Casio Compact Grand Piano

Casio Compact Grand Piano
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Music has always had a special place in my heart. Ever since I was a child I’ve listened to and come to love just about every genre of music I’ve changed upon. From country to rock to classical and onward, I’m a fan of it all. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not cranking up the radio in the car, playing tunes while putting together dinner or encouraging my children to join in on the fun while introducing them to new artists. As much as I love music I can only hope that I can instill the same love in my children and that they will carry that love with them into their teenage years as well as into adulthood.

I had always loved encouraging my children to learn about music by providing them with various instruments that were well-suited to their age and a Casio piano was just another stepping stone in furthering my children’s musical education. The CGP-700 Compact Grand Piano was the perfect option for the children to learn while aesthetically fitting into our living environment.

Since it’s so easy to use, due in part to its 5.3″ Color Touch interface, the CGP – 700 Compact Grand Piano is a perfect compact gadget for both beginners and amateurs alike. Not only is it beautiful to the eye but it’s also loaded with great features that will keep your music enthusiast busy for hours. The CGP – 700 is a great addition to any home but is capable of being transported with ease, whether you’re sending your pianist off to school, the studio or the stage.

Although we’ve loved just about everything about the Casio CGP – 700, here are some of the more noteworthy features that I would love to highlight and share with my readers:

  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard. It accurately recreates the touch and response of a concert grand piano with 127 times the resolution of traditional keyboards. Just like a grand piano, the keys have a a heavier feel in the lower region and a lighter feel up top.
  • Recording session with two dozen microphones. The end result is dynamic and expressive concert grand piano that can be used in stereo or mono; it also includes damper resonance simulation. It also uses the optional SP – 33 pedal system which provides soft, sostenuto and damper pedals.
  • Quick and easy to record your performance. The CGP – 700 includes both MIDI and USB audio recorders so transferring your work to your computer and sharing your music is easier than ever.
  • 3 Sensitivity levels.
  • Controls that can instantly adjust the piano to rock, jazz, classical, and other styles to suit your needs.
  • There are over 550 different instrument tones. The compact grand piano offers the user a variety of guitars, strings, drums, synths and more. There’s also an included effects system with reverbs, delays, and other essential add-ons such as rotary speakers for organs and phasers for electric pianos.
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  1. Dandi D says

    I’ll have to put a bug in my husband’s ear that I need one of these!

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