Becoming A Single Mom: What You Need to Know  

Being A Single Mom: What You Need to Know  

In a perfect world, people who want children would have them without running into any problems. However, life is not and has never been that simple.

Decades ago, women would settle down with someone they didn’t necessarily consider a life partner just to be able to become mothers. In today’s modern age, women are no longer constricted to the old-fashioned rules of having to be married in order to have children. They no longer have to worry about having a partner at all.

There are other ways of fulfilling your dream of having a baby. Whether you are considering adoption or having a child with an uninvolved partner, the choice is yours.

By becoming a single mother, you will join plenty of women who have made a similar decision. This is not to say that raising a child on your own is going to be easy. You need as much support as you can get, especially if you are not financially stable. However, it is important to note that many well-adjusted adults grew up in single-parent homes.

Your Options

Two main ways that will enable you to become a single mother: adoption and conception. It is up to you which route you’ll take. But before you arrive at a decision make sure to do extensive research about both options.

If you are not sure which method to go with, speak to women who have been in a similar situation or research online and read other women’s experiences.


Bringing up a child without the extra income that a partner brings in can be quite challenging.

However, if you have already done your homework, made all the financial preparations and set a budget, you will be okay. You should not forget to set aside extra money every month for an emergency. Knowing that you’re protected in case you have to take time off work to tend to your sick child without worrying about the finances will provide you with much needed peace of mind.


If you work full time, you need to plan for childcare, which might burden your finances further. If your relatives offer to help you babysit, by all means, take the help. Not only will it be cheaper as opposed to hiring help but you will also not worry about what kind of care will your child have.

Time Off

Without a partner, you will need to be hands-on most of the time. If your friends and family offer to babysit your child, let them. You will need all the help you can get. There’s a reason why the saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ exists.

It’s important to schedule some alone time when you’ll pamper yourself a bit, so make sure to arrange for a babysitter at least once a week. Your support group should be aimed at providing you with time off to recharge your batteries.


Being a single mom does not mean that you have to stop dating. Many men are more than happy to date single moms, as long as you are upfront about it. If you start getting serious with the person you are dating, make sure that he likes your children and they like him.

If you are not looking for anything serious and just want to date, do not introduce that person  to your child. That way you will avoid possible conflicts with your kid.

The Choice is Yours

Making a decision to become a single mom is no small feet. It carries along a lifelong responsibility but a lifelong happiness as well. Use this guide as help to pinpoint all the elements you need to consider before creating your own path.

On the other hand, if you are not quite ready to commit but want to keep the option open when you get to that stage in your life without worrying if it might be too late, egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) is increasing in popularity. There’s no need to make rash decisions.


  1. I’ve asked myself many times over the years if I wanted a child. The answer always comes back: no thanks.

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