The Beatrix Girls Pop Star Dolls Themed Birthday Party #GIVEAWAY [CLOSED]

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My Emma is almost 8 and her days and nights are entertained with make believe worlds.

With the Beatrix Girls Dolls she can make believe she lives a rock star’s life!

What’s better than a rock star’s life? How about  a rock star’s birthday party?!

Because September is known to be the one month of the year with the most birthdays… we thought it fitting to offer a Beatrix Girls Birthday package!

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What are Beatrix Girls Dolls?

The Beatrix Girls, a whole new line of collectible pop-star 12″ dolls driven by original music, is set to empower and inspire young girls nationwide! With fully developed personalities, band members Brayden, Ainsley, Lark and Chantal live and interact in the human world producing real music, real hits, and real fans kids can collect their music, join their fan club, and vicariously live the fantasy of being a pop-star through play.

So whether you are new to The Beatrix Girls or have been an avid fan for a while… this is a contest you won’t want to skip.

Connect with Beatrix Girls:

• The Beatrix Girls website:

• Facebook:

• Twitter:

• Instagram:

• YouTube Channel:


We have 1 Beatrix Girls birthday package to give away worth $375!

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You have enough swag for 15 girls and the 4 dolls can be door prizes for games or just scatter them around for decoration!

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This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST on September 30, 2014.


  1. Betty B. says

    I like how they have displayed their favorite things on their bios very cute!

  2. Sarah L says

    I learned that there’s an annoying music track when you go there.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. Kristen says

    I like Lark’s red hair.

  4. amanda roach says

    My 6 year old would love these! she says she going to be a rock star when she grows up. I love that they come with music!
    (also just to clarify, when we enter another giveaway as an entry it then says one entry per giveaway, but then it gives you the choice to do again tomorrow…so is it only once per giveaway or once a day?)

  5. Lisa Brown says

    i like the Beatrix Girls, Chantall doll for my niece

  6. Lindsay says

    I liked their bios

  7. Linda trinklein says

    I checked out the website and like Brayden ( the one with the purple hair!!) thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Nici r says

    I like Ainsley

  9. James Robert says

    My girls would like the Brayden doll I think with the purplish colored hair

  10. Cynthia R says

    I learned their names Ainsley, Brayden, Lark and Chantal.

  11. nickie says

    I liked their bio’s

  12. Mary Happymommy says

    I like the Lark doll.

  13. Wendy says

    ollectible pop-star dolls driven by original music,

  14. Elena says

    I like the Chantal doll

  15. latanya says

    I like the The Beatrix Girls Official Commercial

  16. Nicole says

    I really like the video portion on there website. Very cool for my little girl to watch. And the music is awesome too!

  17. Colleen Boudreau says

    I like that each doll has a cute little blog.

  18. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    I love the Lark Doll

  19. Denise L says

    I like that there is such a well-developed back story with bios on each member, etc. Nicely done.

  20. Dandi D says

    My favorite is the Brayden doll with the purple hair.

  21. courtney hennagir says

    I love that it’s a bunch of girls playing music! Brayden and her purple hair is very cool and my daughter would love her!

  22. Pamela Gurganus says

    I really like Lark! I love her red hair, green eyes and those adorable freckles!

  23. Anne says

    I like that they’ve created complete personalities for each of the characters. Cute!

  24. Seyma Shabbir says

    I love Brayden with the purple hair. They remind me of the spice girls.

  25. Sarah Hayes says

    i like how each doll has her own personality. how cute

  26. Melissa S says

    I like that the music is pretty good, I would love to get a few of the dolls for my great niece.

  27. My niece would like the Lark doll

  28. Teresa Thompson says

    I like Brayden.

  29. tanya holland says

    I love all of them. I learned that they have a music CD.

  30. Alona Y says

    These dolls are cute, I like Brayden the best but I think my daughter would like them all!

  31. Melinda Stephens says

    I love that Lark is a redhead and plays bass. I’m a redhead and I played bass.

  32. Marcia Goss says

    I learned that you can join the VIP Trixie Fan Club.

  33. Sarah Griffin says

    I like Ainsley the most and her little drums

  34. Barbara Montag says

    I learned that each member of the Beatrix Girls band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs.
    thank you

  35. I learned that “the group is made up of Brayden who is the “lead singer” of the band, Ainsley the drummer, Lark the bass-player, and Chantal the keyboardist.”

  36. Krista H Lay says

    I love that each of the girls has a different personality and are distinctly different.

  37. Ellie W says

    I learned that each doll has their own blog.

  38. jennifer says

    I looked at the dolls, I like lark the best!

  39. Kelly Tupick says

    I like the cool soundtrack that comes up when you load the site. These dolls are neat and remind of the Bratz dolls.

  40. Shari says

    I like that the girls play instruments and sing in a band.

  41. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    I Like The Music! I Learned That There Is 4 Beatrix Girls!

  42. April says

    Great giveaway! I know my daughter would love this!!!

  43. My youngest loves Brayden. I am going to have to get some of these to add to her doll collection.

  44. Jennifer Rote says

    I learned that their names Ainsley, Brayden, Lark and Chantal. I like Ainsley the most.

  45. Melissa says

    Lark is my favorite, i liked reading about the girls! 🙂

  46. Dawn Monroe says

    I like that they actually have a music video. My girls would like Aynsley because of her hair and she plays the drums.

  47. Douglas Houston says

    You can join the Trixie Fan Club

  48. Nancy says

    I learned that they have a blog.

  49. CR Williams says

    I like all the 4 girls they are so cute!

  50. Sarah C says

    My daughters favorite is the Brayden doll.

  51. Kari W says

    My niece would want the Lark doll.

  52. Daniel M says

    my niece is a big fan!

  53. Isabella T. says

    I love this. The Lark and Ainsley doll are so cute. They’re all so cute.

  54. i thought the commercial was super cute. my daughter loves these adorable dolls!

    thank you! xoxoxo

  55. Robyn says

    My girls would love these dolls and the fun website, super cute dolls!

  56. lissa crane says

    My daughters would most love the Lark doll! She looks most like them and love pretend playing in a band, so this beautiful dolls would be perfect!

  57. I learned there is a membership where girls can become a VIP Trixie.

  58. kathy dalton says

    i love how each doll has her own personality.My grand daughter would love these

  59. Kathy Pease says

    I learned Braydens favorite things are California Sushi rolls, Latte-flavored candies, Heart-shaped notebooks (for writing songs), Kooky bright-colored sunglasses in the shape of stars, hearts, squares and triangles.

  60. polly says

    I like they have videos on their site

  61. Francine Anchondo says

    I like Ainsley

  62. Jordan says

    I learned about their names!

  63. Cindy B says

    I learned these dolls are available at Walmart, ToysRUs, Amazon, and eBay

  64. Tara Liebing says

    I want to get the Brayden doll for my niece.

  65. BeckyM says

    I love the Brayden doll… too cute!

  66. Jessie C. says

    They are so cute ! I love Brayden.

  67. Samii Meyer says

    I liked that they each had their own personal bio – it makes it easier to figure out which ones relates most to your kid.

  68. Betty C says

    I would like to give Lark to my granddaughter. She would love to have the hair that matches hers.

  69. Leela says

    My daughter likes Lark.

  70. clynsg says

    Learned that they existed–hadn’t heard of them before.

  71. april yedinak says

    I like the music they have on the site.

  72. Missy says

    I learned they have a music video on the website. what cute dolls, I adore their names.

  73. ET Pruitt says

    I learned they have a fan club.

  74. amanda whitley says

    i think my daughter would love ainsley

  75. Amanda Alvarado says

    I like the music!!

  76. Maureen says

    I like Ainsley and I like the music as well!


  77. Birdiebee says

    I like the Ainsley doll as it reminds me of one of my granddaughters. My three youngest granddaughters would love to have these dolls.

  78. Bryan E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our little niece, a budding musician, would love these dolls with the music tie-in.

  79. Donna W. says

    There are 4 girls in this group

  80. Megan Parsons says

    I liked the video that played on the website

  81. melissa t says

    I didn’t know the girls were in a band. Music is cute.

  82. Nannypanpan says

    I want the Beatrix pillow time pal ainslie

  83. Denise S says

    My daughter would want to collect them all starting with Lark.

  84. heather eg kaufman says

    I like that you can play the music on the website.

  85. Laura says

    The dolls are too cute! My little one loves music and a doll geared directly towards that would totally make her day. Brayden is adorable with her hair too

  86. Krissy C. says

    I loved all of their bio’s. My girls enjoyed reading about them!

  87. Jennifer says

    holy loud music that woke my kid! eek!

  88. Carmen Van Deursen says

    My daughter would love Brayden the most. She would play for hours with these cute dolls.

  89. Lydia Lay Clark says

    I love that they play instruments! Teaching smart girls!

  90. Jennifer Speed says

    I love the fact that they have a variety of dolls and my little cousin would love to have Chantal.

  91. Tammy Farrar says

    so cute they play instruments

  92. THRansom says

    My daughter likes the Brayden doll

  93. MissKitty Church says

    Never heard of them until today. BUT I did learn this —>The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band

  94. Christina G. says

    I want the Chantal doll. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Kristinia says

    I love that you can find their music on iTunes and spotify!

  96. Maria Iemma says

    I like the Lark Doll but I do not like the music.

  97. Maren says

    It’s nice that they have different hair & eye colors.

  98. sandy weinstein says

    like the the dolls have bios and music to go with the dolls. each plays music

  99. Kelli Fayard says

    I love the sassy-ness the Beatrix girls have.

  100. Jessica Pinkard says

    I love that each doll has a bio.

  101. Erica B. says

    I like the Lark doll.

  102. Virginia Rowell says

    I like the Revinn’ Up video on the site.

  103. Jessamine D. says

    My daughters like Brayden. 🙂

  104. jessica says

    the bios are cool .

  105. I checked out the website and think it is one that my daughter would like to visit too. I bet she would just love Brayden. She seems so funky and cool!

  106. Tandi Cortez-Rios says

    I learned that they are sold at Toys R Us!

  107. Karen Drake says

    I visited the website and read all of the doll’s Bios, I would love to have Brayden for my daughter.

  108. Mary Dailey says

    I love that each doll is different and they each have a bio.

    • Mary Dailey says

      I thought the music was cute! The site is for kids! LOL

  109. rochelle johnson says

    i love the Lark doll

  110. paige chandler says

    I like the balloons. So pretty

  111. elizabeth miller says

    I learned lark is my daughters twin except for the eye color–my daughter has crystal blue lark has green

  112. I like that each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even writes the songs.

  113. I like that their music is cute and appropriate for my girls.

  114. My dtrs going to be 6 in October, she likes Brayden, she wants to be a rockstar when she grows up.
    All the girls bios are cute.

  115. Ed says

    I like their distinctive names.

  116. tina reynolds says

    I love the brayden doll reminds me of my daugter who this would be for thanks for the chance

  117. jennifer says

    brayden is my favorite!

  118. denise a says

    I learned Lark’s favorite phrase is “Come on, lighten up!”

  119. Rosa Martinez says

    I had never heard of these before

  120. Stacey b says

    I learned that kids can listen to Beatrix Girls songs and watch videos on their site

  121. Michaela R. says

    I would love the Lark doll for my niece!

  122. Fawn H says

    I like the Sleepover video

  123. Danielle Papsis says

    I learned they have a video fro the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

  124. Donna Kellogg says

    My daughter is gonna love the website all the videos and music she love Beatrix girls

  125. Jenny Q. says

    I like their videos section on their website. My daughter would love these dolls!

  126. Shannon says

    I like Brayden’s purple hair. Super cool.

  127. Nancy says

    I think they are cute. My niece would love them.

  128. Shakeia Rieux says

    I would love to have the balloons and all 4 dolls for my niece for her birthday in Nov

  129. Melina R says

    I liked reading the girl’s bios.

  130. Melanie Montgomery says

    Brayden is my favorite.

  131. Mary Rogers says

    The one thing I learned was that they are coming out with their own album called “Meet the Beatrix”

  132. My niece is a big fan of Bratz

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