Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Activity Center Review

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From The Website:

Bounce, Spin & Rock in this fun filled entertainer.  The unique bounce pad provides a soft surface for baby to bounce and dance.  Seven entertaining toys are within baby’s reach including a colorful bead chaser and push up spinner with swirling beads.  The overhead toy bar also features two toys to encourage baby to reach and grab. The seat rotates 360° so baby has access to all the fun.





  • Seat rotates 360° for access to all toys
  • Three adjustable height settings allows entertainer to grow with baby
  • Colorful bead chaser
  • Ladybug push top spinner with swirling beads
  • Spinning bee rattle ball
  • Ratcheting bug with crinkle fabric wings
  • Bendable firefly stalk toy
  • Overhead toy arch includes teether and rattle
  • Easy to clean toy tray
  • Four toy loops for attaching more toys


Bright Starts Pretty in Pink

This season… all the girls will be in Pink!

Pink is in! The Pretty in Pink™ Collection puts a fresh spin on being girly. Sweet characters and colors make these adorable toys and gear a must have! Inspired by current trends, the Pretty in Pink™ collection of products is a fun approach for baby girl! Plus a portion of the proceeds from this collection support breast cancer research and awareness. Providing the little girls of today a brighter tomorrow. Learn about our Pink Power Mom program at

Bright Starts Bounce a BoutMy Experience

Bright Starts sent us a Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout for review and the minute it arrived to our house I was excited to get it put together. The Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout has an attractive design for little girls and so many features that will keep your little one entertained.

My husband was ever so gracious to put Andrea’s Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout together and when I asked him how it was he simply said “Piece of Cake”. There were not a ton of pieces and the instructions were easy enough to follow so the install could be completed with ease.

I love the overhead toy bar! They just didn’t have exersaucers like this when my son was born. There is a velcro strap that you can attach any toy to (You will see how we used it in my video :)) and there is a cute butterfly toy that hangs from the stationary strap. I think out of all of the toys the overhead toy bar is the one that keeps her attention the longest.

I also love the soft bouncy platform. I love that the platform is raised up high so it forces Andrea to remain flat footed while in the Bounce-a-Bout. When Andrea gets excited she loves to jump and the platform moves with her feet to give her a nice little bounce.

Around the tray of the Pretty in Pink Bounce a Bout you will find 4 little hooks. These hooks can be used to attach other toys. We hooked together 4 Link a Doos and attached a Bright Starts teether at the end so Andrea could take a break from the excitement for a little bit of chewing time.

I have to make a comment about the toys that are on the Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout and tell you that they are so innovative and cute to boot! There is a Ratcheting Bug that makes clicking sounds to grab her attention,  a push top spinner with swirling beads, a ladybug mirror with super cute (not annoying) sounds to make your baby smile and giggle plus so much more! I went through a few exersaucers while my son was a baby and we really just did not like them as much as we enjoy the Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout.


I’m really impressed with the quality and the thought that went into the Pretty in Pink Bounce-A-Bout. Andrea loves it, it keeps her entertained longer than 5 minutes at a time, the colors are SOOOO cute for a little girl, the toys are innovative and I really like that you can attach some of your own toys as well. There are 3 settings on the height so this makes me happy that not only will Andrea love this right now, it will also grow with her until she starts walking.

You can purchase the Bright Starts Bounce-A-Bout Activity Center for $59.99 at

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Disclaimer: This post was written by Amanda. She received a Bounce-A-Bout for review purposes only. All opinions remain 100% her own.


  1. Wow, very impressive that your review even contains a video! Great article! 🙂

  2. Terri says

    Love the “pinkness”! Although my kids are older, I’ll certainly keep this collection in mind for new additions to our extended family! Thanks for sharing these products!

  3. Jenny says

    That looks like a fun activity center! Thanks for the great review.

  4. Xenia says

    Andrea is the cutest!! I love the video of the dancing toes, what a great feature to have the bouncy part underneath to add a little something more than a traditional exersaucer. Very fun!

  5. Darcy says

    Wow, that looks fun! My daughter is about old enough for one of these now…

  6. I love that it grows with your child! This is great! Thanks for a great review!

  7. Brett says

    I don’t know how parents lived without stationary entertainers in the “old” days. My kids loved stuff like this. The pink is just darling- as is the baby!!

  8. that looks like fun! I love the colour of pink, it’s so fresh and bright!
    we have a house of 3 boys, so we never see that colour!
    Love the video

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