Bacon and Baseball the Perfect Combination #FarmlandBaconDay

This post brought to you by Farmland. All opinions are my own.


Sports fans in Kansas City are true blue when it comes to the KC Royals. Heading to the entrance of the ballpark you can feel the electricity and the good vibes in the air. The lines were long and the sun was strong, but every person we ran into was cheerful and excited for the evenings festivities.


September 3, 2016 the game was a little extra special because it was Bacon Day at the K sponsored by Farmland Foods.

What exactly does that mean?


There were all kinds of fun and free things involving bacon everywhere you turned. Immediately through the door we were offered Let’s Go Royals bacon themed rally signs to show our support during the game.


There were also bacon samples available for anyone interested (and who wouldn’t be?!). I loved the Team Chewy and Team Crispy (that’s ME!) t-shirts being worn.


Our team mascot, Sluggerrr, was immortalized in bacon and available to pose with in the Sizzle & Snap photo booth.


But the biggest treasure for everyone in our group was the Salvy Perez bobble head.


Once we were settled into our area we made our rounds to participate in the festivities. The kids had fun trying to guess how many strips of bacon it took to make Slugerrr (for their chance at a years worth of free bacon!).


They also got to meet five-time All-Star and the 26th member of the Royals Hall of Fame, Mike Sweeney.


My favorite part of the festivities though? It was the Royals Charities 50/50 Raffle.

Why? Because not only did the winner take home a year supply of free Farmland bacon, but the other half was donated to Harvesters – The Community Food Network. Farmland matched the raffle proceeds by donating up to 25,000 pounds of protein to the local food bank.

Not only does Farmland make some amazing bacon, but I love that they are involved with our community. We had an amazingly fun night and our local food bank received a large donation of protein for families in need. There isn’t a better ending to a great night than that.


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  1. What an awesome experience! Few things in life are better than baseball, but bacon comes close.

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