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On Friday night, February 21, I heard about the Apple security flaw on it’s mobile devices. It seems that their operating system has left it’s iPads, iPhones, and Macs vulnerable to outside attacks/hacks. Hackers have a nice little windows to gain access to these devices and view your personal information when using public Wi-Fi. Things like your email, passwords to your banking site, credit card site, your credit card information used to purchase online… heck even your passwords for Facebook and other sites you frequent. If you’re a blogger it doesn’t end there… think big here, passwords to your host, your site… it could be catastrophic.

I’ve been sharing an amazing software product with you for months that can help. Hotspot Shield  fully protects and manages your information and identity in a few easy steps. In essence it shields your information from those prying eyes and gives you peace of mind while using public Wi-Fi.

It’s so easy to use, too! I really don’t even have to think. As I was setting up my work area for the afternoon I turned on my computer. By the time I was ready to focus on my laptop it had powered up and Hotspot Shield was already open and ready to protect me. I just needed to sign into the Wi-Fi.


Top reasons to get Hotspot Shield Elite
  • Provides complete VPN coverage with one click
  • Configures easily for immediate access
  • Creates a secure VPN tunnel between you and the networked world
  • Automatically secures the connection when it detects an unsecured network
  • Anonymizes your logon
  • Uses encryption technology to protect your identity and content
  • Accesses popular portals and blocked sites from anywhere
  • Intercepts phishers and spammers using a wide-range of malware packages
  • Supports five devices with a single license
  • Virtual Locations available in US, UK & Australia

The security issue doesn’t stop with Apple products. Any mobile product on a public Wi-Fi is vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Why take the chance?

Download Hotspot Shield now.



  1. Pam H. says

    This is the first I’ve heard of the Apple security flaw. I didn’t feel like my iPad or iPhone had adequate protection, so I rarely use public WIFI. I appreciate you telling us about the Hotspot Shield. I’m getting ready to download it onto my iPhone and iPad now.

  2. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    This sounds like a god system and I shall do a little more research into it. It seems that every day you hear of a new hacking attempt, whether in a supermarket , store or restaurant and it can be nerve wracking.

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