Beyond Thread Count: 10 Hospitality Brands Leading the Sustainable Charge 

Luxury travel used to conjure images of sprawling resorts, endless buffets, and mountains of discarded amenities. Thankfully, the tide is turning. Today’s discerning traveller is increasingly eco-conscious, seeking experiences that tread lightly on the planet while delivering exceptional service. 

Luckily, the hospitality industry is rising to the challenge. From pioneering eco-lodges nestled in remote jungles to innovative city caterers redefining responsible consumption, a wave of sustainable hospitality brands are changing the game. CJ Digital suggests ten companies leading the charge, proving that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. 

  1. Six Senses (Global)

Six Senses practically wrote the book on sustainable luxury. From their commitment to carbon neutrality and on-site renewable energy generation to their focus on local sourcing and community engagement, every detail at a Six Senses property whispers eco-consciousness. Whether you’re diving the coral reefs of the Maldives or indulging in a rejuvenating spa escape in Bhutan, you can rest assured your indulgence leaves a minimal footprint. 

  1.  Bucklebury Farm (UK)

This working farm in Berkshire, UK, isn’t just a haven for families with young children. Bucklebury Farm offers a unique sustainable experience that blends a safari park, soft play area, and café all under one eco-conscious roof. The safari park allows visitors to get up close to a variety of rare and endangered breeds in spacious, naturalized enclosures. Bucklebury Farm prioritizes ethical animal care and conservation, educating visitors about the importance of protecting wildlife. The soft play area is a wonderland of fun for little ones, but it’s crafted from sustainable materials and cleaned with eco-friendly products. The cafe tantalizes taste buds with delicious, locally-sourced fare, much of it produced right on the farm. Bucklebury Farm proves that a fun-filled family day out doesn’t have to cost the earth. 


  1. &Beyond (Africa & Asia)

Safari experiences don’t get much more luxurious (or sustainable) than &Beyond. They’ve championed responsible tourism in Africa for decades, prioritizing wildlife conservation and community development. Their lodges are architectural marvels, blending seamlessly into the environment while offering unparalleled comfort. &Beyond’s commitment extends beyond the safari jeep, with reforestation projects and anti-poaching initiatives ensuring the future of these incredible landscapes. 

  1. 1 Hotels (Global)

This innovative hotel chain redefines urban sustainability. 1 Hotels prioritize locally-sourced, upcycled materials in their chic interiors, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere that minimizes environmental impact. They’ve also ditched single-use plastics and implemented rigorous water conservation measures, proving that luxury needn’t be wasteful. Plus, their rooftop gardens and partnerships with local food purveyors ensure a deeply rooted connection to the city they call home. 

  1. Soneva (Maldives & Thailand)

Soneva isn’t just about barefoot luxury in paradise; it’s about responsible paradise. They’ve pioneered waste management initiatives in the Maldives, including the world’s first waste-to-energy plant in a resort. Soneva also champions marine conservation and sustainable seafood practices, ensuring the future of the stunning underwater world their guests come to experience. 

  1. Whitepod (Switzerland)

Imagine a luxurious ski experience that blends seamlessly with the snowy landscape. Whitepod offers exactly that – stylish, eco-friendly pods nestled amongst the Swiss Alps. Built with local, sustainable materials and powered by renewable energy, these pods offer an intimate connection with nature without sacrificing comfort. Add in Michelin-starred dining experiences and a focus on winter activities that minimize environmental impact, and Whitepod becomes the ultimate winter wonderland escape for the eco-conscious traveller. 

  1. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort (Aruba)

This beachfront resort in Aruba takes sustainability seriously. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is the first carbon-neutral resort in the Caribbean, utilizing renewable energy sources, implementing strict water conservation measures, and fostering a plastic-free environment. Their dedication extends beyond the resort, with ongoing beach clean-up initiatives and partnerships with local conservation organizations. It’s the perfect getaway for those seeking sun-soaked bliss with a conscience. 

  1. Goose Box Catering (London)

Sustainability isn’t confined to far-flung destinations. London-based Goose Box Catering proves that even corporate events can be eco-friendly. They source local, seasonal ingredients, prioritize plant-based dishes, and utilize innovative packaging solutions to minimize waste. Their dedication to ethical sourcing and responsible food practices ensures every bite is delicious and guilt-free. 

  1. Explora (South America)

Explora offers a unique blend of adventure and sustainability in some of South America’s most breathtaking landscapes. Their remote lodges are designed with minimal environmental impact, utilizing local materials and blending seamlessly into the surroundings. Explora prioritizes local guides and experiences, fostering a deep appreciation for the region’s culture and ecosystems. Whether you’re trekking the Patagonian wilderness or exploring the Atacama Desert, Explora ensures an unforgettable experience that respects the environment. 

  1. Tierra Hotels (South America)

Tierra Hotels offer a luxurious yet sustainable exploration of South America. Their properties are built with a focus on energy efficiency and local materials, minimizing their environmental impact. They prioritize experiences that immerse guests in the local culture and environment, from exploring the Atacama Desert on horseback to sailing the glacial waterways of Patagonia. With a strong commitment to conservation and community development, Tierra Hotels offer an unforgettable escape that gives back. 

The Future of Sustainable Hospitality 

These ten brands are just a glimpse into the exciting future of sustainable hospitality. As travellers become increasingly eco-conscious, we can expect even more innovative concepts to emerge. From regenerative tourism initiatives that give back to the environment to waste-free dining experiences and carbon-neutral transportation options, the possibilities are endless. 

The bottom line? Luxury travel no longer has to come at the expense of the planet. By choosing brands that prioritize sustainability, travellers can experience unforgettable adventures while leaving a positive impact on the destinations they visit. So, the next time you’re planning a trip, consider seeking out a brand that aligns with your values. After all, a vacation that feels good for the soul and the planet is truly a journey to treasure. 

Looking for more ways to travel sustainably? Here are some tips: 

  • Choose eco-certified accommodations: Look for hotels and resorts with recognized sustainability certifications like LEED or Green Globe. 
  • Pack light: Reduce your carbon footprint by packing only what you need. Consider using reusable water bottles and shopping bags to minimize waste. 
  • Offset your carbon emissions: Many airlines and travel companies offer carbon offset programs that allow you to invest in projects that mitigate your travel’s environmental impact. 
  • Embrace local experiences: Opt for tours and activities that support local communities and minimize environmental impact. Explore local markets and restaurants to get a taste of the authentic culture. 
  • Respect the environment: Be mindful of your footprint at your destination. Dispose of waste responsibly, conserve water and energy, and respect wildlife and natural habitats. 

By making conscious choices and supporting sustainable brands, we can all be part of the solution, ensuring that future generations can continue to explore the beauty of our planet for years to come. 

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