Are Energy Efficient White Goods Worth The Cash?

It is something that many people consider as their older white good begin to stop working or are in desperate need of an upgrade. 

Is the extra cash investment into energy-efficient appliances worth the cost? 

This decision can be a tough one to make since often they can run a few hundred more expensive. That added upfront cost has to be worth it in the long run. 

When purchasing white goods, you need a machine that can last a long time and fits in the budget, but sometimes we are left wondering about that extra energy efficiency price tag. 

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We know that energy-efficient white goods like washing machines and refrigerators are often sold to us at the best options, from an environmental perspective, as well as a long-term savings investment. And we also know that making sure you have them under the home warranty is another investment we should make. 

But which white goods give us the most benefit? And, are they worth the initial cash investment?

Refrigerators and freezers

The refrigerator and freezers in our home are plugged in and in constant use. Opening and closing the door means they need to work extra hard to maintain the temperature. We need to keep our food in an ambient space to keep it safe. 

When looking at the energy efficiency of a refrigerator, the Energy Star certificate means that the machine uses 15% less energy, and it has a bulb that uses less energy too. For a freezer, the certified option uses 10% less energy than one without the certification. 

Washing machine

An average household may run several washes per day – especially with manual labor workers, families with children, and pets. They are one of the most commonly used appliances every day.
On average, there will be around 300+ loads of laundry washed each year. The Energy Star certified washing machine can provide a huge energy saving of 33% and dramatically reduce water usage by a massive 50%. 

The water spun and drained out of the clothing in an energy-efficient washing machine is also higher than those that aren’t certified. Meaning the saving is even better value if you use a clothing dryer after the washing machine. 


It is, unfortunately, the case that clothing dryers use a tremendous amount of electricity to get your clothing dry. 

A clothing dryer with an Energy Star label saves 20% less than a regular dryer without the certification. 

When combined with an energy-efficient washing machine, this can be a substantial saving on your everyday washing. And one that can be seen in the energy bills. 


Dishwashers use a lot of water and a lot of energy too. But an energy-efficient dishwasher can see a significant yearly saving in water use. The EPA says that you can earn more than 1,900 gallons of water per year when making the switch to a more energy-efficient dishwasher. 

Further, newer dishwasher models typically clean the dishes to a higher standard, making users less likely to put the same item in repeatedly. 

Room AirCon

If you cannot live without your aircon, investing in a cost-efficient one is beneficial. Although aircons typically keep using a lot of energy, even when they have the Energy Star, you can see around $75 less per year to run them. 

In the case of aircon, the reason it has earned the label is that the materials that have been used in manufacturing are of high quality and energy-saving. 


Most people don’t realize that their dehumidifier can actually use more energy than their refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine combined, which by any means is a lot of cash and a lot of energy. 

If you upgrade to a model that has the Energy Star label, you can save around $175 a year on running costs. This equates to a 15% energy saving. 

There are many brands that aim to meet all of the standards that are laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. When you see the Energy Star certification on an appliance, that means the machine will save both energy and money – as well as a reduced environmental impact. 

If you are on a tight budget, there is also a range lower cost Energy Star Best Value – so that you can still make a saving and upgrade to newer models without a considerable cost. Don’t forget to check the pa price to compare electric providers in your area.

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