Attack of the Sewer Flies! HELP! [affresh Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner Review]


At least once a year it happens… and it seems like it’s from out of no where. Really, where do these strange creatures come from?! First they start showing up in the kitchen. It usually starts with just one, then another, then all of the sudden them seem to be everywhere in the house!! Bathrooms, bedrooms… Kaytlin even found one in her car!

We usually buy drain cleaners and use them repeatedly until the flies disappear. We also manually clean out the tops of the drains with brushes. Sometimes it will take up to three treatments before we notice a difference.

My sample of affresh arrived around the peak of our infestation.  The package says “removes odor from dishwashers and disposals”. I didn’t notice any odor from our dishwasher and disposal, but I rationalized with myself. What causes odors… dirty drains, right? What brings out sewer flies? Dirty drains, right? So I figured, what the heck! I went for it.



I used Whirlpool’s affresh™ Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner, the only national two-in-one cleaner for dishwashers and garbage disposals. In the nearly 20 years of owning a dishwasher, I have never used a “dishwasher cleaner”. I guess I just didn’t realize that if not properly cleaned as indicated in the Use & Care Guide,  dishwashers and garbage disposals have the potential for odor. Sometimes dishes can sit for a day or two while waiting for a full load and I’ve noticed several times when food residue isn’t washed away completely at the end of the cycle. Until now, no product on the market removed both dishwasher and garbage disposal odors.

affresh Dishwasher and Disposal Cleaner was simple to use. I started with 1 tablet in the disposal, turned on the hot water to a slow flow and ran the disposal and water for 15 seconds. Then I turned off both the water and disposal… time for the dishwasher. I placed one tablet in the main detergent tray and another tablet in the prewash tray (or you can put it in the bottom of the dishwasher). Then I turned on the heaviest cycle – without dishes – using the hottest wash temperature to activate the affresh™ chemistry to dissolve and neutralize odor.  At the end of the cycle the water from the dishwasher cleans out the disposal.



We noticed results right away. There was a crisp citrus scent in both the dishwasher and disposal! The inside of the dishwasher was cleaner than it’s been in ages. Know what else I noticed? It’s been about 4-5 days since I used the tablets and it just dawned on me last night that I have not seen a single sewer fly since I used them! Now this is not a promised effect from using the dishwasher/disposal cleaner, but it happened at our house!
You can purchase affresh at retailers nationwide including Sears, Best Buy, Lowes, Kroger, Food Lion and at A package of 6 tablets run approximately $5.99.
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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of affresh and received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


  1. Teresa L Shively says

    Oh my goodness I have never seen on of those fly’s before. I am glad I found this blog about it in case I ever do see them I will know what to use 🙂

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