Car Care Guide for Busy Moms

We know that every car owner strives to keep their vehicle in the best possible shape. Regardless if you are a first-time buyer who just bought your first car or a seasoned driver, you should know how vital it is to maintain your car.  

However, we’re well aware that being a mom, it can be pretty tough to keep a check on your ride regularly. Because, unlike guys, you need to look after your house as well! But don’t sweat it; The article will give a comprehensive one over to everything you need to know. As a way to help you keep your car in top shape, we’ll be sharing some handy car care essentials that every mom must have in her car, along with a comprehensive list of car maintenance tips and checklists that you should know. So, continue reading to learn all about it! 

Car Care Essentials to Have in Your Car as a Mom 

We know how hard it is to drive around with your kids. Not to mention the mess they create inside the car. So, to help you in keeping your vehicle clean and Lil ones safe, here’s a small list of things that you should have in your car: 

  • Small waste basket. 
  • Hooks for tying bags, purses, and child seats 
  • First aid kit. 
  • Mirror dash cam 

By having these few items in your vehicle, you won’t only keep it clean, but it’ll also help ensure your kids’ safety. 

Now let’s look at some car care basics, shall we? 

Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly  

Checking your car regularly is the most important thing you can do to keep it in good shape. Get your car thoroughly inspected by a professional once every six months by taking it to a garage. You should also regularly inspect your car. Check for any signs of fluid leakage or damage as you walk around your vehicle. Checking the car on your on can be quite tough that’s why we recommend you to visit any reputable garage or workshop once in 2-3 months.  

Frequently inspect the air filters 

An air filter that is clogged or choked can cause different problems. In order to maintain the health of your engine, you should regularly check your air filters. In order to protect the engine, air filters prevent contaminants such as dust and pollen from entering the engine. The volume of air entering your engine decreases when your air filter is blocked or choked, which ultimately leads to diminished performance. As a precaution, replace your air filter whenever you change your oil.   

Maintain the exterior of your engine 

You should clean your car’s engine as well as clean the car. Whenever you wash your car, you should wash the engine as well. Debris residues can enter your car’s engine if the outer body of the engine isn’t clean. For instance, grease may fall on your engine during brake fluid checks. Therefore, cleaning it regularly can prevent the grease from sticking to your engine’s surface. 

Maintain Proper Tire Pressure 

Your car’s fuel economy is highly dependent on the pressure in your tires. Furthermore, the air pressure in your tires dramatically affects the ease of driving and your control of the vehicle. As a result, you should check your tires’ pressure at least once a week. 

Check Your Battery 

Having a properly functioning car battery is essential. Power is provided to the car by the battery to start the engine, run electronic accessories, and perform other functions. The temperature conditions in an area significantly affect the performance of your battery. Hot and dry climates cause the battery fluid to evaporate more rapidly. Consequently, you should regularly check the fluid level in your car’s battery to ensure it works properly, especially if you live in a hot climate.  

Understanding Your Car’s Language 

Understanding the language of your vehicle is also an essential skill for any car owner. Remember that your car attempts to inform you about pertaining issues using different signs. Hence, as a car owner, you must understand the meaning of all signs and know the color codes for all lights. Moreover, every car is equipped with sensors that alert the driver to any impending problems. 

To ensure your safety and your car’s proper functioning, you need to understand what all the symbols and lights on your car mean. You can easily learn about them from your car’s manual and user guide. 

Make Sure Your Wheels Are Aligned 

To safely drive on the road, your wheels must be aligned. Therefore, if you are having trouble driving because your wheels are not aligned, you should have them checked. You’ll avoid accidents this way. 

You Should Check Your Engine Fluids 

In spite of dashboard indicators that tell you when fluid levels are low, you should still check them occasionally between visits to your auto mechanic. 

It takes no time at all and provides additional assurance that your vehicle’s fluids are topped off. You should consider implementing a car care tip before a long road trip that involves checking your fluid levels. 

Whenever you park on a flat surface, be sure to check your fluid levels. If your dipsticks are dirty, wipe them off with a clean rag or paper towel and then use them to check the fluid levels. 

In all, these are just a few of the tips you must practice routinely if you want to keep your car in a brand new condition for years to come. Following them isn’t that difficult at all, because we’re well aware that as a mom how hectic and packed your daily routine is.   


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