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If you follow along on OurKidsMom’s Facebook page, you have seen the photo below and know that the evening before our big family camping trip, my son had a bicycle accident and broke both bones in his arm in three places total.


Fortunately for him, my dear friend told me about an amazing company called Cast Coverz.

Annette, the founder and owner, is a mom to two children… one of whom has suffered from a broken bone seven times! During the recovery from the sixth injury her daughter received one of the ugliest casts she had seen. She decided to spend some time making covers and slings to help her beautiful but broken daughter be just a tad more fashionable and comfortable. Annette, now a semi-unofficial expert at care and trying to make the patient more comfortable (and stylish) decided to create the Cast Coverz store.

After an amusing conversation on the phone with Annette, she created the perfect care package for Joshua. He was suffering from severe itching (and you cannot put anything down a cast to scratch or you risk infection), was afraid to sweat into the cast which made him a couch potato (and this is my cross country running boy that just ran over an hour round trip to our local Wal-Mart) and he was depressed that he couldn’t shower or get in the pool.

The first item she sent was a CastCoverz! Armz! cover.


Fashion arm cast covers for your splint, brace or cast.

Make a FUNctional fashion statement with CastCoverZ!

Wearing CastCoverZ! daily can prevent the scratching and irritation of surrounding skin (or other people) and the snagging of clothes that so often occurs when wearing a brace or cast.  And, you’re giving your cast or brace some personality.  From fun to elegant, there’s sure to be a cover, or two, that’s perfect for you!  At CastCoverZ!, we’ve got you covered!

Joshua’s cast was plaster covered in fiberglass. The exterior had been causing snags on his clothes (and our furniture) and scratching his legs and body. The CastCoverz was easy to slip on and fit like a glove. It was also a nice change and a uniquely personalized way to jazz up a plain (or ugly) cast.

The only thing I noticed with the CastCoverz was that when Joshua removed it, the fiberglass snagged the cover in a few places. It didn’t cause a lot of damage to the cover, but I would recommend not changing it multiple times a day (like I know a girl might do).


Next up is a CastCoverz! Slingz!.


Fashion arm slings for your splint, brace, or cast.

Have some fun and fashion with these functional slings.  Each CastCoverZ! Slingz!comes with an adjustable black “faux fur” tube on the strap for neck comfort.

The hospital sling Joshua came home from the hospital with was, well… just plain blah. It was a typical medical blue. Although it was comfortable, he got it dirty quickly and I didn’t have the means to wash it unless he sat on the couch with a pillow underneath his arm while I ran the washer/dryer.

The sling arrived in a cool skeleton print and had a padded section for the back of the neck. The sizing was just right and I can totally see mix and matching the Slingz with the Coverz. Heck, if you have to wear a cast… why not look cool and show some personality while doing it, right?


The next item she sent was a Dry Pro Waterproof Arm Protector.

IMG_3349 IMG_3354

The DryPro™ Cast Protector is completely watertight keeping your casts and bandage dry. The DryPro™ offers the only leg and arm cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep you dry.  It is so completely and totally waterproof, between the waterproof material and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your cast or bandage stay completely dry.


While on our trip (and waiting for our care package) we made at trip to a local drug store. They only carried one type of “waterproof” bag for showers and the pool. It was flimsy and not waterproof and Josh wasn’t happy.

The Dry Pro was easy to put on and lived up to it’s name. After slipping it on (easily I might add), Josh attached the air bulb and went to work. Within a minute or two the Dry Pro was completely air tight, there was no budging it. Joshua took a shower that afternoon and immerged with a huge smile on his face.


The next item out of the goodie box was a CastCooler.


The CastCooler® keeps your cast fresh and reduces itch by removing moisture from the lining under your cast. Simply wrap the CastCooler® around your cast daily, and connect a standard household vacuum. After 10 minutes, moisture is removed. Without moisture, bacteria growth (the cause of odor and itch) is reduced. Your cast stays fresh!

girlwcast_261CastCooler® is a breakthrough in cast care!  Designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast.

CastCooler® will:

  • Cool your cast

  • Reduce odor and itch

  • Freshen your cast

  • Speed dry your cast

It is a huge toss up between the Cast Cooler and the Dry Pro as to Joshua’s favorite item he received. I do know that the itching he was experiencing almost drove him up the wall because he couldn’t scratch it. The Cast Cooler is a stretchy and somewhat sticky band that wraps around the cast and attaches to your vacuum hose. Run the vacuum for 10 minutes and you’ve aired your cast out. It wasn’t running for more than 15 seconds when I heard Joshua breathe a huge sigh of relief. He used it on both the lower and upper section of his long arm cast several times. One little pointer with this… it doesn’t mention using a damp towel to wipe it off between use, but it loses it’s stickiness when it gets dirty. Joshua’s cast left a film on it after each use… we just wiped it and let it air dry for a minute or two and it was ready for the next use.

In my opinion… I think hospitals should just issue one of these when they release a patient. I thought Josh was going to go out of his mind from the discomfort and itching.


The final item out of the box was a Cast Shield Waterproof Cover.


CastShield_ArmProtects casts and bandages so they can protect you!

The CastShield™ fills an enormous demand for waterproof protection of casts, bandages and prosthetics. While attending an Orthopedic and Wound Care physicians’ conference, physician’s stated they were “unaware of any truly effective means of protecting casts, prosthetics or bandaging against water”. Moisture ultimately leads to the degradation of casting materials.

Seepage of water occurs under the cast, bacteria grows, causing odor and increasing the risk of infection. Excessive external or internal moisture is the primary cause of premature cast replacement which is time consuming and expensive. Previous to the CastShield™, the only alternative suggestion was plastic trash bags or sponge baths. This product provides the patient with a solution that is safe and simple to use. The CastShield™ makes life easier. Many physicians and patients have stated “why didn’t someone think of this before?”

The CastShield is an effective means to keep your cast, bandage or prosthetic dry. It’s was simple to unroll up Joshua’s arm but a little difficult to get around his elbow (they over padded it because he’s boney). Although it would have effectively kept the water out, Josh felt a little unsure and didn’t want to risk getting water in. He said he felt more secure with the Dry Pro and just showered in that. I have enough faith that this would work just fine for an injury you want to keep dry and so it has a place in on the shelf in my closet… just in case we would ever need it for someone else.

My overall impression of the CastCoverz store was very favorable. They carry everything we needed (in one place) to help Joshua be more comfortable, stylish and safe while living as close to a normal teenage life as he could with a cast on. Annette is easily reachable and a great resource for a first time “broken bone” mom like myself. Even if you don’t know someone with a broken bone, check them out. After being a mom for 19 years without a single broken bone… I never thought I would need CastCoverz either!


You can purchase the Cast Coverz short & long arm for $16.99 and custom size for $19.99

CastCoverz! Slingz! for $24.99 to $29.99 (depending on size)

CastCooler (one size) for $39.99

DryPro Waterproof Cast Protector for $36.95 to $40.95 (depending on size)

Cast Shield for $19.95


Receive 10% off when you enter OKM2011. 

Necessary small print:  special offers cannot be combined and S&H not included.

Good through 12/31/2011.


ONE OurKidsMom reader is going to win a Member of Broken Bones Club T-shirt!

Past or present members can proudly wear this fun shirt.

Choice of white or black : child or adult sizes



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  1. I really like all the different kinds of casts you can choose from depending on the injury. Thanks Heater!

  2. WOW! I soooooo wish I would have known about this company 6 weeks ago! My 15-year old son fell skating and broke his arm… he also chose the blue fiberglass for his cast! He gets his cast off this next Tuesday and he can’t wait… he says it stinks… literally.

    At Cast Coverz I would have gotten him a short arm cover, they have so many fabrics to choose from. And the Cast Cooler is a fantastic idea. Maybe that would have helped with the stink… LOL

    • Hi Wendy!

      YES! The Cast Cooler DOES help with the stink! It helps dry it out. Keep them in mind if he ever pulls that stunk again 🙂

    • Alan,
      Good eye! We have covers for casts, braces, splints and walking boots and loads of designs for every size and type of limb!
      Founder and Owner

    • Congrat’s on your son almost being CAST-FREE! In our house, that meant a trip to town for ice cream. Unfortunately (?), we made that trip 7 times! Yep, our daughter has broken a bone 7 times and received countless soft tissue injuries. A couple of heads-up pointers, if I may? Your son’s arm will be considerably atrophied and weak, and the skin will be, well, icky. Don’t worry, after normal use (he may have to go to PT depending on the extent of injury), his muscles will regain their strength (isn’t the body amazing?!). He will want to scratch his skin silly after the removal of his cast. Try not to let him. Have him gently rub with the skin with a soft washcloth moistened with water and non-irritant soap. Do that a couple of times in the next 48 hours and he’ll be feeling almost good as new.

      Best of luck. I hope you never need our products. But, if you do, or your neighbor or your friend, is ever broken or injured, the 10% off coupon (Promo Code: OKM2011) is good until the end of the year!

      Happy July 4th
      Founder and Owner

  3. GFC follower – ArtsyChaos.

    I also wanted to say that I so relate with your post here. My oldest child is 23 and this is the first broken bone I have had to experience!

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  10. Ashlyn says

    Visited their website and learned that they have really cute prints!

  11. Tammy says

    I wrote on the Cast Coverz site, that I Love the products and that I want one of each because my mom (age 60) just broke a wrist and a leg in an accident. I will be ordering soon.

    • Hi Tammy!
      Sorry about your mom :O(. Be sure to get a castcooler… A M A Z I N G product! Don’t forget to use the OurKidsMom exclusive coupon code listed in the giveaway, too. It’ll save you 10%!


    • Tami,
      I hope you read my reply on CastCoverZ!’s FB page. I can’t imagine an arm and a leg, at the same time!! Please give your mother our warmest wishes for a speedy recovery! Suffice it to say, our products will give your mother relief, comfort and a whole lot of fun during this difficult trial. CastCooler=immediate relief; CastShield=dignity in the shower; CastCoverZ! free from snagging & scratching, keeps the cast clean and they’re fun! Pssst…I’m adding a fabulous line of crutch accessories in the next week (hold her phone, keys, papers in a super cute bag) and a line of colored sturdy crutches by months end!

      Take care and hope to hear from you on Tuesday!
      Happy and Safe July 4th!
      Founder and Owner

      • Yikes, Tammy, I spelled your name wrong. So, sorry. But, for a very good reason! My dear friend is Tami!
        Big HugZ!

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    I just liked you on facebook and I hope to get a entry into your give away… This is amazing product…I’m a military wife whose husband is injury from Afghainsatn this is amazing product that would do wonders for troops for the wounded troops what.. I mean by that they our required to get a certain kind of cast and that is just that, well no more do they have to worry they now can customize there cast, this is neat… I would LOVE to win but if not its ok I’m just amazed this is wonderful…

    • Sharmon,
      First of all, I’m sorry to read your husband has been injured. I pray his injuries are not life threatening. If the injuries are life altering, I pray that both of you find the strength to face your new future. I salute you, your husband and all the other service members and their families this 4th of July weekend. Without your husband and millions of other service members preceding him the last 235+ years we wouldn’t have the blessing of freedom. Thank you for your service.

      Thank you for your post and becoming a fan of CastCoverz! on FB. The CastCooler is an amazing product! As Heather’s testimony attested, anybody with a cast will get immediate relief after being “hooked up” (works with a household vacuum cleaner). In four simple words: itch and smell GONE! Thought you’d get a kick out of an interesting fact about the CastShield (waterproof protectors for casts and wound protection): the Department of Defense is CastShield’s #1 distributor. (Sidebar: I am their #2 distributor, but not for long! 🙂 They just signed a deal with Walgreen’s and a few other large mass retailers).
      Happy and SAFE July 4th!
      Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!

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  17. Ellen B says

    I think this is the most amazing review I have ever seen! I am so going to keep this in mind in case anyone gets a cast. Thank you.

  18. Heather,
    What an amazing review! You definitely have a gift with the written word. I was informed and entertained…a rare combination! Thank you for the photo’s and detailed testimony to CastCoverZ! complete care package. We LOVE it we could give Josh relief and have some fun! By the way, I am in awe how you engage your readers! No wonder you are a top mom blogger!
    Thank you, again, for a fabulous review.
    Happy (and SAFE!) July 4th!
    Founder and Owner

  19. I like the cast cooler. What a great idea.

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