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Camp Barbie is now in stores!

If you have a Barbie fan in your house (like I do), then this is welcome news! The new camp Barbie is now at Wal-Mart stores. I know Emma and Ethan will love this line. We have started a family camping tradition… three years running now. We now have a favorite cabin with favorite foods and activities that we do. Emma and Ethan, even though only 4 and 3, remember our adventures and talk about them like they were yesterday. I love how Barbie is inspiring kids and families to get outside and enjoy nature.

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  1. christyn mckenna says

    I go camping every summer with my family. I used to love Barbies. I had a bunch of them and was always playing with them!!!

  2. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance.

  3. Amy Kaufman says

    I grew up going camping.. and have extended that love of the outdoors to my family now. I taught my husband how to camp and also my girls! This summer we drove from Minnesota to Yellowstone and back. We loved spending time outdoors. And.. guess who joined us for the car ride? Barbies!! I love Barbies and I think my daughters play with them each and every day. This summer I surprised them with sewing two wedding dresses for their Barbies complete with wedding Satin!

  4. I remember getting handy me down barbie clothes from the 70s – wish I had kept them!

  5. Teri says

    I loved Barbie growing up. I remember having a 5 gallon paint bucket full of them. Camping also was a big part of my childhood though it has died off a little as an adult. We typically go to state parks for the day and hike, play, etc but do not stay over night.

  6. sarah shult says

    I LOVED my barbies when I was little. My neighbor had the coolest house for her barbies that her dad made for her out of boxes – nothing like the dream house our girls have now, but it was just as fun to play with!

  7. I remember playing with Barbie all the time when I was little my favorite accessories were my Barbie Bronco and the Barbie McDonalds (growing up the closest McDonalds was an hour a way so, going there was something special). As far as camping I have gone camping every summer since before I can remember with my grandparents, it is something I still enjoy and now get to share with my daughter.

  8. Tanaya Syx says

    We take the kids on camping trips every May and September. We take them to hike the mountains and waterfall trails.

  9. Wendy says

    Growing up I always spent my summers with my father & we always went camping. We stayed at the same campground and the exact same lot back in the corner. I didn’t realize then how many memories were being created but I have tons of them! Staying at the pool all day with no SPF, getting poison ivy, snipe hunting are just a few of the most memorbale times.

  10. Terri Lewis says

    I use to play Barbies with all of my friends while we would do each others hair too. I also use to go camping with my family and was allowed to bring a friend. Wow, was that fun!!

  11. Kimberly B. says

    I didn’t have very many Barbies so I was always excited to go to my cousin’s house because she had lots of them.

  12. evans s says

    I remember getting my daughter her first Barbie. I had to go to two stores before I found a Black Barbie for her birthday present. Now she has several and I love watching her play with them.
    The only time I’ve been camping was during high school. We’ve been trying to get a chance to go camping but the whole family is never together at one time for all of us to go.

  13. Farrah Leigh Thomas McDaniel says

    I can remember camping when I was just an itty bitty girl. I still love it and I want my babies to experience it. Seeing all the national parks is a dream of mine!

  14. Mandy says

    The one time I encouraged my mom to go camping, it rained. She never went again. 🙂

  15. bernadette callahan says

    I had tons of barbies growing up. We used to play out in the front yard all the time! Thats probably my most fondest memory and we were out there all day everyday! 🙂

  16. bernadette callahan says

    went to the site and it has a TON of stuff. i was not aware of the website but will be sharing it with my daughter this afternoon after school 🙂 THANKS

  17. April Kennedy says

    I loved playing with Barbies growing up! My friends and I would play for hours and I am glad that my girls enjoy playing with them also!

  18. Paula Lee says

    My family loves to camp. Most of our family vacations have involved at least a couple nights of it.

  19. April Kennedy says

    Oops I forgot to put that I was number 481 on voting for you on the O You! contest

  20. Kimberly schotz says

    One Christmas I got the best present ever, a Barbie RV. It was orange and yellow, I loved it!

  21. Tamara B. says

    I use to spend hours combing my Barbie’s hair and dressing them up and have a pretend tea party with them.

  22. Kimberly McCullers says

    This would be great for my niece.

  23. Kimberly McCullers says

    Fishing is a tradition in our family. We still go to my parents house to fish…my teenagers, my 7 year old niece, my sister my parents and me. The best photo I got of my son, he was about 6 years old it was a close up, there was a beautiful green algae in the corner of the lake that just REALLY made for a fantastic background.

  24. Fawn H says

    I loved playing with my barbies when I was little. My best friend who lived 2 houses over and I would play all day and make houses for them out of boxes.

  25. My 1st time camping was when I was 14. My Mom took us and she had never been camping in her life. It rained the entire weekend and we spent most of the time playing games in the car. LOL A weekend I will never forget!

  26. traci s says

    barbie was the bomb when i was a little girl!! i had it all, the home, the camping rv, the airplane , and about 1,000 dolls! i would spend hours playing barbie, i wish i would of kept all of it for my daughter, but when your six or so you just dont think that far in advance lol

  27. James Cox says

    I loved to play with Barbies as a little girl I had a Michael Jackson doll and a new kids on the block doll

  28. James Cox says

    I like the barbie life jacket

  29. James Cox says

    My daughter loves to play with barbies they are her favorite toy

  30. darlene miller says

    would love barbie for my grandaughter. she love her barbie dolls.

  31. darlene miller says

    yes i loved my dolls,we were poor so i only had one barbie doll and her name was skipper,barbies little sister. i lost her down a concret hole.this was when i was 11,now im 56 and i still miss my skipper doll.

  32. Adrienne Gordon says

    We camp on the beach every year.

  33. Ginger Ramage says

    When I was little my grandparents gave me a Barbie Dream House. I still have it (I am now 31!) I can’t wait to pass it on to my 4 month old daughter when she is old enough. I LOVED Barbie as a child and can’t wait for my daughter to enjoy it as well!

  34. joanne major says

    barbie didnt come out till 1959 and i was 12 to old to play with them. My daughters and granddaughters love barbie

  35. Mary Beth Elderton says

    My aunt used to sew Barbie clothes that were beautiful!

  36. Tabitha says

    I had hundereds of Barbies and the prettiest ones were in love with my New Kids on the block barbie dolls. Good time! lol

  37. Vickie Couturier says

    I had a bubble head barbie,an my friend came over all the time an we played,,she had straight legs that didnt bend

  38. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

    I remember growing up in the 1970’s & my sister’s had barbies…I had a skipper doll..We all had the 1970’s camper & would play all the time together with the dolls…

  39. Vickie Couturier says

    I have 3grandaughters that love barbies,so did my daughter too

  40. tess says

    favorite memory of barbie- i cut off all their hairs- now my little girl plays with them
    tcogbill at live dot com

  41. Julie Witt says

    Of course I have good memories of Barbie! I grew up in a family of 5 girls so we had tons of Barbies, and her accessories too! We never had the Barbie Townhouse, though, and I always wanted one!

  42. Sylvia says

    I remember as a child making my own Barbie house out of boxes. A friend and I played for days with our boxes

  43. I used to play barbies everyday after school with my best friend. I loved playing at her house because she had the barbie house

  44. Kathy O says

    I remember receiving my very first Barbie doll from my Grandma Laura. I was so happy!

  45. Jessica O'Shell says

    Favorite memory of barbie when I was younger was playing with my mom’s toys – my pap had the original toys that my mom had when she was little . . . I swore they were better then the ‘modern’ toys . . . My family doesn’t camp bc my husband hates the outdoors and bugs . . . and I can’t take my daughter alone because I’m paranoid about everything. lmao!

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  46. Amber says

    I used to play with Barbies alllllll the time! My grandma even made them special outfits!

    littleamberfaith at yahoo dot com

  47. Larissa says

    My family never really camped much.. The first time I

  48. Larissa says

    The first t time I remember camping was when I was 11. It rained the whole weekend. I woke up full of ticks. Didn’t go camping again for almost 20 years.

  49. brittney says

    I loved barbies when i was little. I used to turn the kitchen table into a huge barbie house.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  50. Paula Hafner says

    I had a Barbie Camper. I used to love to pretend they went on long trips and went camping. I used to make up all kinds of stories involving my Barbies.

  51. Jennifer Rogers says

    I have memories of the Pink Barbie case with lots and lots of clothes and those funny little hangars!

  52. Adrienne Hayes says

    All the girls in the neighborhood would come over with their Barbie wardrobe cases and we’d play in my garage, swapping outfits and shoes and riding in our Barbie cars.

  53. Adrienne Hayes says

    Learned of another great activity – scavenger hunt

  54. Marysa N. says

    I actually didn’t play much with Barbies as a kid, but my 4 year old is starting to play with them. We just started camping with our kids this year, and we hope to do it every summer! We had an interesting experience with a campsite full of skunks 🙂
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  55. Taryn says

    My grandpa built my sister and I a huge barbie house when we were younger. Now that my daughter is getting old enough, I am getting ready to paint and carpet it and get it fixed up for my daughter. I can’t wait to get started on that project!

  56. Anne Loyd says

    I remember that I had a few Barbies as a kid but at least half of them where the dolls that I was not supposed to touch. We didn’t really ever go camping when I was a kid but we plan on taking the kids soon!

  57. valerie mabrey says

    I loved Barbie and Ken. My memory is full of mom making clothes and there was a drugstore that sold homemade cloths that mom would let me get after a doctors appointment

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  58. Debbie jackson says

    we used to line the barbies up for fashion shows

  59. Tari Lawson says

    I remember playing barbies with my best friend. She and I would make our own houses out of rug remnants and blocks of wood. We would play for hours and hours.

  60. LauraJJacobson says

    Haha…the barbie memory I remember most was when my sister and I were going to a friends house on bike, and she make me carry both barbie cases….one on each handle bar of my bike. Needless to say…I fell off and scraped my knee all up. Still have the scars. LOL

  61. Allison Downes says

    I loved barbie! Especially all of the Clothes!

  62. amy hollingsworth says

    I just remember playing with my original Barbie Mansion and Swimming Pool for HOURS on end…I also remember organizing my metal Barbie cases…they just don’t make it the way they use to.

  63. I honestly have to say I never played with Barbies as a little girl! I had a big brother and it just wasn’t “cool.” The first Barbie I ever bought was for a photography project I did in college. But I think I’ve made up for that now, my 2 year old has at least 8 Barbies now!

  64. Kristen says

    I remember the year I got the Barbie Camper for my bday and I was SO excited.

  65. Ellen B says

    When I was a girl I wanted some barbies. My brothers girlfriend gave me all of hers because she was older and didn’t need them. I wish I still had them because they would be worth a fortune!

  66. Marianna says

    I inherited my moms’ “antique” barbies that my grandma had made hand sewn clothes for! I used to love those dolls and their special dresses!

  67. Kristi C says

    I remember the Christmas I received my first Barbie dream house. I loved that thing to much.

  68. Kelly Paradise says

    I have always loved Barbie dolls and was able to save more of them from my childhood and pass them on to my daughters so they can experience many great “play dates” with Barbie as well as make many wonderful memories with Barbie :] As a child we would go camping every Summer and I wouldn’t leave the house without my Barbie dolls lol and this is something that my daughters have traditionally done every Summer as well :]

  69. I have lots of fun memories of playing with Barbies when I was younger. My best friend (and neighbor) and I would go to each other houses daily with our bags of Barbies and play for hours.

  70. Liz says

    We have a camping tradition of going camping twice a year on Memorial Weekend along with Labor Day weekend.

  71. Terry Cross says

    My sister and I played with our Barbies all the time. Our brother’s GI Joe dolls were the boyfriends. Sometimes we would even pretend they were Elvis, lol

  72. Amo says

    I loved playing with my Barbies!!! My mom made me Barbie furniture, like a bed and a dresser, for my Barbie house. I played with my Barbies for hours at a time! I also had the pink Barbie car – I remember getting it for Christmas one year!

  73. Missy Lynnh says

    My favorite Barbie memory is when my mom made a stage for my barbies to be on when they were in “music shows”. It had curtains and was so cool

  74. Amo says

    I learned that a butterfly net is something fun to take camping! That is a good idea!

  75. Tara says

    I had tons of Barbies as a kid. I also had a pink carrying case and a pink Barbie bed.

  76. Monique Rizzo says

    Dont have any real Barbie memories but we used to camp every summer for a week. we would make smores, tell stories and roast hot dogs. it was awesome.
    Thanks for the chance.

  77. Jill L says

    I played with my Barbies for a long time. It was a great part of my childhood. We love to camp although I would personally prefer a 4 star hotel. My kids could live out in the woods all summer.

  78. Teresa Moore says

    I never had any Barbies when I grew up, so I play with my daughter’s barbies when she will let me join in. My brother and I use to camp in the yard when we were kids. I plan on taking my daughter camping this year for the first time.

  79. Michelle Willis says

    My little sister and I ust to have and awesome pink Jeep and camping tent for our barbies we just love to play with them.

  80. Brooke R. says

    I remember playing barbie with my girl scout friends. We would spend so much time playing. It was always fun to have new barbies to dress up and play with. I loved it

  81. emily l says

    We try and go camping at least once a year even if it’s in back yard. 😉 And I remember staging the entire star wars trilogy with my barbies. lol

  82. Jennie Swencki says

    I remember my sister and I playing Barbies for hours

  83. Gina H. says

    My favorite memory is playing with Barbies in the yard with my sister when we were kids.

  84. kelly D says

    I never played with Barbies much, but I am making up for that with my daughter, we have a nice collection and play often. I did go camping a lot as a child and loved it.. not sure if I could rough it like that any more. Not too many traditions besides the usual Pitching a tent, BBQ, going swimming

  85. Patty White says

    My favorite memories of playing with Barbie is when we were little, my sisters and I would watch soap operas, and then pretend our Barbies were the soap stars and act out what we just watched.

  86. karen flath says

    I remember playing with the Barbie Jet with my friends when we were kids….

  87. I loved playing with my barbie camper when I was younger and I think it is so neat to see that they are reinvented it.

  88. I loved playing with my barbies and my friends. I was lucky , my parents bought me the cars, jacuzzi and dreamhouse and Barbie had quite a wardrobe…it was so fun!!

  89. I didn’t play with Barbies, but my girls did. They even had a life sized Barbie mansion thanks to their grandfather! Thanks for the giveaway!

  90. Sassy says

    My friend had the RV for Barbie and we would play all the time. I was always jealous and wished I had one. lol I would set up a Barbie “house” on our bookshelf and we had a grand old time!

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  91. Autumn says

    One of my very favorite Barbie gifts as a child was the dream camper. I still have it, and plan to give it to my daughter for her birthday.

  92. Jennifer Johncock says

    I use to play barbies everyday after school with my next door neighbor. Those were good times!

  93. Amanda Rigsby says

    I used to have a huge box of Barbie dolls and accessories that stayed at my Nana’s house and I would always spend hours over there playing with them. My Nana and I would use things from around the house to make tables, cars, beds, and houses for them.

  94. Erica says

    Barbies were my favorite thing as a child. My cousins and I would play all day!

  95. I still remember getting my first Barbie doll at my 2nd grade birthday party… we were at a pizza place and once I opened my Sweet heart Barbie in her dress with red hearts, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her!
    andrea.kruse at gmail dot com

  96. Terri S. says

    My daughter used to love to play with her Barbie dolls and the Barbie Townhouse. I wish I had that townhouse now for her little girl – my 5-1/2 yr. old granddaughter – who loves her Barbie dolls. 🙂

  97. Robyn Galloway says

    I loved my barbie house when I was little and I loved it when my grandma made some little barbie outfits for my barbies! Once my little brother cut the hair off all my barbie, he was always doing things like that!

  98. Michelle C says

    When I was a child my parents took me camping at least once a month all summer long! I also remember my grandmother teaching me to sew by having me practice making clothes for my Barbies! Good memories. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  99. Joy F says

    I loved playing barbies when I was younger. No special memory, just had so much fun!!

  100. Velvet Hubler says

    We always make mountain pies during camping trips the kids love it!!

  101. Amanda Alvarado says

    I LOVED Barbie when I was younger! I had the convertible and town house plus tons of barbies, skipper and a couple of Kens. I wish I knew what happened to them…it would have been awesome to pass them on to dd!

  102. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the Camp Fun section at Camp Barbie.

  103. Stephanie G says

    We used to go camping every other weekend in the summer as a kid. It was awesome! s’mores and pizza pie irons!!!

  104. Carrie Phelps says

    My favorite memories of Barbie are hand sewing my own clothes for her.

  105. When my sister and I were little my dad raced go carts all over the country. We would go in our camper van and bring our Barbie dolls with us. We had a great time!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  106. Leah Walker says

    We’ve actually never been camping as a family but that is on my list of things I want to do together soon. And as far as Barbies? My cousin and I played with them til we were 14. Lol. It was nice to be able to be a kid for so long back then.

  107. linda brooks says

    I remember playing with my Barbie airplane everyday.

  108. Sherry S. says

    My favorite memories are the clothes that my Grandmother made for my dolls. I’ve never been camping.

  109. Jamie Brigham says

    I do have a memory of playing with Barbie dolls and even the Beverly Hills 90210 Barbie dolls too, I use to use the bottom of my Grandma’s china cabinet as a home for my dolls and one day I remember she evicted me LOL seriously she posted a note saying I was being evicted. I love going camping and we always camp in a tent, use an air mattress and right next to use is a large Lighthouse, it is so beautiful there, this is in Chincoteague,VA

  110. jenn says

    my bff and i would spend all day making a barbie house and then never have time to actually play barbies. i think this is where i got my love for decorating 🙂

  111. My family and I go camping every weekend for seven months out of the year. We have a parked site at a local campground. Thanks.

  112. we would go camping every holiday with other frineds and family.. of course it seemed to always rain on us..

  113. Laura H. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite memory of Barbie dolls is the clothes my grandmother used to make for Barbie, Ken, Skipper and Midge. My friends were so jealous because I had the coolest outfits.

  114. Tiffany LaCourse says

    My favorite memory of playing with Barbies is making my little brother play with me!!

    And we do not have any camping traditions

  115. Jessica says

    My favorite memory is having Barbie tea parties

  116. Andrea D. says

    I remember playing Barbie with my sister. My girls would love this.

  117. linda brooks says

    I loved playing with my barbie airplane everyday.

  118. Kate W says

    I always liked Midge

  119. Leslie Galloway says

    We camp… on the living room floor. 😉

  120. Amy says

    I have lots of Barbie memories. My sister and I had quite the collection. One fond memory is when my uncle bought us a box of barbie clothes at an estate sale. We were ecstatic.

  121. Rachelle jones says

    In was a huge barbie fan when I was younger, I loved cutting and coloring there hair lol

  122. yes, I loved playing with barbie in her pink sports car.

    livelovelaughwithleslieblog at gmail dot com

  123. K Wilson says

    I loved Barbie when I was a girl! We would play “wedding” with Barbie and ken all the time. And now my girls have become obsessed with Barbie!

  124. Karen A. says

    I never had a “real” Barbie when I was a kid. I had “generic” barbies 🙁

  125. I have lots of memories of playing with Barbies, but my favorite was always making my little brother play with them, too! lol.

  126. Kay M says

    I loved playing ‘Barbie’ when I was younger. Several girls in the neighborhood would all get together and play. One friend had a Barbie house, so we usually ended up on her patio! We would play for hours!

    My family loves to go camping. We dont care if it is RV camping or tent camping. The boys love it so much, they’ll take a tent out in our pasture, set it up, and camp out during the summer!

  127. Lauren says

    I loved playing with baribes when I was younger!I still have some that I have been able to pass down to the little ones!I used to go camping with my great aunt and uncle during the summer till she got cancer.Those days will always be remembered!

  128. Lauren says

    I like the camp fun section at

  129. april yedinak says

    My favorite memory is making my own barbie clothes with my sister

  130. Susan says

    when i was young i would love to go camping in the backyard with my whole family.
    i love barbie, she was my best friend growing up! 🙂

  131. peaches and cream barbie was my favorite

  132. Tammy R. says

    My family only tent camps, and every night we (the whole family and our friends) play domino’s.

  133. polly says

    i loved playing with my barbie & midge & ken dolls–my mom made my barbie doll beautiful clothes…..i still have them…my daughter played with them as well!

  134. melissa portillo says

    i love barbies i remember getting the barbie camper van when i was about 7 i thought it was amazing! i used to spend hourse just brushing her hair

  135. Patty White says

    When I was little we only had a few Barbies and we couldn’t afford any Kens, so we use to shave our old Barbies heads and make them Kens. lol

  136. Patty White says

    I learned that Skipper has her own section where she has highlighted a few great parks you can learn about

  137. Beth McLeod says

    I remember playing Barbie’s for hours when I was little.

  138. Marysa N. says

    I didn’t play much with Barbies when I was little, but we went camping for the first time with kids this summer. We had a blast and would love to make it a tradition!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  139. Erica C. says

    I wish I had this barbie when I was younger. We love to go hiking and fishing so this would be fun!

  140. ellen says

    Myself, well I wasnt into Barbie.. as for camping goodness yes. My favorite memory is my first camping trip with hubby- that was 30 years ago. We laughed and loved as only the young can do. I dont even remember the scenery just his eyes:) We went to a state park not far from home.

  141. I have keep all my barbies in hopes of having a girl and now i have one to share all this fun stuff with. 🙂

  142. Dawn says

    My daughter Lillian is a huge Barbie fan – and would love the camping sister Barbies – thanks for the chance to win.

  143. Julie H says

    I remember getting the barbie town house and playing with that thing with my barbies for ever and I still have it and my little girl plays with it now.

  144. Julie H says

    love the camp site on

  145. shawna says

    I remember playing Barbies with my sister…good memories. We love to go camping with our kids.

  146. Lentil says

    I remember having several knock-off version Barbies and one cherished real Barbie!

  147. Kellie Conklin says

    I played with barbies forever and now I love playing with the girls I babysit for. My dads family goes camping every year and one of our favorite traditions is having fun contests in the lake! Thanks for the giveaway!

  148. Eileen says

    I dont remember that far back. lol. i do know I didnt get my first Barbie till I was almost 12 and by then was not into them. I do have 4 girls and we had Barbie pink and purple EVERYTHING around out house forever…one daughter is 19 years older than our youngest, now 12. Cant imagine our lives without Barbie toys! Also, we are big into nature and fishing/camping and would love this for my grand daughter who is just 6. Her dad is going to be a game warden so they are HUGE into fishing and outdoors!

  149. Kirsten says

    I remember coming home from my grandparents on Christmas Eve. And there it was…a giant (to me) Barbie house! I was so thrilled. It was the first Christmas present I really remember being THRILLED with.

  150. Kim Smith says

    I have fond memories of playing with my Barbies.

  151. I remember playing barbies with my besties in kindergarten…love to see kids and their imaginations at play.

  152. Beth H says

    We camp out in a tent on special occasions in our backyard!

  153. amy deeter says

    me and my sister use to play barbie dolls all day when we were little

  154. tina mcgraw says

    i always played with barbies.. i used to make my own clothes for them, put on runway shows with them. loved it. love it that my girls like them as well.

  155. Liz Robinson says

    We went camping a few time when I was a kid and i also played with barbies.

  156. Jessica Beard says

    We used to camp every year with friends along Lake Michigan.

  157. Stephanie P says

    I remember I used to set up my barbies in “scenes” and take picture (LOL)

  158. crystal faulk says

    I loved Barbies growing up. I had a Barbie Townhouse that I loved playing with because it had an elevator that I thought was the coolest thing back then. 🙂

  159. tracey johnson says

    i loved my town house barbie

  160. Leila Bona says

    My favorite memory playing with my Barbies is that I always imagined them to have a gigantic house and a fabulous job! Then I would dress them in the wackiest clothes! We don’t really have any camping memories just yet..hope to soon though!!

  161. susan smoaks says

    i loved to play barbie’s it was my favorite thing to do at my best friends house because she had all the cool barbies i don’t think i had any of my own

  162. Kerrie Mayans says

    I used to have a three story barbie house and I loved to play with them in it. Our family goes camping on the fourth of july each year at the beach with about 6 other families and we have been doing this for the past 7 years.

  163. ali jarman says

    y mother made me a barbie doll house when i was little, and some of my fondest memories were playing with my barbies in it!

  164. Tracie Seiser says

    My favorite memory of playing with my Barbie’s is: My brothers are 4 & 5 years younger than me and I always made them play with my Barbies. I only had one Ken doll so they would fight over who got to be Ken, ha, ha.

    We go on a family camping trip every year and now that both of my boys are grown, we try to take the nieces and nephews with us. We now have a granddaughter who will be able to come along with us starting next summer.

  165. Brittany says

    Mydaughter is 3 and is just getting in to barbies. This is one she wants to add to collection

  166. My favorite barbie memories were playing literally from after breakfast until bedtime with our barbies with my sister and sometimes my mom would even play with them with us for a few hours.

    But my most MEMORABLE memory with barbies was when I was about 4 or 5 I had a favorite barbie I brought her literally everywhere with me. My parents rented a cottage on the lake in Norhtern MI and I was playing in the shallow water with my favorite barbie in her swimsuit and I was letting her “swim” float on the waves and a seagull swooped down and flew off with her across the lake, I was screaming and crying so hysterically my dad and uncle hurriedly put me in their fishing boat and made the motor go fast as they could as we chased the seagull across the lake and at one point he dropped her into the lake so we thought we were going to get her but before we could reach her he swooped down and picked her up again and then he flew out over the other side of the lake out into the woods so I lost her forever.
    As traumatic as it was at the time its something the whold family including me laughs about a lot now.

  167. Pauline says

    we go camping once every two years

  168. Cee Love says

    As a kid and secretly as an adult I have always loved the tiny little food and refrigerator and appliances barbie has. for my family we went camping ever summer with like half the neighborhood as well. it was a neighborhood tradition, not just a family one.

  169. Candice HopperOwrey says

    All of my barbies had jobs and a history. I kept a journal about their different occurances in life so I didn’t get them mixed up.

  170. Mary L Cottingham says

    favorite memory of playing with Barbie? My mom and dad built a Barbie town house for me one Christmas from plans in Better Homes and Gardens. It was so much cooler than the one from store… plus in converted to a bookcase perfect for Seventeen and Mademoiselle magazines once I was out of the Barbie phase.

    Does your family have any camping traditions? I believe in my mother’s camping philosophy…. camping is a hotel without room service. Princess Peanut, my niece (age 5), on the other hand, loves camping.

  171. I really liked your blog.Thanks Again. Fantastic.

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