At-Home Mom’s Shortcut to Fat Reduction

When it comes to fat reduction, you have all kinds of options at your disposal, mainly the natural methods of burning away fat which are rigorous exercising and strict diets. These are the ingredients to reducing all the fat that gets built up when the majority of your work is from home. Whether it is because you’re working from home because of the pandemic or you happen to be an at-home mom, it’s very easy to have a buildup of excess fat when you don’t have as many opportunities to go out and live a more physically active lifestyle. 

Which is why cosmetic centers like NYC’s MiracleFace MedSpa have a very potent solution in their line of treatments: at MiracleFace Medspa you can way to trim away excess fat without damaging the body. If you have not heard of Coolsculpting, there is still a good chance you have seen the term “fat freezing” mentioned here and there, whether in some headlines or in celebrity gossip. 

What Exactly is Coolsculpting?  

Coolsculpting is a fat reduction and body contouring treatment, designed to trim away excess fat through a non-invasive method. “Invasiveness” refers to how much damage is done to your body during a procedure. Some procedures are very invasive, as they involve cuts, incisions, and stitches. Treatments that utilize injections are minimally invasive, as the damage done to your body is close to none. 

Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment, meaning it does absolutely no damage to your body or skin. It is performed entirely on the outside of your body and requires no injections or cuts of any kind. This makes it a one-of-a-kind treatment in an industry that’s full of procedures that are all in some way invasive.  

Keeping in mind how busy at-home mums are managing kids and chores, they can get rid of those flappy arms with Coolsculpting in just a few sessions.

How Does It Work? 

As the name implies, Coolsculpting uses the power of cold temperatures to get rid of excess fat from various areas of the body. Take for example the stomach. When the Coolsculpting applicators are placed on the stomach, they begin to expose that area to cold temperatures via the metal pads on the applicators. 

After 40 to 50 minutes of non-stop exposure to cold temperatures, the fat cells go into apoptosis, a kind of process during which they slowly die out and begin to deteriorate. With every fat cell that destroys itself, the layer of fat shrinks. This is done to the point where that area of the body is visibly slimmer than it was before.  

What is the Procedure Like? 

Since the procedure is non-invasive, as you can imagine it is pretty much painless. The only case of discomfort that some patients with sensitive skin report are light aching, but this is to be expected considering how the treatment involves constantly keeping an area of the body cold. 

However, as you probably have felt countless times, our bodies are not defenseless to the cold. With enough exposure to it, the skin goes numb and you do not feel a thing. It takes around 10 minutes for the skin to go numb from cold and after that point, there is little to no physical discomfort. During 40 to 50 minutes that the Coolsculpting applicators are on your body, it is advised to remain as motionless as possible throughout the entirety of the procedure.  

But during this time, you are free to watch TV, chat with the clinic staff, talk on the phone, or even read a book, as long as it does not involve you moving around too much. And with that in mind, you can see just how casual the procedure is. It is as stress-free as a cosmetic treatment can get. 

How Does This Benefit the Stay-At-Home Lifestyle? 

With all those technicalities in mind, how can someone living an at-home lifestyle benefit from Coolsculpting? If you happen to be living at home, whether because you are responsible for overseeing most of the responsibilities of the house or are simply working from home as a result of the lockdown, you may be susceptible to excess fat buildup. 

As stated earlier, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. People are all built differently, some with more fat, some with less. You should be happy with your body regardless of how it looks. But in case you don’t enjoy seeing fatty thighs or a slightly bigger stomach, two very common occurrences that come with the at-home lifestyle, there is a way out that will not take much time out of your busy schedule.  

The Coolsculpting treatment takes barely any time out of your hands, both in terms of how fast the procedure is and thanks to the minimal side effects.  

Where Can One Find Coolsculpting? 

Now the question is actually finding Coolsculpting treatment that fits your expectations, budget, and is within your local area. If you live in a smaller town, finding the perfect treatment package may be a little tough. However, living in big cities like NYC or LA has many advantages; mainly that you have a lot more opportunities of finding exactly the kind of services you’re looking for. 

This is especially true with the beauty industry, as there are countless professional and highly experienced practitioners operating in big cities like NYC, LA, Miami, etc. Doing a quick search online will yield tons of results and will help you get a better idea of what practitioners are in your area. You may find a cosmetic center that mainly handles facial rejuvenation, youth restoration, and enhancement. Or maybe a clinic that mainly focuses on curve enhancements or contouring treatments like Coolsculpting. How about a bit of both with a variety of facial and body enhancements? 

There are a lot of options available and if you look hard enough, chances are you will come across something that fits your needs in every single way.  




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