Bosch Icon Wiper Blades | Chasing the Storm Chasers

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades | Chasing the Storm Chasers


Are you a fan of Stormchasers?  My brother in law loves to chase tornados. The photos he shares with us scare the bejeesus out of me! The Discovery Channel series follows teams of Stormchasers in Tornado Alley as they collect tornado data and film the impressive storms.  T chase a storm safely, you need top of the link equipment. The Stormchasers vehicle, the Dominator, is using Bosch blades.  After all the planning and engineering in the lab they want to see how it stands up to the unknowns of a tornado.

wiperbladesI just noticed the other day that my windshield wiper blades weren’t performing properly (again). With the possibility of snow, slush and crud in our future it’s important to have working blades to maintain your visual path. I just learned about the new Bosch ICON wiper blades, and I really want to try them. What makes them so great? These bracket less wipers are designed without metal or plastic brackets, joints or hinges, which means they’re an improvement over conventional wiper blades.

Make sure you enter the Bosch “Chasing the Storm Chasers” Sweepstakes on the Bosch Facebook page. Simply watch the webisode and answer the questions – easy peasy! In addition to the grand prize, there are other wonderful as well – including an iPad 2, iTunes gift cards and more.


One winner will receive a Bosch Prize Pack ($195 ARV) which includes:

A set of Bosch ICON wiper blades ($50 value)

“Storm Chasers – Season 4” DVD ($55 value)

A signed copy of Reed Timmer’s book “Into The Storm” ($20 value)

A Bosch C3 6V/12V Fully Automatic 4-Mode Battery Charger ($70 value)



Simply follow the directions in the widget below. It’s that simple.


but they are still very much appreciated and adored :O)


This giveaway ended at 11:59 PM EST on February 17, 2012.

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    1. The worst weather situation I have ever been in was in 1985 traveling by car from Boise Idaho through Wyoming, we hit a high wind and hail storm, could not see anything, We got behind an 18 wheeler and when he stopped, we stopped, spent the night along side the Highway! Scary!

    2. Brenda F says

      Tornado in Memphis, TN! Scary!

    3. Emilie C says

      Last summer there was a wind storm here and i was at the lake getting hit by rocks and branches while i ran back to my car. when it was over, trees were on houses, the sidewalk was ripped up, power lines were all down. it was so scary

    4. Adrienne gordon says

      A hurricane in Hawaii

    5. Catie says

      We had a wind storm here in September 2008 – scariest thing I have ever seen! Winds got up to 80 mph, and I was out of power for 10 days.

    6. Carol says

      the blizzard of 1996

    7. Angie M says

      hailing so bad I couldnt see, had to pull over till it was done. about 20 minutes

    8. Leanne M says

      Driving in a snow storm.

    9. Beth says

      The worst storm I have been in is when there was a tornado that probably hit 5 miles from our house and destroyed several houses. You could hear the wind from our house in the basement. It was so scary

    10. Beth says

      email subscriber
      bethany333 at hotmail dot com

    11. Michelle Tucker says

      I guess the worst one was when I was living in Denver. I was driving to work in the middle of a horrible snow storm to Boulder, an hour away. On the interstate, my windshield wipers stopped working, and within seconds, the snow covered the windshield. It was a horrible experience. Needless to say I never made it into work that day.

    12. Theresa J says

      I was in a freak hail storm while passing through Los Alamos NM. We had everything we owned with us and the hail damaged all our vehicles and our jet ski.

    13. Brandy says

      I had to pull over on the highway (!) and every single car pulled over in front of me as well because the rain was so treacherous we couldn’t see a thing.

    14. tosha p says

      We have really bad thunderstorms that turn into tornado’s!!

    15. Penny Snyder says

      Would have to be ice storms!

    16. susan says

      The worst has been a thunder storm!

    17. JD Blosser says

      A bad snow and then ice storm, snow up to the roof and then ice that collapsed alot of power lines and risked roofs.

    18. Leslie G. says

      we’re in Texas… so a tornado. 🙂

    19. Lyn says

      When I was younger, a tornado destroyed our house

    20. Sarah L says

      Blizzard of 93 and maybe the one tomorrow….

    21. Cheryl Abdelnour says

      stuck in a ditch in the middle of winter at 1am—-so much snow, but I got out myself

    22. Alan Tong says

      The worst for me: stuck in an ice storm on my way back home. It took me 3 hours to get back home when it usually takes 20 minutes. Every road and highway was iced over. This was during rush hour so everyone was driving 5 miles per hour… it was so dangerous. I was exhausted when i got back home… but very glad nothing awful happened.

    23. kandace ferguson says

      i would love to win. worst storm in ky i have seen was a tornado go down the street. made a lot of noise. but i was really young.

    24. Alan Tong says
    25. Lee Black says

      The worst weather situation I’ve been in is the ice storm this year! We just went through a foot of snow and then freezing rain which left a 1/2 inch thick sheet of ice on everything. So many trees and branches fell everywhere – many people out of power for a week. I had a thick sheet of ice covering my car so I couldn’t even get into it for a while!

    26. We made it through an F 4 tornado that hit Frostburg, MD in 98, luckily it traveled the other side of the road, but it was really scary

    27. Irene says

      Rain turning to freezing rain,covering everything in sight followed by a lot of wind. Trees falling and power lines downed.

    28. Elizabeth Braun says

      We were thirty miles east of Joplin last year when the big tornado came through heading home to St Louis. Needless to say I was freaked out for the trip home with all the tornados that kept popping up everywhere.

    29. Patti Williams says

      A tornado at an amusement park when I was younger.

    30. Paula Lee says

      I’ve been in some pretty bad ones but the worst was probably when I got caught in the tail end of a tornado driving thru Ohio.

    31. Andrea D. says

      I have seen a tornado go bye when I was in the basement of my house. Or worse, I was babysitting a kid in a trailer when a Tornado was coming.

    32. Whitney McQuarry says

      I typically dont drive when the weather is bad. And where I live, our weather is pretty predictable. BUT, When I was visiting my family up in the mountains about 7 years ago, it started snowing. HARD. while I was driving into town. The roads were very slick and visibility was terrible. I hate driving in a snow storm.

    33. Rachel Miller says

      I think the scariest weather I’ve seen was last year when we were watching for tornadoes in MA..luckily they ended up being south of us but it was still frightening!

    34. Richard Morris says

      I’ve drove my humvee in sandstorms with zero visibility in Iraq. How’s that for bad? lol

    35. jr911 says

      tornado, hurricane, and earthquake (not all at the same time…lol)

    36. Tanaya Syx says

      A Huge Blizzard, it took us hours to drive home what should have been 30 minutes.

    37. Ada Miller says

      The worst weather situation i have been in was last yr when we was on our way home & we was having very strong wind from a tornado that was wasn’t even aware of until after the fact.

      aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

    38. I survived Hurricane Andrew (Categories 4 and 5) back in 1992!

    39. D Schmidt says

      Heavy snow in Germany !

    40. McKim says

      We were on our way home from cutting Christmas trees and got lost, and then stuck in blinding snow. We ended up spending the night in the truck until family found us the next day.

    41. EMMA L HORTON says


    42. rachelle jones says

      The May flood of 08 in TN, it was horrible..

    43. Stephanie Hirsch says

      The worst weather situation I’ve ever been in was when my husband and I were dating, we were driving down to where he lived, and there were tornadoes on each side of us that we didn’t know about. The rain was coming down really hard, and we ended up hydroplaning and having an accident. It was awful, both of us were soaked to the bone, cold, glass was everywhere, but luckily both of us lived to tell about it.

    44. Worst was Hurricane Irene last summer. Flooding all over.

    45. Jamie Brigham says

      A tornado came through my back yard in Beltsville,MD and I didn’t have a basement. The kiddos and I hid in the hallway near the washer/dryer

    46. Patricia Wojnar Crowley says

      The worst weather I’ve had to drive in was 14 inches of snow…I actually had to park my car in a gas station and called my husband to come anmd get me in his truck!

    47. Hurricane force winds in Michigan.

    48. Monica Tompkins says

      Just snow, and lots of it, 6 feet of it. Took forever to clear my little driveway. I’m only 5 feet tall so I couldn’t see a thing except the tips of everyones houses!

    49. Amanda Hoffman says

      just about 2 feet of snow

    50. Geoff K says

      Two years ago we had a major snow/hail storm in Ohio while I was at work, and I ended up having to drive home in close to 10 inches of snow and ice – a ten mile drive ended up taking me over an hour, but thankfully I made it okay!

    51. Andrea Williams says

      We’re from Texas so frequent thunderstorms and tornado warnings. Definitely not my favorite thing!

    52. Amber Porter says

      I remember when I was younger riding to the beach and following my grandparent car in a really bad storm where I thought I was going to die. We couldn’t even see anything but everybody kept driving, I thought a tree was going to fall on us. This was like 30 years ago but I still remember it.
      skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

    53. Jessica E Ledford says

      Hurricane at the beach, we were in a beach house on the ocean and knew it was coming but waited it out…the house was on stilts and swayed the entire night while we were trying to sleep. I was pregnant and prone to panic attacks so this really freaked me out!

    54. Ariel Henry says

      Luckily I haven’t been in REALLY bad weather, just some thunderstorms.

    55. Christel Platt says

      about every 5 years it rains so hard that the river behind my home comes all the way up to the top step, its been inches from the back door, only thing I can think of is God was watching over us those times….other than that, Id say a tornado that ripped through one night while staying at my grandmothers, so scary and almost every shingle was ripped off, and over 1000 trees down…..I love watching storm chasers but I cant help but worry myself to death about the people, kids, and animals, and who it affects when a house is ripped apart like a cardboard box, its just so sad to me….it wouldnt do me any good to win the lottery because Id be broke in a week wanting to help people like that….

    56. Amanda Alvarado says

      The worst was when I was a little girl (can’t remember exact age but under 10 because my brother wasn’t born yet) and we were in the middle of a summer storm in MN. We were in the car driving with my mom and sister when my mom saw a tornado. She followed the car in front of her down into a neighborhood and parked. She made us get under the dash and we just sat there and waited. The tornado passed right over us. Wedged a ladder btwn our car and the one we followed in, totally stripping our tires somehow. Then it was over in a matter of seconds!

    57. The worst weather situation may have been today…complete whiteout conditions on the highway in Anchorage, AK!! Living in AK for 5 years has brought on some interesting weather situations for sure!

    58. melissa williams says

      I grew up with the occasional tornado going around. Other that that we moved from WI to WA and a few weeks ago western WA was hit with a winter storm they so weren’t prepared for. It was wasn’t so much the snow, but the fact that after two-three days of snow (which is not as common out here). It warmed up just a teeny bit to have freezing rain that caused a lot of havoc. We had ton of people without power and then cords and trees were cracking and falling down because of all the heavy ice.

    59. Jessica Bradley says

      We were in a Sears store when a Tornado hit the North side of the town we were in. We spent an hour in the Sears basement, later found out it took out a large sports arena, and some other buildings and business’. No one was critically hurt though. I have been in hail storms, snow storms, etc. but that was the closest I ever came to a tornado (that I know of!!) .

    60. Heidi Dean says

      The worst weather I’ve been in was an ice storm in January of 1998. The whole area was in a state of emergency from all the ice knocking down trees and power lines.

    61. Sarah Hirsch says

      we got caught in a rain storm so heavy we had to pull over and wait til it finished to drive again

    62. Donna B. says

      I had my son (7 weeks early) the day after Hurricane Hugo came through NC – drove myself to the hospital, no working traffic lights. I’d been through several hurricanes in south Florida and even a tornado in NC, but that was definitely the worst.

    63. sarah shult says

      we had a tornado come through our town destroying a neighborhood

    64. Driving in heavy/rain almost hail in Tennessee when traveling to see my mother in law.

    65. Jemmy says

      Several years ago, we were on our way to St. Louis and there were tornados in the area. Thankfully we never actually saw one, but we heard on the radio the town we had just passed thru about 10 min. before had one touch down. The sky was pitch black, hard rain, hail, high winds…..I was absolutely terrified.

    66. Gina H. says

      The worst weather situation was driving on black ice.

    67. Snowstorm last year

    68. Eileen says

      My worst weather was at an aunt and uncles house when I was 12. It started hailing and my uncle screamed for all of us to get in the barn. It got really noise outside and when we came back out a HUGE tree was all twisted in their yard and siding off the house but no big damage otherwise. I found out many years later what a tornado could do when my brothers family lost all they had in one. We volunteered for clean up in a town where nothing much was standing anymore and 9 people died in their small subdivision. It was scary enough to see it…can’t imaging being THROUGH one!

    69. Sandy Brown says

      once when I lived in FL I was chased by a tornado. I was so scared I was going down the highway at over 100 mph. trying to get to my husband. He always makes me feel safe.

    70. The worst I’ve been in has been rain so bad I had to pull over, well, I guess maybe the tule fog where you have to open your window and look down to find the line counts too.

    71. Here’s my comment again using the name I’m using for Rafflecopter

      The worst I’ve been in has been rain so bad I had to pull over, well, I guess maybe the tule fog where you have to open your window and look down to find the line counts too.

    72. Tari Lawson says

      The worst weather I remember being is was really heavy fog. It was so heavy you could not even see the whole front hood of your car.

    73. Betty says

      I was caught in a sandstorm in CA some years back. the windshield was badly pitted and the paint was stripped from the car. Semi trailers were blown off the road, cars that didn’t safely get off the road were piling up because of the visibility.

    74. Carrie K says

      Major flooding in our area, with a river flowing through our yard, and several pumps running to keep our basement from flooding

    75. April Brenay says

      hurricane Opal, was a cat 5 off the Florida coast, landed as a 4…was out of school for 6 weeks because of how bad the damage was.

    76. Cynthia C says

      I’ve had to drive in ice storms and it’s no fun at all. I have also been driving when a hail storm erupted and it’s such a helpless feeling to see your car get pelted and damaged when there’s nothing you can do about it.

    77. Meghan Page says

      probably driving back from a spring break trip from florida to michigan. We hit torrential rains in the mountains and an ice storm in michigan, both of which made us pull over and wait them out!

    78. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says

      We were going to PA from NY & we got caught in a white out…We could barely see the wipers on the windshield never been so scared in my life

    79. Lim says

      I was driving when an ice storm hit. The defroster couldn’t keep up and I was pulled over for a while.

    80. Stephanie Mago-Eagle says
    81. Fawn H says

      I live outside of Denver, CO and we just got 17 inches of snow over the past two days so driving has been tough

    82. Freezing rain, snow and an ice storm, I thank God for the sun everyday!

    83. Ann F says

      The worst weather situation was a severe hail storm with tornado warnings in North Carolina. Very scary.

      abfantom at yahoo dot com

    84. Carmen Van Deursen says

      Severe thunderstorm while flying to florida from Pa

    85. traci s says

      the worst i was ever in was when i was a little girl , we had a blizzard, it might of worried my parents but i was just excited to be able to stay home from school, and play in the snow lol

    86. Dani says

      A huge rainstorm while on the freeway. I was almost afraid to move as I could not see anything and I am always fearful of hydroplaning.

    87. Julie Lundstrom says

      Ice storms to me are the worst.

    88. Francine Anchondo says

      Their have been a couple times that I have been scared in a storm since I live in the midwest . I think it was in june 08 when it wasnt classifed as a tornado but pretty close to it my husband and I were driving back home from the zoo and this scary looking storm was coming in and we couldnt see anything in front of us the wind felt like the car could blow over and the hail felt like the windows were going to break but luckily we made it home okay.

    89. Krystal Ramirez says

      Last years 2011 blizzard it snowed 22ft in Chicago and the city was at a stand still… I was driving when it first started we went bowling and by the time we got out of bowling it was horrible a ride that takes 15mins took us 2hrs!! By the next day we opened out door and it was half way filled with snow!!

    90. Kristie says

      A tornado hit the side of my house while I was crouched in the hallway. It collaped the ceiling of the bedroom that was right next to where I was laying.

    91. crystle tellerday says

      riding through a micro-burst

    92. Sandy saves says

      The worst weather was driving on I-71 on our way to Columbus, Ohio in a horrible rainstorm. We couldn’t see anything and it was too dangerous to pull over because nobody could see you either. Scary!

    93. TRISH ROSE says

      I wasn’t in it but I live 19 miles from Joplin, Missouri and that was the worst tornado that I have ever been close too.

    94. Susan Smith says

      We were in the path of a tornado but thankfully it lost it’s strength before it got to us.

    95. jules mcnubbin says

      i live in a coastal town in NC, and hurricane irene last year was pretty bad. I was about 10 miles from where the eye made landfall

    96. kelly says

      the worst was either a tornado or a winter storm

    97. Denise B. says

      One summer, when I was little, we got caught in a hail storm going up to Lake George, NY. Everyone had to pull off the highway, because you couldn’t see; and the hail was as big as golf balls.

    98. Driving through A hurricane.

    99. coliebear says

      We recently drove through golf ball sized hail.

    100. Monique Rizzo says

      I was stuck in an ice storm once and it was terrifying
      Thanks for the chance.

    101. christine jessamine says

      i have been stuck in a blizzard before on a road trip from utah to colorado

    102. Christine L says

      Snow blowing everywhere; no visibility.

    103. JoAnn F. says

      blizzards with no electric
      jofo120 at yahoo dot com

    104. susan varney says

      the wiper blades

    105. carol lewis says

      A blizzard in MN was the worst. Driving in it to get to New Orleans where my family lived.

    106. Jason says

      drove through a bad tropical storm once.

    107. Lynda E says

      My son was born 19 years ago during a blizzard – I didn’t think we were ever going to get to the hospital!

    108. Kim Henrichs says

      Hurricane Bob – out of power for six days. 🙁

    109. Liz says

      Mine is quite tame. I had all the kids in the car and it started hailing golf ball sized hail and then a down pour for about an hour. It was the worst because our wiper blades were terrible at the time.

    110. I remember when I was a kid and we were driving back to New Jersey from a visit to my grandparent’s farm in Missouri, we hit a tornado. I just remember my father pulling over the car at a Pizza Hut, which was filled with other families. It was bizarre and luckily we were okay.

      last year, as a driver and adult, a bad ice storm hit during the day while I was at work and it took like three hours to get home that night.

    111. I live in Florida, so I have been through several hurricanes. Hurricane Charlie in 2004 was the worst for my house and my neighborhood!

    112. Either the tornado that I drove past in Ohio, it was literally less than a mile away and I drove like a maniac to get away, or the blackout blizzard I drove through in Connecticut, visibility dropped to nothing in less than 30 second flat.

    113. Stacey B says

      Hurricane Charley came through my town about 7 or 8 years ago and did tons of damage

    114. Hubby and I moved to Oklahoma for a year in 2009 (for his job). The very day we arrived we had a tornado pass over our heads and touch down just the other side of us!

    115. Diane says

      when I was driving home for winter break from Buffalo to Long Island in a blizzard. It was a complete white out! It took me like 13 hours to get home, and normally it took 7 hours!

    116. Jacqui Odell says

      The tornado that hit Picher Ok, back in May 08. I lost an aunt, and a lot of my family members lost their houses and stuff!

    117. sandy w says

      when i was living in dc area, they entire metro are was closed down, everything ws closed excpt utilites, and emergency personnel, i worked for verizon, had to go to work no matter the weather, i had to dig my car out of 4 ft of snow, i wrecked on the way to work, but the time i got to wk, took over 3hrs, they decided to close the office after i got there 30min. later. if we did not show up, we could be fired or suspended…..

    118. Lindsay Sorensen says

      Close to a tornado

    119. Jeremy says

      Worst weather situation: One year on the way home from Toronto, Canada, after our vehicle was broken into… we ran through flog, snow, freezing rain, more snow, rain… it was a nightmare.

    120. Jodi B says

      when roads were icy and ran off the road

    121. Maija M says

      The worst weather situation I’ve been in is really bad roads with black ice! Maija pinkmaija (at)

    122. Jessica S. says

      Well technicaly I have been in worse weather but when it FELT the worst was in a horrible rain storm and my windshield wiper FLEW OFF!! I couldn’t see AT ALL!!! Scary…

    123. Marlena Curley says

      I used to live in New England so I’ve had so many that I don’t know if I could pick one. I’ve been through tons of blizzards. Sometimes with snow so high that we had trouble getting the front door open!

    124. Cindy says

      I was driving and it was raining so hard I could not see.

    125. OH MY GOODNESS! When I was going to college I also worked, and of course I’d work the late/closing shifts…. one year it was raining and raining and being from Los Angeles, the roads were just not made for pounding rains that happens 7 days consecutively so one night i was driving home the rain was pouring my wind shield wipers were blazing back and forth and still, visibility was horribly poor, the roads were all flooded even driving in the middle lane it was bad. That was a scary time!

    126. SARAH OSWALD says

      we had 2 and hyalf feet of snow

    127. amy miller says

      a Ice and snow storm….could NOT see in front of u, it was bad and of course my blades were getn bad….

    128. stacy h says

      i watched a tornado go over my house- didnt touch down thankfully!

    129. Nicole C. says

      The worst weather situation I’ve been in was the ice storm we had a few years ago.

    130. I’ve been caught in just about everything but an earthquake — blizzards, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes … they’re all equally bad ヅ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

    131. Grabbed your button

    132. amy v says

      worst weather- driving 35 miles home from in laws w/ tornado sirens going off all over….we beat the tornado but boy was it scary….exhilerating too!

      annae07 at aol dot com

    133. Karen says

      I live in OK, and when we first moved here, I almost drove into the F5 tornado that hit Moore, OK in May 2003. I’d never seen a tornado that huge before and had no idea it was coming straight at me. It hit the intersection I was at less than 5 minutes after I passed it. If I hadn’t turned, I’d have driven right into it!

    134. Jeana O'donnell-Murphy says

      One tornado in May 2003 and Several severe thunderstorms with hail and several sleet/ice/snow and one blizzard in Southwest Missouri

    135. s riches says

      I was snowed in for three days during the blizzard of ’93.

    136. Annette D says

      Hurricane Ike, we were without power for 11 days!

    137. Brianna Beers says

      Heavy hailing ice balls broke my car windshield and I had to wait to get out of the car because it was hailing for an hour!!

    138. Jody Sisson says

      We were out camping and sirens went off and they said a tornado was coming, we went down in a small ravine at the bottom, but thankfully it went away from us.

    139. Hollie Jahnke says

      When we lived in Wisconsin I had to go pick up my husband and we had white out conditions. I couldn’t see the side of the road but I knew the ditches were deep. I just prayed and prayed that I would make it safely.

    140. Sheryl says

      Ice storm over Christmas.

    141. Hendy M says

      Last Feb. was the worst snow storm ever and for the first time our local gov’t shut down.
      hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

    142. michelle draveski says

      It was not in a car but our lake house in northern Michigan. We lived in a cliff where right in front of us there were stairs to the lake but to the west of us was a small field and on the edge of it a rocky cliff that had a old slate quarry below and the lake swept into it like a small bay about a mile and a half across.The cliff, I would say the drop was about 250 feet. Now our house was pretty to look at but it wasnt until this day we realized it was a death trap. Onthe west side of the house were a series of picture windows that literally covered 2 walls in an L shape. There was not basement for where we build it was two hard to dig due to the large amount of rocks. There were no walls or halls that didn’t open right to the kitchen-living room space and no inner doors other then the bathroom door in the home at all. AND before I forget the home was fueled by propane and that huge tank was right outside the bathroom window so even the bathroom was unsafe.
      I was about 8 and lived with my Grandparents who were retired by this time so we always spent the whole summer up north. I was outside and the first to hear the sirens. Now Michigan is a hot spot for Tornados in the spring and fall and we were like most Michigan people and when you hear the sirens instead of taking cover you go right outside and look around. Unlike home were you hear the siren all the time I was a little shocked for I had never heard it here before. I could already see dark clouds forming on the north side of the lake through the tree’s. I ran into the house to tell my grandparents so we could all watch together and that was the when I started to get a little scared. My Grandfather was standing silent looking out the picture windows and my grandmothers jaw was dropped as she sat at the kitchen table where she had been working on her driftwood crafts.
      I called out to my Grandpa and my voice snapped them both into action. My Grandma started shoving some of her crafts under the table and ran to the screened in porch to get the battery operated lamp and a plate of cookies and shoved them under as well. My Grandpa came rushing back into the room with a handful of quilts and the bible. He placed them over the table like I would do if making a fort and the hung to the floor on all sides. My Grandma was already climbing under and it was just my grandpa and me who first saw the funnel. It was kitty corner across the lake from us and starting to travel of the shallows of the bay area. The wind had really picked up and you could hear the roof heaving and the screens on the porch slammng back into their frames. My Grandpa pushed me under the table and got down on his knees but stayed on the other side of the quilts so he could see what was going on. The minute my Grandpa has pushed my under the table my grandmother had grabbed my hand and made sure I was all the way in. Now I was really getting scared with the flicker from her battery operated light was dim and I could see the fear in her eyes and it took her a while to speak and then she was going on about how I had to help her finish her crafts and if I minded sorting througf her bag of figurines to find some animals I never even really got the name of. The sound was deffening now and it almost sounded like a train was comming for us on some magical water tracks and I could barely hear my grandmother as she started to pray and squeezed my hand so tight I thought that would kill me before the tornado. My grandfather started slidding under the table a little bit and it was then I realized my hands were over my ears the sound was so loud and then my grandfather stuck his head under the table and I expected him to say goodbye to me and instead it was as if God silenced the wind for him so he could speak he told us it was okay to come out now it was all over.
      I shimmied out as fast as I could and ran to the window as my grandpa helped my grandma out who kept repeating how> How? How? My Grandpa looked like he won the lotto as he started to explain.” It was coming for us. It got all the way across the water and across the quarry and I thought we were gonners because that can’t be more then 500 yards from us and then it hit the cliff and bounced over our house. Who knows where its at now.” And trust me, I didn’t care. Thats my storm story!

    143. The worst weather situation I’ve ever been in was the flood of 1986, when entire towns in this area were completely cut off from all outside access, and even homes and building that were no where near water were flooded and uninhabitable.

    144. Donna George says

      Worst weather would be a hurricane. I live in Florida, after all. 🙂

    145. hurricane, tornado and many earthquakes and 1 flood

    146. Alicia E. says

      My car rolled off the interstate in the middle of a blizzard two years ago. Thank God I was wearing my seatbelt…it was truly divine intervention that I wasn’t killed!

    147. It is just a small bit of snow. I was transporting some of our basketball players home and it started snowing and sticking to the road. Scary not only for me but for the safety of the players. Thank you

    148. Evacuating Savannah, Georgia because of hurricane Floyd. It was while I was in Grad School. I’m not from a hurricane area, so I had no idea what to expect. I have several stories about the situation.

    149. Lisa Fisher Walker says

      A bad snowstorm!

    150. Gaye M says

      I once drove a school bus for our Special School District. We had taken the kids to school, but an extreme snowstorm came in and we were called back to pick them all up early and get them home. Every child had to be delivered to their door and some of their streets were nearly impossible to drive. It was really scary for me, but we sang some songs and the kids loved the snow (and the slipping around too).

    151. Tamra says

      When I was younger, my parents and I were in the car when we spotted a funnel cloud up ahead. We had just moved to the midwest, so we weren’t exactly used to this sort of thing! Luckily, it was far enough in the distance that we were able to take shelter. Scary stuff!

    152. Kathy says

      Driving thru a blizzard!

    153. Evelyn Goettner says

      I was 11 and we lived in Florida. Hurricane Andrew hit us hard! Very scary!

    154. clynsg says

      I have lived in several parts of the country, and each has its own type of bad weather. One of the worst that I have actually been out in was when I had to drive after a snowstorm, before the plows were out. Beautiful to look out, but there was no way to see the road, since it was covered evenly by the blanket of snow. But have driven in snow, ice, and torrential rain–they are all horrible to be out in.

    155. Shirley Hicks says

      worst weather i have been in ..was the historic ice storm we had a few yrs ago

    156. The worst storm I was involved in was in the summer of 2010 when I was driving out of town to pick up my mom from her friend’s house & dark clouds were rolling in–like a wall cloud. And then the rain/severe wind came & I could barely see to stay on the scary! I pulled over on the shoulder for awhile & then finished my trip but I swear I could feel the car rocking at one point..maybe a mini tornado?!?

    157. Lucy Schwartz says

      When I was working in Home Care, one of our clients lived in a motel room. I was in the middle of a procedure and the Tornado sirens went off. not only did I have to finish but I was figuring where the best place in a basement less room with bath would be for both of us.

    158. blue racer says

      bad thunderstorms is all I can think of at the moment. Although I think during one of those storms a tornado touched down a few miles away.

    159. Erica C. says

      The last blizzard we had here on the east coast was my worst. I was stuck at work for 48 hours.

    160. Penny Kathleen says

      The worst weather I’ve been in is driving in an ice storm for 700 miles! Not fun!

    161. dave says

      2′ of snow in a Toyota Camry without chains

    162. Heidi Daily says

      The worst weather situation I have been in was when we were camping new by a creek and it was raining very hard and there was flash flood warning, the water got close to our camp but not close enough that we had to leave

    163. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

      I had to drive 40 miles to get home in an ice storm after dark. I slid on an overpass into the other lane against the overpass wall. I got out oft car to inspect the damage. A semi was coming up behind me sliding and stopped about 3 feet from the back of my car. I was standing in front of my car watching. I did not dawn on me until it was over that had the semi hit my car I would have either been
      Pinned against the overpass wasp and my car or i could have been knocked over the overpass to the road below (about 25-35 feet)
      I was lucky b

    164. melissa Resnick says

      my trucks are out there working no matter what the weather is,they once were caught out in a ice storm, it will be nice to be prepared

    165. Corinne Soto says

      i’ve been through a couple of hurricanes now, the worst was the one that hit right after i got to college. iwas stubborn and refused to wait it out in the shelter (since i didn’t know anyone yet) and caught the last flight out. That put me in a tinly little puddle jumper plane right as the storm was coming in. Not fun at all!

    166. Angela says

      The worst weather situation that i have ever been in was a terrible ice storm

    167. rachel0 says

      hurricanes! 4 of them!

    168. Gina P says

      moving in during a hurricane

    169. Nicole Carter says

      Thankfully I haven’t been in too many bad weather situations other than traveling through a couple feet of snow!

    170. I was driving over the mountains from Portland to the coast at night. It was snowing and then it became thick with fog. Looking back I probably should have stopped but then I thought maybe someone could crash into me if I stopped so I went on for about 45 minutes very slowly and I could barely see. I made it!

    171. Don D says

      Watching a tornado form above me when I lived in Indiana. That tornado formed quite well and wiped out a crowded movie theater just down the road.

    172. Russell Moore says

      edge of Katrina and Rita.

    173. Douglas Houston says

      Driving through hurricane bands on the interstate, the wind was so strong the rain was blowing horizontally

    174. Daniel M says

      driving to work in a huge snowstorm with a rear wheel drive car and no snow tires, but i made it!

    175. melissa miller says

      the worst was when i was 10 we had a tornado it was terrible

    176. tamar says

      torrential downpours… the worst :'(

    177. Brittney House says

      This winter I was stuck at work and it kept snowing and snowing so by the time I got off at night the roads were packed full of snow and I live 1 hour away from home. All the other cars were going fast and I was too scared to go above 15 mph.

    178. Debbie C says

      At home, the worst was an ice storm, listening all night to tree limbs breaking off until finally one took out the power. Over half the city was without power for a week. Nightmare.
      In a car, ice again, driving on thick ice, covered by snow with another layer of ice on top of that. The only way I like ice after those experiences is cubed in a glass with liquor over it.

    179. Karen says

      hurricane ike. thanks for the giveaway.

    180. Desiree Dunbar says

      Driving through a white out snow storm.

    181. misty sunrise says

      Worst I have been through is A tropical storm on the east coast. I am from the midwest. I would rather have a tornado, than a tropical storm or hurricane any day.

      itsjustme62613 at

    182. EB says

      bad rain at dusk

    183. Ellie W says

      Living in Texas I’ve been in so many severe storms it’s too many to count. Once my 8 year old son was at a program with a friend and their parents. Storms popped up and tornadoes were touching down all around town. The sirens were going off and I knew my son was scared. He was so happy to get home that night and I was never so happy to see him safe and sound.

    184. Dara Nix says

      That’s an EASY one – Hurricane Ivan in 2004! We took a direct hit from that one here in Pensacola and it was UGLY!

    185. Kim W says

      The worst weather I have been in is over a foot of snow

    186. a blizzard in lewiston! scary!

    187. Kate says

      I was in 6″ of snow but the road was SO icy we ran off the road! I was driving so slow – but it was scary

    188. Joseph Stephens says

      February 29, 1984!! Driving from Bowling Green, KY to Lexington, KY on the Bluegrass Parkway during a Blizzard! The snow was hammering down and there was nothing on the road but me and the big 18 wheelers…scary trip!

    189. Jennifer says

      Hailstorms are the worst!

    190. Ross Hassel says

      When I was 5, a tornado passed very close to my house. It seemed like every tree was down.

    191. Huston Smith says

      Tornadoes and hale at the same time

    192. R HICKS says

      we were visiting family and had to drive back home in freezing rain!

      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    193. R HICKS says

      other info


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      brich22 at earthlink dot net

    194. Terry Cross says

      Raining so hard that we had to pull over because we couldn’t see

    195. Biki says

      The worse driving conditions was driving up in the mountains in dense fog in the dark with bad wipers… I blasted the music and sang (badly off key) to keep myself sane…

    196. Vee says

      I had to drive through some pretty ridiculously torrential rain going back and forth to visit my then-boyfriend when i was still in college

    197. Michaela R says

      I’ve been through all/most of the hurricanes that have hit the gulf coast these past few years. From Hurricane George to Hurricane Katrina. That’s probably about as bad as the weather can get and it was horrible.. Katrina was the worst thing to experience ever. Definitely learned my lesson with thinking that we could stay through a hurricane.

    198. April V. says

      I used to have to drive a specific stretch of highway every day around the same time and it was also the time for the daily rainstorms at the same time I had to drive. Once, the rain came down so hard and fast that you couldn’t see a foot in front of you and the wind was pushing us everywhere and the road was a river. Very scary.

    199. Jaque R. says

      I once found myself driving in a dust storm…I could see nothing but dust and struggled to get to the edge of the road to wait it out. 🙂 Thank you.

    200. Erica Best says

      ice storm is was so bad

    201. julie hawkins says

      The worst was a snow storm where we drove on an icy highway.

    202. amy deeter says


    203. Jennifer M says

      I got stuck in a blizzard on my way from home near DC to college in SC.

    204. kim e says

      While on a Carribean cruise several years ago, we encountered Hurricane Katrina. The seas were high and there was severe weather nearby. The ship docked in Galveston and the next day Hurricane Katrina hit the texas and louisiana coast.

    205. Jennifer Sykes says

      Omg.. The worst ever weather situation was when I was in a tornado in Pratville, Alabama in February of 2008. I was heading to see my nephew who had just been bron in New Orleans, LA and we spent the night at my uncles in Prattville. We arrived at 9pm and my uncle said to meet at the walmart accrossed the street cuz it was easy to find. We met went back to his house and went to bed. The next day weather was glooming then all of a sudden the alarm started going off on the tv, so into the closet we went(5 adults and a cat). When the rumbling and wind sounds stopped we decided to go check it out. The tornado touched down at the walmart we had met at the night before. The neighborhood was distroyed.

    206. Wendy S says

      Driving in a snow storm that appeared out of nowhere. Snow was not in the forecast but it came down heavy and fast.

    207. Chadro says

      the winter we got 2 feet of snow in like a day or 36 hours, was aweful!

    208. Coriander Warren says

      I was in downtown indianapolis and the tornado sirens started going off. My exhusband and I ran into the closest building (a bank) and they rushed us all down to the parking garage. When we came back up, the windows were all busted out and worse damage was done outside. It was pretty scary!

    209. amy warren says

      hurricane in nc

    210. Contest Kim says

      Driving in thick fog on an unfamiliar road!

    211. Lisa L says

      We had a snow storm here in MD in 2010. Couldnt even open the front door, I think we got about 3-4 ft of snow

    212. Melanie says

      Hurricane Katrina!

    213. kathy pease says

      our worst was this last summer with hurricane irene vermont got SLAMMED..we had so much flooding and washed out roads and bridges

    214. barbara hunt says

      Thanks for the great contest!

    215. tina page says

      Either Tropical Storm Claudette in TX in 1979 or a horrible ice storm we had in Ohio a few years back. Both terrifying!

    216. Barbara says

      Just a few weeks ago we were in a complete white out on the interstate. We were driving by looking at the white lines on the right side of the road. Too scary!!!!!!!!!!!!

    217. Rosey says

      We lived in Palm Beach County for years and years with no problem. One year we had three hurricanes hit in a row. We were without power for 21 days.

    218. Marianna says

      Hurricane Katrina!

    219. Jason Shreve says

      hurricane in Fl

    220. Terri Smith says

      Was in Wichita Kansas at a Memorial Day Rodeo. Weather got real bad. Ended up at an underpass shielded from the marble size hail as a tornado passed 3 miles south of where we were parked. Real spooky. no basement to hide in.

    221. Vicki D. says

      When I was growing up, we lived in the country. I worked as a waitress after high school. Coming home late, there was an ice storm. I went 2 miles an hour all the way, without once touching my brakes. I was at the top of the hill where our house was at the bottom. There stood my Mom. I forgot all about the ice, hit the brake, and slid in the ditch. She was there to tell me that our neighbor lady was stuck at the base of the hill. She didn’t want me coming over the hill, be unable to stop, and slide into her. Luckily, my parents were farmers, so my Dad came with a tractor and pulled me out.

    222. trixx says

      Hurricane Irene a few months ago… destroyed my hardwood floors. :/

    223. Breanne says

      Flash flood in Hawaii. My backyard looked like a lake and was SO close to coming in the house.

    224. andrew mccormick says

      we got stuck in a white-out out of nowhere driving up 77 in Ohio. Snow is no problem, but when all of a sudden you can’t even see your hood, you’re in trouble.

    225. Diane W says

      About six year ago my husband and I were driving our daughter to her first year of college so the car was loaded with everything to move into her dorm room. There happen to be a hurricane that was down graded to a tropical storm. We drove through a portion of it. Oh my I never seen so much rain. We were so glad to get her there. Had to unload everything in a downpour. Everyone was safe so it was ok.

    226. Linda Henderson says

      Well that’s an easy one. I was in an EF5 tornado that devasted my hometown of Joplin Missouri last May. I lost my home and virtually everything in it. However the closet I was in was spared so I made it out okay.

    227. Aaron Bretveld says

      I have never really been in what I consider a horrible weather situation. Living in the midwest my whole life, tornado warnings are just part of the summer. Have never had any tornados hit close to home yet though. I guess my craziest weather events used to be when I was on staff at a Boy Scout summer camp. Not only did I live in a tent all summer during that time, we had to go out during the bad weather to check up and make sure all the campers were ok and accounted for.

    228. Kathleen Conner says

      worst was the monsoon in India

    229. Beverly Metcalf says

      We went camping once and stayed overnight in a tent in a camping area. It was raining really hard when we all went to sleep that night, but we didn’t know until morning that there was a hurricane in the area. There were trees down all around us and everything was flooded in the morning. No one was injured in the campground though. Thanks for having this contest!

    230. Sand says

      I used to live in Denver and it seems like there were never ending snow storms there. Glad I’m back in Texas!

    231. Meg Loop says

      I live in Maryland so Snowmaggedon two years ago was the worst. The snow was up to my belly button!

    232. Lauren says

      tornado in Memphis,TN!I remember having to sit it out in the bathtub.

    233. shirley pebbles says

      When I lived in SC we had some really bad storms from the hurricanes. Never had it hit head on while I lived there though.

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      twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005
      google +/ shirley pebbles

    234. shirley pebbles says
    235. brian e. says

      Thanks for the giveaway…we used to live in Alabama’s “tornado alley”, had a few relatively close calls i.e. less than a mile away.
      senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    236. DanV says

      The worst weather situation I’ve been in three feet of snow

    237. Melanie Johnson says

      We don’t usually have wild weather here but there was an ice storm that left 10 trees on my house!

    238. Tim Moss says

      Hurricane Fran!

    239. heather c says

      I guess it would be when a tornado ripped off part of my roof as we huddled in the bathroom with the cats.

    240. Donna K says

      There was a tornado outside, but I did not get to see it.