How To | Bottlecap Reindeer Magnet

How To | Bottlecap Reindeer Magnet


I’m always looking for cute and easy crafts to do with the kids. This little bottlecap reindeer magnet is an easy craft for older kids to make/share/gift this holiday season. Make one or several to represent Santa’s entire team.

You Will Need:

1 bottle cap for each magnet
black and white paint
paint brush
2 brown pipe cleaners
2 strong magnets that fit inside a bottle cap
Red pompoms
hot glue gun
brown or gray paint


You will want to paint the outside of your bottle caps first with your brown or gray paint for your reindeer. Let that dry and then you can craft!

Get your white paint and make tiny small circles where you want to have the eyes. Let that dry a few seconds and then paint a small black dot inside of the white. The follow with just a touch of white paint inside the black dot.  You just made your eyes.

Now get your pipe cleaner and cut it in half. Bend it to make your antlers and then twist them together and set aside.


Now get your antlers and hot glue the longest part inside the bottle cap on the opposite side of the face.


Go and grab your red nose and put a dab of hot glue where you want his nose to be and hold it down for a few seconds.

Then grab your magnet and hot glue that inside the bottle cape and press firmly down. After that dries you have your reindeer magnet all ready for use or gifting.



  1. shelly peterson says

    These are just too cute! My niece made me a bottle cap snowman ornament a couple years ago that I love. I will have to make these and give her some.

  2. adorable and even the youngest kid can make this!

  3. Maria Iemma says

    This is so cute and clever! Wonderful to make with my granddaughter who loves to do little crafts.

  4. Nicole Dz says

    What a cute DIY craft project for the holidays! So easy to make to! I love the little red nose. They would also be cute to glue onto a gift of some sort.

  5. courtney b says

    this is a cute craft for younger kids to do.. my 3 year old could probably try to do this. thank you for showing us a craft that a lot of kids could do!!


  6. These are super cute and so easy. The grand kids would love them.

  7. Richard Hicks says

    How cute. Fun little project to do with your kids.

  8. Robin Wilson says

    These are so cute! You could paint them different somehow and the kids could play tic tac toe on the fridge with them! Love it!

  9. Dandi D says

    This is so cute–I will have to try this with my son!

  10. Sarah L says

    Fun for kids to do. Very cute.

  11. David Fultner says

    Tihis is very cute I love that the bottle cap is bent

  12. Richard Hicks says

    Such a cute magnet and fun project to do with the kids

  13. This is an adorable holiday idea! It would be fun to make a bunch and pass them out to a classroom, club or group.

  14. Alexis says

    So cute!!

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