Angelina Ballerina The Mouseling Mysteries Follow the Clues on DVD

Angelina Ballerina The Mouseling Mysteries Follow the Clues on DVD

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Big Sis LOVES music and she loves to dance. So it’s only fitting, and natural, that she LOVES Angelina Ballerina.

There is a new Angelina Ballerina DVD out called The Mouseling Mysteries. In this fun movie, there are some strange things going on in Chipping Cheddar. You get to follow Angelina and search for clues with her. They think Roquefort Hall is haunted, music goes missing, and Mrs. Chirpyface disappears.

Angelina and her friends go out looking for clues to solve these mysteries, and your Little can join in.

Watch this fun clip, you’ll be hooked and need to see the whole show! 🙂

Since we watched this movie, Big Sis has to "find the clues" to everything. It’s so fun to watch her learn even a fun new game to play. She loved this movie because she got to play along.

The Mouseling Mysteries is about 61 minutes long. That hour seems to go by quickly as they sit and watch the movie because it’s so much fun! There are a couple new Bonus Features on this DVD as well. There are Ballerina Puzzles and a karaoke music video to sing and dance along with. Perfect for the child who loves to be on the move, singing and dancing all day long.

I like that Angelina Ballerina is a good friend, kind "person", and fun. I like that Big Sis can watch this movie (and the shows for that matter) and not be exposed to danger, violence, scary stuff, or bad language.

Visit the Angelina Ballerina WEBSITE for fun games, to watch shows, and much more! You can buy Angelina Ballerina The Mouseling Mysteries on DVD on AMAZON.




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  1. Vickie COuturier says

    my grandaughters love Angelina ,,they love to play dance an watch the mouse dance around,,very cute an they love it

  2. Denise L says

    My son actually loves Angelina Ballerina – yay for breaking boy/girl stereotypes! This is one Angelina DVD we do not have. Sounds great though, I might even get into since I love mysteries. It’s great to have options like Angelina Ballerina that are fun, safe, and teach good lessons. So much out there is just not great for little ones…even the stuff marketed to them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Michelle Feliciano says

    my daughter loves Angelina ballerina

  4. My granddaughters all love Angelina Ballerina. All 8 circle round the TV and are just glued to it.

  5. jamie braun says

    let my Isabel watch the clip! now we must go get it! and its one of her shows that I dont mind watching either

  6. Karen Glatt says

    What a cute Angelina Ballerina DVD! My niece would love to own this and get to see it. I am going to ask my sister if she has heard of this video. It has a good story line and sounds very interesting!

  7. courtney b says

    my daughter loves angelina ballerina;) she loves the dancing..

  8. Andrea Anderson says

    This sounds perfect for my little niece. She’s 3 and loves to dance around alot so I’m sure she would love the karaoke music video feature.

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