B Box Diaper Wallet

B Box Diaper Wallet
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When you have a baby, going anywhere for the day always includes carrying a diaper bag so you have everything you would need through the day.

But what about when you just go out for a couple hours for coffee or a quick trip to the store?

The last thing you want to have to pack is a huge diaper bag, yet if you don’t bring something you know that’s when your baby is going to poop and need a changing.

Diaper Wallet
b.box has a diaper wallet that is perfect for the quick trip out of the house without having to pack for the whole day.

Wipes Access
From the outside the b.box diaper wallet looks like a normal travel wipes case. You flip the top open and you now have access to your wipes.

Inside Access to the wipes
Open it up and there’s so much more. On the one side is where you can refill your wipes and still have access to the wipes through a dispenser when your in the middle of a change.

Change Mat and diaper holder
On the other side is a clip that holds an easy to clean change mat that comes with the wallet. Not only does the clip side hold your change mat it also holds 2 disposable diapers. Perfect for what you may need for a quick trip out.

Changing station
The b.box diaper wallet would make a fun unique baby gift (that as a mom I would LOVE to get) to make life so much quicker and easier when you have a little.

You can purchase a b.box diaper wallet at www.bbox.com.au .

Grab a diaper wallet as a gift or to treat yourself, they offer lots of fun colors and change mat patterns to choose from.


  1. Karen Glatt says

    This is a great product to take with Mom or Dad and have everything organized with the wipes and diapers! I think it looks pretty and a great way to take when in a hurry!

  2. courtney b says

    ohhh I love this. and I love the pretty blue color. sick of those crappy wipes bags that the kids rip apart every time they get the chance !:)

    thanks for making this product known ! 🙂 🙂

  3. Sarah L says

    Very clever invention. Bet a mom invented it.

  4. shelly peterson says

    this is really a neat idea! So perfect for just quick little trip out.

  5. nicole dziedzic says

    This is super cool product, love how it stores everything i need when diaper changing, and when making a quick trip it is all i have to grab without the diaper bag.

  6. Something like this would be great for short trips to the store or an outing to the park. I could also see this coming in handy to keep in the car while a toddler goes through potty training.

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