Birthday Bash : CAT Pre School 8” Tough Tracks Dump Truck : Review

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Welcome to the “Look Who’s 3!” Birthday Bash

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About Toy State:

Founded in 1984, Toy State is an innovator and an industry leader in the manufacture of licensed and highly stylized lights and sound vehicles. Toy State’s core portfolio includes Road Rippers® lights and sound vehicles, as well as Cat® and Cat® Preschool lights and sound construction toys. Working in-step with the world’s leading automakers, and Caterpillar, the leading manufacturer of construction equipment, Toy State products provide hours of enjoyment for kids of all ages.

Our Take:

We were fortunate enough review the CAT Pre School 8” Touch Tracks Dump Truck and a CAT construction workers hat from Toy State just in time for Ethan’s Birthday Bash. 


The kids have been clamoring to play in the sand box since the weather started to get nicer this spring. Unfortunately, most of our sand toys from last year did not last through the winter (cheap toys and they were forgotten outside all winter).

As soon as Ethan saw this truck he wanted to take it outside.


Trucks are funny things around our house. There are the small ones that get left around on the floor (and stepped on when Mom comes around the corner with her hands full) and big ones that aren’t meant to be ride on vehicles… but Emma & Ethan think otherwise (and fall off). Then there are perfectly mid sized trucks like the CAT Tough Tracks Dump Truck.

The CAT dump truck has a sturdy feel to it. I love how there are no metal pieces to accidentally scratch the kids or rust (toys get left outside a lot here). The wheels roll easily and Ethan had fun digging a roadway for the truck to drive through in the sand. The truck spent a large amount of time driving back and forth in the sandbox… they would dump a load of sand so the truck could turn around for the next load.

Hey, did you know trucks were for girls, too? Emma watched Ethan with eager anticipation for quite some time before finally getting a turn at the new truck. We have had it for a couple of weeks now and it’s a race to see who gets to play with it first. Hopefully some day we’ll get the opportunity to take it to the beach… it’s perfectly sized for travel and the kids have a ton of fun with it.


You can purchase CAT Pre School 8” Tough Tracks trucks at a store near you for around $10:

Wal-Mart * Target * K-Mart * Toys R Us

Connect with Toy State:


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Disclaimer: I received the complimentary samples through Team Mom from Toy State. All opinions are 100% my own. Your experience with the product may differ from mine.  No other compensation was received.


  1. Jill L says

    Looks like a fun dump truck!

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