Bemo Social Media Camera and Video Recorder

Bemo Social Media Camera and Video Recorder
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To be able to capture life’s greatest moments without lugging a 20 pound camcorder around with you everywhere is just one of the greatest gifts technology has given us. The average video recorder is now a million times lighter than when I was a kid, and some of them can even fit in your pockets!

One of the greatest pocket sized cameras is the Bemo. You can fit the Bemo in your skinniest skinny jeans with no problems, and it’s so small that you can record your child’s greatest moments, even if they’re camera shy. Just discreetly pull the Bemo out of your pocket, and record. It’s so small that most kids won’t even notice you have it out. Bemo also allows you to record time lapses of get together’s or anything you can possibly think of.bemo3Bemo features high quality video and one touch recording. No need to hit a million buttons to be able to record the best times in your life. Both time-lapse and remote capture ready, Bemo is there for you, no matter what type of video you want to record. It’s also rugged, and can take a beating, as well as being water resistant!


Have you always wanted to be a director? Well, now you can. Bemo allows you to create your own short movies, enhance your clips, and helps your movies stand out with filters, music, and titles. You can share your videos on your social media accounts, and never miss a second!

The only drawback we had with Bemo was that we had to have a “middle man”. Meaning, you cannot upload directly from Bemo, but need to first connect with your iOS device to view, edit and upload to social media. We also found that Bemo has a very short video length capacity… meaning it truly is meant for social media platforms such as Instagram and Vine that only allow very short video clips.

A huge plus to this, though, is that I feel safer handing my children a Bemo to go and play with. You will get candid child’s eye photos and videos like you’ve never had before. They will be so proud to view them and share them with you on the computer!

You can purchase Bemo on their site for $129

Do you enjoy recording life’s greatest moments on film? Would you rather capture stills or video? Do you have a great video recorder? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is a wonderful device. The days of the giant video camera that held a full size VHS tape have advanced into the present

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