Born free – 5 gift ideas for the adventurer in your life 

Does your son have a passion for the outdoors? In our ever-increasing digital world, it’s not as common as it once was for children to play outside for hours, climb trees and get muddy. So, when their birthday comes around, finding the right gift for your little one isn’t always as easy as it should be – if you need some gift ideas, check out wicked uncle gifts for boys for some inspiration.  

However, if your son loves nothing more than spending time in the garden, exploring the world around them and getting up close and personal with nature then it’s certainly something to encourage. And what better way to encourage their love of the great outdoors than a birthday gift that they can utilize for all their future adventures?  

Read on for 5 gift ideas for the adventurer in your life.   

A swiss army knife 

What little adventurer doesn’t dream of owning their very own Swiss army knife? We’re all familiar with the striking red casing and all the features that come with this famous survival multi-tool. Ideal for an older child who is responsible and already shown a true passion for the great outdoors. You’ll find them carving their names on broken logs, cutting sticks, magnifying insects or minute areas of maps, opening bottles with ease and feeling like a true explorer.  


Even the most intrepid young explorers can get fed up when they’re cold and wet, so why not help them to explore for longer and treat them to some new waterproof clothing and accessories? From full-body waterproof suits to lightweight jackets, trousers, boots, gloves and socks…a cover for their backpack, a waterproof case for their tech or a map cover if they’re into exploring the traditional way 

Their very own compass 

Of course, thanks to the modern world, we rely on things like GPS to help us find our way around. But treating your son to their very own compass and teaching them how to use it, is always recommended, especially if you all enjoy walking and hiking in remote areas. If their batteries ever run out, or they find themselves stuck without a signal somewhere, then this modest present could be the greatest gift they ever received! 

A headtorch 

Who says outdoor adventures are just for the day time? A headtorch has a multitude of uses and serves as a great gift for anyone with a passion for the outdoors, day or night. A traditional torch is, of course, a straightforward necessity, but a head torch is a step up and allows them to keep their hands free whilst out exploring gloomy caves and dark woods, or when they’re camping.  

A survival course 

Would your son love to learn some real survival skills? Why not enroll them on a survival course that is specifically designed for kids? From bushcraft to woodland skills, these kinds of courses aren’t just fun in a traditional sense, but they also provide your child with some pretty important life skills!  

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