Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD : Girls vs. Boys

imageUntil season 4, ‘The Big Bang Theory’ primarily focused on the core friendship of the guys with Penny as the lone girl. In Season 4, Penny gets some girlfriends with the introduction of Bernadette and Amy. Do you think that guys and girls can have stand alone deep friendship or do girls need girl time and guys need time with the boys?

Before I married my husband, I would have said girls and guys need time apart. Seriously, my husband is my best friend. Because of responsibilities and time restrictions, when the opportunity arises to spend time without the kid we usually do so together. Up until this weekend I hadn’t had “girl time” in so many years I have forgotten when. I think that girls and guys can definitely have a stand alone deep relationship… even platonic. Smile Just an fyi… I absolutely adore the relationship dynamics between Penny and the guys.

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I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Big Bang Theory Season 4 on DVD.


  1. renee says

    i live big bang

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