Boulevardia | Beer, Music, Local Art and Farmland BACON!

This post brought to you by Farmland Bacon. All opinions are my own.

Boulevardia is a yearly event in the Kansas City area celebrating a nation rich in beer, food, music and local art. Most of the people I spoke to about Boulevardia chattered on and on about the beer… but my son and I had other things on our minds … like BACON!

Our first stop at Boulevardia is always the Farmland Bacon Club tent. Be prepared for the drool to begin as you approach because the aroma of freshly cooked bacon wafts through the air for blocks.

As everyone knows… it’s all about the bacon and there were many others there that agreed. The tent was busy with bacon lovers but, whether your team crispy or chewy, there were plenty of samples to go around. My son decided to wet his appetite with a crispy sample before heading to the main stage where he participated in the Farmland Bacon Eating Contest.

While my son enjoyed his samples, I checked out the rest of the the Farmland tent.  I loved the custom screen printed t-shirts with fun sayings like “You Had Me At Bacon”, “I (beer mug) Bacon”, “Dads Are Like Bacon They Make Everything Better” (perfect for the upcoming Father’s Day holiday) and more. It was fun to see so many people walking around proudly displaying their love of bacon during the event.

While at the tent we also made sure that we were signed up for the Farmland Bacon Club (it’s free!) for a chance at a years supply of bacon. The sign up process was quick and easy, giving us enough time to check out the other yummy offerings before heading off to the main stage!

My son was there to defend his 2015 Bacon Eating win along with 8 other bacon loving contestants. They were all given a plate with 30 pieces of bacon and the goal was to be the first with a clean plate.

It was a close race… my son (on the left) was a few pieces behind the leader, Dennis Montgomery (on the right) and decided to go all in while shoving everything left on his plate into his mouth.

But, Dennis was able to down his entire plate of bacon in less than 2 minutes… walking away with the trophy and a years supply of Farmland Bacon.

It was an amazing and fun time at the West Bottoms in Kansas City. Live music, beer and (our favorite) bacon made for a fun weekend.

Be sure to check out the Farmland Bacon Club site. Join the club, find recipes, and share your love of bacon!

Want to see how a person can down 30 pieces of bacon in less than 2 minutes?

Check out the video of the contest below!



  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    It loos like you both had a lot of fun and it was great that your son was able to win last year.

  2. Marti Tabora says

    Who wouldn’t want to enter a bacon eating contest? That definitely looks like a lot of fun and definitely something that I would do as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Brandy Courtade says

    Looks like fun! I’m not a huge bacon enthusiast, but I am quite a fan of microbrews!

  4. Cheryl says

    Farmland makes some GOOD bacon.

  5. Zoey says

    Wow! I can’t imagine eating that much bacon that quickly!

  6. Katie says

    My brother loves bacon so I bet he would love this festival.

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