Can You Become An Egg Donor?

Can You Become An Egg Donor?

Healthy eggs are vital for pregnancy, but some women end up producing low quality eggs or aren’t able to produce any eggs at all. It’s difficult for such women to get pregnant, and if they aren’t able to produce with the help of vitro fertilization and other process, donor eggs are recommended as a solution to help them carry a child and give birth.

Ideally women with ovarian failure suffering from menopause, low quality reserve ovarian, genetic diseases and IVF failure qualify for receiving donor eggs. Age also plays a role in making some women eligible for donation because their bodies are not able to cooperate in the way they intended after a certain age limit.

For many couples dealing with reproductive problems, egg donor stories are quickly gaining attention and inspiring them to not give up hope on creating families. As a result, egg donor use is a rising trend in U.S., especially among females above 40.

One woman, Sarah, who had a miscarriage at the age of 38, recounts how two cycles of IVF failed her. Four months after signing up for a donor, she was given five eggs, four of which became embryos. Only two of these embryos worked, and of these two only one of baby survived. Sarah says she thinks of her egg donor everyday.

It might be the case that you want to sign up for helping infertile women bring life into this world or for other reasons. However, you may not be aware that anyone looking to become an egg donor has to fulfill certain eligibility requirements.

Some of the requirements are:

egg-donation-300x3001.  Appropriate age

In most cases, donors should women who fall between the age brackets 18-35. Women surpassing 35 may not have a chance of eligibility because of the problem of egg quality, though there are some heart-warming egg donor stories related to older women who were able to realize their dreams of having children.

That said, the donor’s age is highly associated with the success of birth by the recipient.

2.  Appropriate health state

Egg donors should have a good health overall. If you want to qualify as one, you should be a non-smoker and your alcohol intake should be limited to zero. The agency that signs you as well as the receipt may also examine your personal health and health family history before selection.

If you’re a new mother or have recently stopped your breastfeeding cycle, it is recommended that you wait at least 6 months before going into egg donation.

3.  Availability

The egg donation process requires a long time commitment, it can easily take away 3 or more months from your schedule, perhaps even more if you get selected. You’ll have to visit the doctor a number of times, so egg donation may not be viable if you have a busy schedule.

You can however become an egg donor with a flexible schedule. Apart from the process, the end of the donation cycle also requires frequent doctor visits because the doctor monitors how the donor’s body is managing and progressing.

4.  Genetics

Genetics are also going to be a major determinant of whether you qualify or not. Mostly receipts want donors who come from single family heritage. Sometimes the appearance and personality of the donor is also taken into consideration by the prospective parents.

You can expect to be bombarded with all kinds of questions regarding your personality, background and family heritage.

Egg donors also receive hefty compensation. The rough compensation figure for first time donors is $5,000. Donors who are experienced can receive more compensation. First timers also receive compensation if they go through the process of retrieving eggs but doctors fail to do so in the end.

You’ll have to sign up with an agency before anything. After a family selects you, a screening process will take place to determine if you pass above-mentioned eligibility requirements or not. Next come the legalities involved in egg donation. The legal aspects may be complicated for you and a lawyer may also be provided in case issues arise during the process.

Are you ready to become an egg donor?

Deciding to be an egg donor is no easy feat. It requires commitment, dedication and hard work to stay in good health. Emotional aspects can overwhelm you in some cases as well.

You have to be strong and prevent yourself from being emotionally dismantled. The recipient will consider you as a blessing and a miracle. If you’re ready to offer this kindness to others, you may already be a potential egg donor.





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    this is great that a lot of women donates their eggs so other womens can have that chance in conceiving..thank you for the info.

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