Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump


I have breastfed four children now for a combined total of 46 months (3 years 10 months). I’ve used just about every type of breast pump on the market from a manual, a single electric and a double electric. I had my greatest success with a double, so when my sister in law informed me that she exclusively breastfed her daughter her entire first year because her pump didn’t work for her, I knew I had to find a fantastic pump for her so she could keep her sanity. With two under two at home, she was going to need a break now and then.


The Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump arrived just in time for the baby’s arrival. I was impressed with everything that was included with this pump… I was seriously wishing I had had one with Emma and Ethan!



The first thing I noticed was the carrying bag. At first site you wouldn’t guess it’s a breast pump bag. It is decent sized with a little extra room for a nursing cover and burp rags with some extra pockets for things you don’t want to lose like your nursing pads and maybe your chart to keep track of pumping (if I don’t write it down I don’t remember it correctly).


I emptied the bag onto the table to find a fair amount of goodies!


I love how they included two sets of flanges so you can rotate them while they are being cleaned. The extra set of flange inserts is a life saver. On my old pump I didn’t really have any warning when my flange inserts failed. Having to wait for a new set to arrive in the mail can put a monkey wrench in your pumping schedule.


You can see the two sets of dials on the pump. Those are the CustomControl™ dials–Dual suction and speed adjustability allows moms to choose from a total of 32 combinations—for the best comfort and milk flow every time. Not every woman lets down easily. With 32 possible combinations there is a setting for almost everyone.

Ameda has also included a CustomFit Flange System™—The Purely Yours Ultra includes three of the most commonly needed flange sizes for a good fit at your very first pumping and later as your body changes. Four other flanges sizes are also available separately.


The Purely Yours operates on 3 Power Sources—AC adapter, 6 AA batteries, or car adapter making it a super versatile pumping partner. Also included in the bag is an insulated bag with 6 bottles for milk storage, a milk storage guildelines chart, a one hand pump adapter, a sample pack of milk storage bags and a sample pack of NoShow Premium breast pads.


My nephew and sister-in-law are now into a good breastfeeding groove and she has had a few opportunities to use the pump. Here are her thoughts:


So far, I love the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. When I first saw it, I was impressed with the nice bag it comes in. The bag looks much like a purse.

The instructions inside were easy to understand, and in no time I was pumping.

I LOVE that I can use any standard size bottle with this pump. I have a bunch left over from my daughter, and it was great to be able to re-use them. I’ve found that I can even use glass bottles.

The pump was surprisingly quiet. I have to pump when both kids are asleep, so this was a concern for me. But, to my relief, the pump didn’t disturb them at all. I could even watch tv while pumping without needing to turn the TV volume up.

So far, I have not needed to charge the battery, and it’s been used 3 times. That’s pretty impressive to me.
Pumping is pretty easy, and I’ve been able to express way more milk with this pump than I could with my old one. In fact, my husband and I are even planning a date night– something we were unable to do with our daughter until she was several months old because of my inability to pump enough milk.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

You can purchase an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Double Electric Breast Pump for $299 at Babies R Us
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  1. Wow! That is an amazing breast pump system. I would love to have one! Great review!

  2. Looks like the Cadillac of pumps!

  3. Hmmm… I will have to look into this one. I haven’t had a ton of luck with breast pumps and I usually end up renting one from the hospital. I have one now that I would like to try, but I have a bad feeling it won’t suction hard enough.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says

    things are so different now than what they were when I had my babies, this is great for mothers breast feeding

  5. Eileen says

    One of my daughters has this and it is incredible. What a long LONG way they have come since I had my last child 12 years ago and had to sit in an office room for SO long trying to pump and finally having to hand express bc the pump sucked. I mean REALLY did! LOL!

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