Back to School Room Makeover

A gift card was received to shop for makeover items. All opinions are my own.


Emma’s room changes almost as often as her mind does. Either by necessity (things wear out) or by choice it seems like we are always on the hunt for something a little different.

The set above was our latest look. As cute as it was, Emma never really clicked with the comforter and after a few upset tummy accidents last fall/winter, it really needed to be replaced. I allowed Emma to choose what she wanted, but instructed her that I would like to stay in that color pallet to avoid the extra cost of accessories.


We headed to Kohl’s to shop for a new comforter set to update her room. Because of the fabulous sales and coupons, we actually came home with Simple by Design Technique Bedding Coordinates (we bought the comforter and two pillows) and a Memory Foam Butterfly Chair that she claimed her bottom was glued to and she couldn’t leave it behind.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 12.04.54 PM

I loved the look the stock photo depicted and hoped that it would hopefully have a similar effect on Emma’s loft.

During this room transformation, we made a snap decision and actually turned our house upside down for the weekend. Three of our children would be swapping out rooms… and so the room rotation began.

Emma got the better end of the deal and ended up in a room twice the size of her old room.


We purchased the bedding in a full/queen even though she is in a twin. Our thoughts (and hopes) were that it will hold up long enough to make it to the next stage in Emma’s life when she moves out of her loft.

I like that because it’s a little big there is plenty to tuck under the mattress to keep things snug. Yes, there are days that she can’t get it all tucked in perfectly (like in the photo above) but it’s adorable.


The new set fits her older girl mentality with a hint of feminine with the floral pillowcase. It’s hard to see because of the railing, but the gathers are indeed like the photo and because it’s a “messier look” it gives Emma a little leeway when making her bed.


Although the chair was not a planned purchase, it made the perfect addition to her reading nook under her loft. The memory foam gives it the little extra squoosh it needs to be comfy for longer periods of time. This is great because Emma has moved on to chapter books and will often binge read.



As you can see, Emma is pleased as punch with her new look. It’s bright and cheery with a hint of attitude and femininity.

These would also look fabulous on a dorm bed or loft… perfect for Back to College and perfect for my little firecracker.


You can purchase all of these items at great prices at your local Kohl’s store or online at


  1. Anne says

    Nicely done! And she looks so happy with the result. The chair is great–I can see why she was drawn to it.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I love the color and the whole room looks very together

  3. shelly peterson says

    Looks nice! What a pretty color of a comforter she chose.

  4. Nicole Dz says

    I love the colors. Brightens up the room. And the owl them is really cute. I love the pillows.

  5. I think a kid should definitely have their own personal space which they love. You don’t get to make too many decisions when you’re young, but bedroom decor should definitely be one of them. I especially love that awesome pillow!

  6. James Robert says

    I like it, now that my kids are with me I am needing to do bedroom makeovers for my kids. I know they would love how bright this is.

  7. Sarah Hayes says

    i love that color. its so fun and happy. the makeover looks great

  8. Dandi D says

    The owl decor is so cute and I really like the bunk beds.

  9. Darlene Jones-Nelson says

    Looks like a great job! I know After summer I too have to go threw clothes,Clean, and organize my son’s room! It’s a task But it’s worth it cause now he has a space to do his homework with out and distractions!

  10. Maria Iemma says

    My granddaughter just turned 10 and we promised her we would redecorate her room — thank you for the inspiration and ideas.

  11. Crissie Woolard says


  12. Diana Castro says

    What a great color to wake up too. This is a great girls room.

  13. Meena R says

    My daughter has a chair just like that one-I totally agree, it’s beyond comfortable. She would have no trouble sleeping on it if she could!

  14. Wendi Shifflette says

    Adorable! She does look so happy. It was a great color.

  15. Rosie says

    You did a fantastic job – you have a knack for it! I loved re-doing my room as a tween and tween – at that age it seems so important that your room reflects your style – even though it keeps changing!

  16. Sometimes garage sales are great for this also. We find so many wonderful things at 2nd had stores too. You cannot always find them, but sometimes you luck out. You can also find material to make quilts for the kids, I got a lamp for my birthday it changed colors, my grand daughter loved it, and it looked wonderful on her bedside table beside it matched the pillow that changed colors. You never know what kids are going to like, great idea to bring them with to choose.

  17. Dbor says

    Wonderful make over you are so right about the second stores great bargins and some time you can be given or buy things from the old look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. dbora says

    Great make over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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