Wholesale Costume Club Review

We were given the opportunity to review a costume from Wholesale Costume Club and we couldn’t resist! With Halloween quickly approaching, and the small fact that my two love to dress up… it was time for something new. 

Boy were we excited to see the huge selection of costumes for Emma to choose from! This is not Wal-Mart folks… there is just about anything you can think of here! After choosing the subsection for toddler costumes, we started sifting through the categories. 

Emma is a very opinionated 3 1/2 year old… but here are a few of the costumes I tried to talk her into 😉


I thought with her fascination with Toy Story maybe we could pretend this was Jessie… but nope! Then I found the Indian Princess… oh how beautiful that would be with her skin tone and her hair & eye color… maybe we could say she’s Pocahontas? Nope…

Goldilocks? I thought this costume was so cute… again a big “uhh, no Mom”. Then I suggested Little Red Riding Hood. She thought a little longer about this one, but again I got the thumbs down. Finally I found the Snowflake Princess toddler costume

At first I got another no, but then something triggered in Emma’s little brain and she asked me to go back.  Emma let out a gasp and said, “MOM! That looks like the good witch from Wizard of Oz!”. Um, okay Emma *laughing*. I won’t tell her Glenda wears pink if you don’t *wink*.  She insisted on the wand (I think that “made” the costume for her). I usually don’t purchase the accessories mainly because they are so costly, but at Wholesale Costume Club the wand was only $1.46 (member price). 

My Take:

The website was easy to navigate. We started at the top and choose our sizing section and then sifted through the detailed categories down the left column. 

The prices were reasonable and if you join the costume club for only $5 a year you receive the reduced member prices! If you have several children to purchase costumes for, or like me you have a costume diva, this will pay off in no time!

The costume arrived quickly and the fit was perfect. We ordered a medium which stated toddlers sizes 3/4. Emma is tiny around and fits a 3 great, but length wise she is a 4. There is actually a little growing room which will make this princess a happy camper (extended wear!). The wand made the perfect touch to create her “good witch” costume.

Buy It: The Snowflake Princess toddler costume can be purchased for $22.96 member price or $25.48 non-member price. The wand is $1.46 member price or $2.48 non-member price.

I think the smile on her face and the fact that we couldn’t get her to take it off for most of the evening gives Wholesale Costume Club our seal of approval! We will recommend them to our friends!



  1. Amanda says

    Emma is a cute little princess! Looks like the costume is great quality as well.

  2. Rosalie says

    Your review is very creative and was so much fun to read. The costumes look cute and little Emma is adorable!!!!

  3. Merideth says

    Kids and their opinions! lol I ordered my daughter's Halloween costume while she was taking a nap…I did pretty well though, I got her "Foofa" from Yo Gabba Gabba, and she asks to wear it all the time..I had to hide it in the back of her closet in hopes she might forget about it until Halloween (no such luck)!

  4. Amber says

    Oh my gosh, sooooo cute! She makes a great lil princess and she looks very excited to have her very own costume. Love it!

  5. Niecey says

    She looks adorable! I still need to get a costume for my 3 year old. I'm keeping a list of places I could get one and I'll add this to the list.

  6. Tawnya says

    The Snowflake Princess costume is adorable! Your daughter is too cute!

  7. Tamara B. says

    What a beautiful princess she makes, she is just adorable! I love their great costume selections and they have fantastic prices too!

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