Bathroom Style Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Bathroom Style Trends: Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors are a unique design choice for any room of the house. Though many homeowners imagine a door between rooms or a closet door when they picture a sliding barn door, there is a wide variety of unconventional and exciting design choices to be made. One of these is the sliding barn door in the bathroom.

Bathrooms can vary greatly from home to home, even from the guest bathroom to the master bathroom. However, nearly every bathroom uses a series of doors for different purposes, and any conventional door can be replaced by a sliding barn door to create that eclectic look that many homeowners crave.

Frosted Glass For Privacy

If you don’t have frosted glass in your shower door now, you probably did while growing up or have seen the style in a friend or family member’s home. Most homeowners prefer a frosted glass door for the shower because it lets in light while also keeping the shower area private from the rest of the bathroom, and a sliding barn door can do just that while also bringing a unique sense of style to the space.

Mirrors For Style

Mirrors are a must in any bathroom, and some homeowners like to get creative with where mirrors are placed in order to play around with the bathroom’s décor. Whether you choose to install a sliding barn door as your bathroom entrance door or a separator between areas of the bathroom, you can include a mirror directly on the door for style as well as convenience. Plus, sliding barn doors are typically taller than conventional doors, allowing for a full-length mirror extended past what your previous door could provide.

Barn Doors vs. Pocket Doors

While barn doors and pocket doors are exceptionally similar in design, there are a few key differences that should be taken into account when deciding between them. A sliding barn door is either one or two doors attached to a track above the doorway on the outside of the wall, opened and closed by moving the door along its track. Pocket doors also function along a sliding track; the primary difference between them and sliding barn doors is the fact that pocket doors are designed to slide right into the wall when opened instead of along the exterior surface of the wall.

Both sliding barn doors and pocket doors are great options when it comes to installing a non-conventional door. However, it should be noted that pocket doors require more in-depth construction to install as the space needs to be made within the wall itself.

Double & Bypass Barn Doors

Double and bypass barn doors are similar in that they both involve two doors; however, the primary difference is that with double doors, the doors meet in the middle to close, and with bypass doors, the doors run parallel with each other and can reveal or cover the doorway independently of each other. Choosing between the two will depend on the size of your doorway, your design tastes, and whether or not you desire doors that are able to latch.

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