Benefits of Staying Active

Living in the age of constant advances in technology may make pulling up directions to get from one place to the next easier, however, it can have a greater negative impact on your overall health than you may think. Staying active is something everyone needs, and yet sadly most people don’t due to a sedentary lifestyle spent staring at devices. Thankfully, there are several easy ways to get your daily exercise.

Put Down Your Electronic Devices

When was the last time you didn’t check Facebook or play a game on one of your electronic devices for a few hours? The answer for many is probably not too often. Social media provides a platform that lets you connect to many people from your past and present. However, when you spend hours a day on these sites, you are actually giving up quality time today. Sitting dormant whether at home or at the local park browsing through the many pages on these sites prevents you from otherwise doing things like playing with your children and taking a long walk with your pet.

You Need Exercise

Exercise is just as important as eating healthy foods. In order to maintain a lean, fit physique you need to engage in some form of exercise regularly. The great news is that if you have children you can include them in the activity too. Take a drive out to the water and enjoy a walk along the beach wearing one of those stylish modest swimsuits for women with cute sandals. Or, pack up a picnic lunch and take the brood to the local park for a day of kite flying, swings and nature walks. You’ll enjoy quality time, burn calories and feel happy for the rest of the day.

Pick up the Pace

In between workouts, keeping healthy is easy. All you need to do is pick up the pace. When you walk anywhere practice taking long strides. A brisk walk helps to burn more calories and reduces your chances of developing cardiovascular disease. It also keeps your blood pumping and your muscles working, helping you to maintain a better digestive system, and a lean build.

House Cleaning Made Fun

If house cleaning isn’t your thing, try adding music to the background. Listening to your favorite tunes while doing the dishes or mopping the floors will make the task fun and before you know it the works done and you feel good. Who knows, a little dancing while vacuuming might be just what the doctor ordered!

Head Outdoors for Lunch

You work 9-to-5 five days a week and sit at a desk for a majority of those hours. During your lunch break why not head outside and take a brisk walk. You’ll return to work alert, happy and energized.

Bone and Joint Health

Staying active isn’t just about losing weight. By moving at a faster pace you keep your joints and bones strong. Over time, this will help to prevent injuries and broken bones. And, if you should suffer from an injury to your body, the healing time will be much less.

Healthy Weight

A healthy weight for your body can make you less likely to develop certain conditions and preventable diseases like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and even some types of cancer. Extra weight on the body may show as fat pockets on the outside, however, internally the extra weight affects all of your bodily functions. The good news is that you can lose weight by taking small steps like avoiding processed foods and reducing your intake or salt and sugar. Instead of reaching for a candy bar to perk yourself up, try a fresh piece of fruit such as an apple or a medley of fresh veggies.

Your life is anything but uneventful. By staying active you will help maintain a healthy weight, de-stress and be happier. The best part is that you don’t need to go to the gym to achieve your goals. This is something you can do with your family and start them down the path to a healthier future too.

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