Bridesmaids : Girls Night In Party AT MY HOUSE!

box_artI am so excited.

Okay, beyond excited.


I get to participate in a GIRLS NIGHT OUT IN Friday night!

I can’t remember the last time I ever had a “girls night out”. My husband is my best friend, so typically when I have a few free hours he and I will go out for a bite to eat and maybe a movie.

I actually saw Bridesmaids at the theater with him Smile.

I can’t afford to go to Vegas like the girls do in Bridesmaids, but I have informed the men in my life that our house will be invaded by a handful of women Friday night for an advanced Unrated DVD viewing of Bridesmaids.

We are going for a slumber party type theme… comfy pajama pants and all. Let’s not forget all the yummy snacks that usually accompany a “slumber party” full of giggling girls, right? Good thing I weigh in Friday morning. I’m going to need the entire rest of the week to work it off Winking smile .

I do intend to offer some fresh fruit and I thought maybe I could share my favorite Fruit Dip recipe with you!


1 (8 oz.) container strawberry cream cheese
1 (16 oz.) jar marshmallow fluff

Soften cream cheese, blend in marshmallow fluff. Use as a dip with fresh fruit.

So check in with me early next week. I’ll have plenty of pictures and hopefully fun stories to share with you along with everyone’s thoughts on the unrated version!

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  1. sounds like fun and that dip sounds delish!

  2. Audrey Griffis says

    we have another variation for a fablous fruit dip that i figred i’d share

    1 lg container cool whip- can be fat free
    1 package van pudding- not made just the mix
    1 lg container van yougurt- we use stoneyfeilds frech van most of the time

    just mis together and chill- we get many compliments and usually have to bring it to all the family parties- enjoy your movie i had a girls night out and saw it in theaters 🙂 very fun movie

  3. Robin Quick says

    OMG that sounds like SOOOOOO much fun!!! I havent had a girls night out or in for yrs!!!! Im like you if we get the free time we spend it together going out to eat & a movie. I wish I lived closer so I could join in on the festivities! You girls have fun. .Oh and a slumber party isnt complete until you all turn up the music and sing and dance around & shake your rear like nobody’s looking! LOLOLOL

  4. Hi, this is a great post! Thanks..

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