AT&T Unite 4G LTE Hotspot

AT&T Unite 4G LTE Hotspot

Sample received. All opinions are my own.


December was a heavy travel month for our family starting with a road trip that took us to Galveston, Texas. This adventure put us in the van for 16 hours. Four adult sized people and 2 peanuts, all crammed in. What’s a family to do in a small area like this for so long? Connect to the internet, of course!

Every single one of us has a device of some sort or another (some of us more than one) that functions best (or is more fun) when connected to the internet. That is why I was more than thrilled to accept an AT&T Unite Mobile Hotspot for review. Perfect timing.


The AT&T Unite is a 4G LTE mobile hotspot from NETGEAR that connects up to 10 Wi-Fi devices, offers guest Wi-Fi, has a 2.4” touchscreen and has up to 10 hours of battery life.

We set off on our road trip fully intending to rely on our smart phones for directions using Google Maps. Just as we were getting into the thick of things in Texas, our wireless service hit a dead zone. I honestly hadn’t thought about checking coverage before we left because we’ve never had issues with reliability… but there we were unable to connect and no clue how to get there.

I reached into my purse and pulled out the Unite, turned it on and hoped for the best. Viola! We had service! I connected our smart phone to the mobile hotspot (which was super simple… as you can see on the screen the name of the network is displayed as well as the password) and we were on our way.

This wasn’t the only time the mobile hotspot saved our toushies. My husband had prepared for a long night of in the dark on his own (while we slept) driving by downloading a handful of podcasts. Something happened to his downloads, though, because when he went to listen to them they were all blank! If you’ve downloaded podcasts, you know their file sizes can be daunting (and download slowly through your phone)… but connecting to the hotspot he was able to download all of them again quickly!

We were super thankful to have the AT&T Unite Hotspot at our disposal many times during this trip… both driving to and coming home from Texas. With it’s small size (fits into the palm of your hand) you can slide it into your purse or pants pocket and never be without an internet connection again.


You can purchase the prepaid version at Walmart for $99.99. With AT&T Unite prepaid you get the same Wi-Fi features as the original, but have no credit check and no monthly commitment.

If you’d prefer to purchase with a contract, the price is $0.99 with a new two-year contract available now at and retail stores near you.




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