Beat The Fears Of Water: Tips To Make Your Kids Enjoy Swimming

Taking part in formal swimming lessons is said to lower drowning risks by 88% in kids aged 1 to 4 years, according to the NCBI. Swimming is one of the most incredible fun water activities children, and adults enjoy. Besides being enjoyable, swimming is an essential life skill that helps prevent drowning, especially in young children. However, the idea of swimming or playing in and near water frightens many kids. Fortunately, there are several tricks moms can use to ensure kids feel comfortable around water and enjoy fun water-based activities. Read on to learn a few tips on how to make your kids love swimming lessons.

Introduce Water Play At Home 

Ideally, signing your kids for swim lessons exposes them to many things, like a large pool and a list of swimming guidelines all at once. And that can be overwhelming or even scary for young children. By introducing water play at home, your child will learn that water can be an exciting place to be. For example, making bath time a fun experience filled with smiles, laughter, and splashing helps a child discover the joy of being in the water. You can also use bath toys in the tub to teach the concept of sinking and floating or let the kids roll on a water blob outdoors. These simple activities will help your kids feel comfortable in and near water. 

Prioritize Water Safety

As a parent, you want your child to feel safe in water bodies. Therefore, teach them the basics of staying safe in the water at an early age while making the whole experience fun. Start by training your kids how to float on their front and back. During the initial stages, help them float by holding their body. With time, they will feel confident floating without support. Nonetheless, make sure you’re inside the pool with your child to ensure they feel safe. Being near your child in the pool also reduces risk factors linked to accidental drowning. It is also wise to train your kids underwater turning. This activity teaches kids how to return to the ledge or side of the pool when they feel unsafe. Equally important, teach your child that it is safe to grip and pull your hand or t-shirt when they can’t keep their head submerged in water.

Enroll Kids In Formal Swimming Classes

Experts recommend enrolling kids in formal swim lessons when they are two to four years old. That way, they would have developed motor skills to start learning the basics of different swim strokes by the time they are four years old. If you have been engaging in water play at home, your child will be excited to get in the pool and begin swimming. They will also feel less anxious with the safety guidelines reinforced by their swimming instructor.

Swimming is an exciting activity and life-saving skill every child should learn. However, for young children to enjoy swimming, they must learn how to be comfortable in the water. Consider making waterplay a daily routine, teach respect for water at an early age, and prioritize formal swimming lessons.

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