Bedroom Makeover | Making My Room a Haven Thanks To Sleep Number

We have been on a journey…. a slow journey with the ultimate goal of turning our old bedroom into a haven. In the condition below I never felt peaceful in our room. I’m not sure if it was the patterns, the clutter, the mattress or all of the above (probably all of the above), but we needed to do something. Sleep was lacking, our moods were deteriorating and my husband was waking with back aches that hindered him on the job.


During this process I have found some great tips for creating the perfect space for rest, relaxation and turning your space into a haven:

Start with a warm, soothing and relaxing color on your wall. 

  • A pale shade of blue can soothe your senses.
  • Cool pastel shades of green promote peace, soothe and refresh.
  • Warm honey-hue or soft buttery yellows will help you rest.
  • Muted tones of purple can help induce sleep.
  • Warm, neutral hues in subtle shades will help you create a cozy feeling.

Keep the bedroom decorations to a minimum. Clutter causes stressful feelings.

  • Clutter can get caught in many places in the bedroom. From the wall, night stand, dresser and bureau to under the bed and your closet.

Reduce outside stimuli when trying to rest. 

  • Heavy curtains or light blocks shades will keep the light out when trying to rest.
  • A sound machine sets a soothing tone to help you relax while blocking outside noise.

Turn on the lights.

  • Finding just the right lamp for your bedside table will help you relax while reading in bed.
  • Using a 3 way bulb can create mood lighting that will make the room (and bed) more inviting.

Create a mood with scents.

  • Aromatherapy can create just about any mood. Some great bedroom scents are chamomile (provides relaxation), orange (promotes self assurance), lavender (soothes frazzled nerves), basil, lemon and cypress (all three help provide focus which provides a calming effect).

Make your bed the focal center of the room.

  • You spend 33% of your life sleeping. Choose a great bed that you enjoy looking at and sleeping in.
  • Decorate with an comforter set that compliments your wall color and pillows.  Pillows are a great accent that make the bed look more inviting.

I took these tips and got to work. We painted the walls, removed the clutter, purchased new lamps, and replaced the bedding and curtains. Now our final piece…. the bed.

We had never experienced a Sleep Number bed, so our trip to the store was a true experience. We were introduced to the different models of beds and asked if we’d like to find our sleep number.

test test2

This was a very eye opening experience for both my husband and myself. You can see in the top section of both photos our pressure areas when in the Sleep Number range that is the equivalent of a typical spring mattress. This would explain why we were waking multiple times every night and were tossing and turning. The lower portion of each photo is our “after” when we found our sleep number. The goal is to have mostly greens and blues.

During our Sleep Number test we apparently were throwing off clues as to the type of bed that would be the best choice for us. Words like gooshy, soft, lush, heavenly were picked up on and we were directed to both the Innovation Series and the Memory Foam Series.


The Innovation Series (pictured above) was a great option for us. With a plush thick pillow top we could customize our comfort by changing up the order of the layers of memory foam. After settling in, both of us thought the bed was comfortable… but our “ah-ha” moment just hadn’t arrived yet.


We then took a quick spin on the M7 (not pictured), which was soon a top contender. With the cooling gel foam contouring to our bodies we both sighed as the bed settled in on our Sleep Numbers. With one more bed to try we were fairly certain we had already met our match.

We were wrong.

Two seconds on the M9 and I knew we found our bed. The true memory foam has a totally unique feel to it. You almost feel swallowed by the bed but yet you are being supported as the bed contours to you. I had a difficult time leaving the store knowing it was going to be a week or so before the M9 was actually in our home. Crawling into our old bed that night I knew we had made the right decision to move on.


It was delivery day. As I happily stripped our old bed our kitty decided he needed one last nap. The old bed had held up well for it’s age, but it was due time for it to be retired.


I felt like the paparazzi as I photographed the delivery truck through the window. Yes, I was that excited. The bed came in many boxes and it took them a while to unload into the driveway.


It felt liberating to see them haul the old set down the stairs. The room was ready… and so was I.


When the new frame was brought out I was actually a little surprised. My delivery people were a little camera shy so I didn’t snap photos at every step, but the frame ends up in the shape of two rectangles and then they place flat pieces of the same material over them to create a platform.


There is a foam base pad at the bottom and then foam walls around the outer edge to keep the air chambers in place. Both chambers were in the hallway airing up while they worked on the bed.


Now it was getting exciting… the air chambers were put in place! In a king sized bed there are two separate chambers so that each sleeper can set the bed to their own Sleep Number. The installers wanted to point out to me that on the M9 they went a step further and not only do the two chambers zip together but there is a layer of memory foam that goes between them. They mentioned it was to keep a unified feeling and so you don’t feel a lump and/or separation in the middle of the bed.


Finally 5-inches of LuxFit™ memory foam was put into place over the air chambers. That made a total height of 13 inches! The installers were ready to zip everything up and declare our bed ready for sleep!


So here is our after! We used a warm chocolate brown for the walls, I removed all the clutter from around the room and especially the walls, the lamps are an older addition but new to the “room makeover” as is the comforter. The room looks more inviting, relaxing and warm.

But how do we like the bed?

My aunt has one of the original memory foam beds. I used to spend time just laying on her bed and daydreaming it was mine. The M9 is everything I loved about her memory foam bed, but so much more.

Sitting on the M9 fully inflated, you might get the wrong first impression. Memory foam can be quite firm when you first sit/lay on it. Fortunately it softens up as it gets warm so after a bit of time it starts to form to you. There is a full five inches of memory foam on top of the air chambers that help cushion pressure points and because it features a breathable air-flow design it doesn’t trap the heat like traditional memory foam.

But this bed is more than just a memory foam bed.

With the SLEEP NUMBER® DualAir technology my husband can adjust his side of the bed to his Sleep Number, 45, and I can set my side to 40. My husband likes to play with his number one night sleeping at 35, another night he will bump clear up to 50. With two remotes he can adjust his side in the middle of the night if he’s set it incorrectly and not bother me. It doesn’t sound like a huge difference, but just going up or down 5 causes me to toss and turn all night.

The M9 cradles, contours, supports and keeps me cool all night long. No more waking in the middle of the night with a dead asleep arm because of pressure on my shoulder (I’m a side sleeper). No more back aches for my husband in the morning. No more laying in bed for 8 hours and only getting 5-6 hours of good interrupted sleep. We are in bed for 8 hours and get a good solid 8 hours of sleep now.

It’s ahhhhhhh-mazing.

So, I think I did it. I completed our haven with the a great bed that we enjoy looking at and sleeping in. It took me about a week to adjust and declare that this is the bed of my dreams. My husband took nearly two weeks, but he surprised me the other morning with his declaration. I spent two nights away last weekend at a luxury hotel. Let me tell you, it was not luxury trying to sleep in their bed. I was beyond overjoyed to snuggle into my own bed when I got home.  It solidified my declaration of love for the Sleep Number M9 bed. With a 20 year warranty, I have many many years of great sleep ahead of me.


Connect with Sleep Number’s Bedroom Haven to get more tips for creating your own bedroom Haven and a coupon for a Free Illume Candle (while supplies last):


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  1. Lindsay Sorensen says

    Wow Simply amazing the technology that is out now. The Sweet dreams this bed out bring…. It’s definitely on my wish list!

  2. That is the most comprehensive explanation of how the Sleep Number works that I have seen! We’re pretty happy with our mattress right now, but when it wears out I’m really hoping to get one of these!
    Your new room is beautiful, too! It looks so relaxing and I think you achieved your “haven” goal! 🙂

  3. I would SO love to own a sleep number bed. We’ll have the house paid off next year, and I think I’m going to look into it then. Hubby had a tree fall on his several years ago, and he’s never slept well. I think this bed would do wonders for him!

  4. The bedroom looks great! Sounds like you guys sleep like us. My husband has the achy back and I (side sleeper) always wake up with the “Harry Potter Arm” as my daughter calls it. I guess we have been sleeping wrong all these years! Thanks for the cool review!

  5. I am speechless. I want one of these beds so so sooo bad! Your room looks beautiful by the way. I love the new look! The set up kinda looks a bit intimidating but you make it sound so easy haha. Oh I would love this bed!

  6. Darlene Ysaguirre says

    Wow i need to look into an upgrade to my mattress and after reading your review you have given me a little push ..Jealous! lol

  7. Thanks for the wonderful ideas. I really have a problem sleeping these days. Maybe this is because my room is not tidy enough and conducive for sleeping. I’ll try to have a make-over this weekend and hope it makes a difference.

  8. You did a fabulous job! I never knew that their mattresses weren’t one piece. Interesting! Hubby and I have decided we NEED a new mattress. Our couch is actually more comfortable then our bad. Sad.

  9. Robin Quick says

    This bed sounds awesome! I hardly ever sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. I think its because im so uncomfortable. Our bed is way to firm for me & when I get out of bed my back kills me. I prefer a very soft mattress but hubby likes the firm ones. This bed would be great for us. Wish I could afford one dangit!

  10. sheila musselman askins says

    i would so love to have that bed lol love the tips you gave also..i long for a good nights sleep..seems something is always waking me up…so i am thinking i need to try all the tips you listed! also..on a side the word art you have on your wall 🙂

  11. Jennifer Poster says

    Wow, that sounds so great! Thank you for the tips about how to have a serene room. I cannot wait to update my bedroom when I have the money for it. We especially need new pillows/sheets/comforter and a bed will come with the cash. I will keep in mind your success with sleep number! Thank you!

  12. jamie braun says

    Omg, that bed sounds freakin amazing! I want, I want! But alas, I can not afford 🙁 great tips on falling asleep!

  13. Kelly says

    We absolutely LOVE our Sleep Number bed! I used to wake up with a sore back with our old mattress, not any more! Sooo comfy!!!

  14. Carole Ingram says

    Aww how nice for you to have a new mattress! A good night sleeps makes a world of difference. I didn’t know that sleep by number was really an “air” mattress, that’s interesting to me!

  15. Joy caffrey says

    One of my dream beds!

  16. Brie S. says

    Wow….you just did exactly what my husband and I have been WANTING to do for years now…turn our bedroom into a haven! Way to go! Congrats!
    Fortunately for us, we were able to upgrade our bed recently to a Simmons Beautyrest King size……it feels like HEAVEN!
    Your post has motivated me to think about finishing other bedroom projects 🙂

  17. Wow that looks like it was easy to set up.I need to get myself a sleep number bed.Thank you for sharing this

  18. KT says

    We are on the same mission, to create a sanctuary in our bedroom. Thank you for the review, this is super helpful!

  19. Mikki Cross says

    I would so love a new bed and this sleep number sounds like the one I would get most benefit from. I’m still in “resarch” mode as this is a major expense for me and I want to get it just right. I don’t think they’d let me sleep in the showroom till I was ready to make a comittment. Enjoy your new bed. I like that the chambers are complteley seprate inside the major frame.

  20. Mary McCloy says

    You really have made a complete change to your room and have made it a True Haven to Escape to 🙂

  21. Naomi Osborn says

    ok, very interesting article. I had no idea things had advanced so much in 10 years! We really NEED to find a new mattress. Your before and after photos of your bedroom are also VERY inspiring. I LOVE the change, esp. the curtains (and of course the bed).

  22. kelly nicholson says

    i so badly want a sleep number

  23. Gina N. says

    Thank you for the tips on making your bedroom a “haven”. I truly believe that philosophy. Also thank you for the detail you shared on the sleep number mattress. It was so insightful to see step by step construction of it and how it brought your bedroom all together. It looks so peaceful and relaxing. Best of luck with your new mattress and new bedroom look! 🙂

  24. Mikki Cross says

    My son and daughter-in-law love the sleep number bed. They were first introduced to it at a hotel they stayed at when they came to visit. [ my dilis allergic to cats and we have a big ole hairy one…don’task] Now they’ve bought one for their home.They love it. No more tossing & turning while they sleep and each has their own “magic number” for them.

  25. lisa lo says

    ■Heavy curtains or light blocks shades will keep the light out when trying to rest.
    ■A sound machine sets a soothing tone to help you relax while blocking outside noise.

    I like these tips. I need it for where I live. A pack’em and stack ’em type rv park…I can hear my neighbor cough!!
    Bet your neighbors were looking when that truck pulled up :o)

  26. Stacey Roberson says

    I really like that each side of the bed can be adjusted separately. Looks like I’d get some quality sleep on this bed.

  27. Wendi S says

    We purchased a temperapeadic and after thought man too bad we can’t try the sleep number. Now with the sleep number stores we would be more likely to give it a chance. Happy sleeping/

  28. I am never really good at decorating or transforming my bedroom into something that is very comfortable. I am the type of person who lacks imagination. That is my weakness. Thanks a lot for sharing this. I really need the makeover because I am having difficulty sleeping lately. I’ll try anything and hope that it can help me with my sleep problems.

  29. Christina Jackson says

    I love this! Our room definitely needs a face lift too, I love the curtains and have been interested in getting a sleep number bed as well.

  30. Michelle Feliciano says

    looks great!

    knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com

  31. Julie Morrow says

    I think this is something we really need to consider as our next mattress…it sounds wonderful!

  32. marissa lee says

    your room looks beautiful..I love the mattress..thank you for sharing..

  33. Julie Morrow says

    This mattress sounds incredible. We have friends who also have one. Might need to be the next mattress we purchase. Thanks for the great review!

  34. judy gardner says

    i love your new bedding! i like muted tones and blues for a bedroom, and one of these days thats how i am going to redo mine – starting with a new, comfortable mattress!

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