand to women that are facing adversity is a tough job, but the fine people that are part of the Pink Lotus Foundation do just that. They strive to help remove uncertainty, fear, and confusion by providing a clear path to healing and peace of mind for women that really need it. The Pink Lotus Foundation Helps Save Lives: Not … [Read more...]

The Health Benefits of Flowers

The Health Benefits of Flowers Imagine walking into a room with beautiful flower arrangements – what would be the first thing coming to your mind? Happiness! Is that right? Unless you are allergic to flowers, it will be almost like walking into heaven. Colors, aroma, bouquets with different flowers, a bunch of roses in every color – that’s definitely how most of us feel about a surprise flower décor. Waking up and surrounded by these beauties … [Read more...]

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Headphones

A sample was received. All opinions are my own. Being aware of my surroundings while running around my neighborhood is very important to me. Nothing has happened thus far, but as a woman I can not simply let my guard down. Busy drivers that are in a rush don't always look both ways, cars zoom down my residential street much faster than they should and to be honest, as much as I would like to believe everyone is good in the world, there are some … [Read more...]

Burley D’Lite Bike Trailer

Sample received. All opinions are my own. Summer is here and the weather is warm! It's time to dig out the bikes and get the family outside getting exercise and being together.  Going for a bike ride with little ones can be a bit tricky, I have a 2 year old who struggles to keep up. Thanks to Burley there is no more struggle for him, he actually gets to now ride in supreme comfort and style in the Burley D'Lite. The D'Lite can carry 1 or 2 … [Read more...]

Nutri Ninja Auto-IQ Pro Compact System

Sample received. All opinions are my own. One of my biggest hurdles on my current weight loss / healthy lifestyle journey is eating enough protein, fruits and vegetables. If I were to eat the amount that I should, I wouldn't have enough room left in my belly for all of the rest of the calories I should be eating as well. So... the fruit and vegetable department always fell short and my protein shakes were always grainy. That is until I found … [Read more...]

How I Lost 100 Pounds | FOOD part 1

How I Lost 100 Pounds | FOOD part 1 I am a goal oriented girl ... I find it motivating to have something that I am ultimately working towards. But I have also found that huge goals that take a long time to reach tend to frustrate me. That frustration eventually leads to me giving up. That's why on this journey I started creating "mini goals" that were obtainable within a few months. When I reach them they make me feel more successful and they … [Read more...]