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I’ve mentioned before how helpful my smart phone is in keeping me connected and organized while out of the house. There is another aspect of my smart phone that I adore… the camera. I used to miss so many important or spontaneously cute moments because my point and shoot camera wasn’t near by. I always had good intentions, but carrying multiple electronic items just isn’t feasible.

My smart phone has a rather decent camera on it that allows me to capture “in the moment” photos at any time. I am almost never without my phone. When something important happens or the kids are just being cute I reach in my pocket for my phone and start taking photos.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been engulfed with my father’s medical care. I first found out he needed medical attention while checking in on him. Because I had my smart phone with me I was able to snap a few shots during our emergency room visit, his prep for surgery as well as some of the two of us together. I was able to document this time for myself and for him (because of his brain issues he has no memory of these events).

2012-01-30 15.48.14

Our first ER visit the indicated he needed another shunt revision. I was in awe of how many wires they could have coming off of one person.

2012-02-10 12.30.39

This is our second visit to the hospital. You can see the stitched area from his recent shunt revision. The bandaged area is actually where they had just inserted a needle to remove cerebral fluid to test for infection.

2012-02-10 13.14.44

Here he is prepped and ready for his second shunt revision in two weeks. I have fond memories of my Dad’s hands and I wanted to remember them.

This has been a scary time in my life… I am facing unknowns as well as the possibility of losing my Dad if we can’t get this corrected. Having my smart phone with me has allowed me to take photos of events and objects I wanted to remember as well as document, for him, his journey back to health.

Are you ready to take the smart phone dive? I haven’t looked back since I did!

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  1. Brandy says

    my prayers are with you and your family during this time I really hope your dad makes a full recovery. enjoy every minute you have with him!

  2. God Bless you and your family and thanks for sharing. I appreciate your bravery.

  3. Jill says

    I am ADDICTED to taking pics with my smartphone. I even snap photos while out shopping to document prices at one store and compare when I go to the next one. It truly is a great tool that I don’t think enough people take advantage of to the fullest (i.e. beyond just taking pics for fun), so great article. Best of luck with your dad. Like you said, it’s so nice you get to document this time with him. You are lucky to have this time with him regardless of how things turn out.


  4. I don’t know about the telephone part of this. I am a nurse and I want you to ask questions whenever you don’t know whats going on or you need to know anything. Doctors are just like us some are great and some are not so good at bedside manner etc. Just go with your gut and ask what else can be done, what are our options etc. Be informed read on the internet etc. Sometimes there are things that don’t get done to the elderly and you may want it done or not. Be sure you advocate for him and make his wishes known. I remember my Mom, grandpa, and son experiences and they all were affected by what I wanted. Take care of yourself for this is so hard on you. My prayers are with you. Rita

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