Anki DRIVE | Where Toys and Video Games Collide

Anki DRIVE | Where Toys and Video Games Collide

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Do you need a unique outside of the box Christmas gift for someone on your list? Then take a look at Anki Drive.

In the box
I was intrigued to learn more about this race track the moment I laid eyes on it. It’s not anything like the car race tracks we grew up playing with, it’s a track of the future. You are not just racing around a track to be the fastest, you are a robot warrior on the track out to battle your way to the top using weapons and speed.

Inside the box
Included Cars
I was sent the Anki Drive starter kit. The box is so sleek and eye catching… inside are 2 Anki Drive cars (Boson & Kourai), 2 charging cases and power cords, starter track, and tire cleaner. You need to download a free Anki Drive app on a compatible device.

The Track and Charging your cars
You will need to plug in your cars to charge before you can start, it takes about 8 minutes to charge your cars up to get about 20 minutes of play time. Unroll your track and clear some space for the track as it is 3.5’x8.5′ in size… this track isn’t small.

Anki App When you first download the app it will take you through a 10 minute 1 player tutorial to show you the basics of how to play and control your car. You can choose to play a single player game where you race an AI and you can select which AI player your want to race, or up to 4 players can play at a time against each other.

You have 3 different play modes you can pick from, Race, battle or practice.

Options in the app Each time you race you are earning money that you can spend in the garage to upgrade your car… from weapons, speed, to your armor. You can customize your car to make it your warrior to battle your way to the top.

It’s not just about having the fastest car, you are going to want a car that will cause damage on your enemy while being able to take a hit or two from others.

Under the Car
The track has amazing technology in it that tells your car where to go. Your car follows the track all on it’s own without you having to steer it. You can control the speed of your car, your weapon choice and move your car from driving on the inside or outside of the track.

Playing with Anki has been a blast. My husband and I have been getting pretty competitive against each other while we are playing. The age is said for kids 8+ but I would have to say that I think kids a lot younger would love Anki as you don’t have to worry about trying to stay on the track which is where most younger kids get frustrated.

Customizing your car
Anki Drive is a great family activity that you can all play together, no matter the ages.

I would say younger kids about 4-5 could play Anki. They might not understand the upgrades, but they would be able to race and that would be enough for them to feel included.

Race Track


If you have some race fans in your house then Anki Drive is the way to go. Head over to and have a great family gift under the tree this year. You can also purchase more tracks, and other cars as well.

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