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My dog’s very favorite part of the week is dog park day. The day the entire family packs into the car, with a few extra tennis balls to share with other furry friends, and visits our local park. Dog parks are a very special place for dogs and owners to bond and socialize with each other and the community. We have met many human friends that we meet up with outside of the dog park and our dog is more socialized than ever thanks to our weekly visits.

The problem is, not all dog parks are built the same. Many cities and small communities don’t have the budget for them. Thankfully Beneful recognizes the need for better dog parks and for the past five years, has been helping to build and/or improve dog parks across the country.


The Beneful Dream Dog Park Project program started out as a contest, and the Beneful team visited one winning community each year and provided a Dream Dog Park renovation. Since then, the program has evolved to bring more joy to more communities across the country.

This year’s goal is to support a total of 12 parks through donation, service days, etc. They are even partnering with GoFundMe this year to help further the mission. The partnership with GoFundMe gives dog park organizers a platform to create campaigns for their local dog parks, raise awareness and funds for improvements, or to help increase funding to get a new park off the ground. Each month, Beneful will select a new GoFundMe dog park campaign to spotlight on.

For more information visit You can also find expert tips on dog park renovation materials and play equipment, dog park etiquette, and pet safety.

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  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I was not aware that Beneful was helping to build and improve dog parks. that it great!

  2. Katie says

    This is so great and I hope when my family moves we can be close to a dog park so our dog can go more often.

  3. Dog parks are a great way for pets to stay active and socialize. Good job Beneful!

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