After Nursing Four Kids… I’ve Got Furniture Syndrome!

I’m sure many of you will understand this. I’ve had five children and breastfed four of them for extended lengths of time. Now, mind you, I was never one to be blessed with perky “girls” but as of lately I have decided I have “furniture syndrome”.

bedrooms_drawers_181327_tnbWhat is that you may ask? Well… my “girls” are now in my “drawers”.

I’ll give you a minute to stop giggling at me…

Okay… Now add on the fact that I’ve also lost over 100 pounds and you will begin to understand why I have been contemplating doing something about it. The funny part is, I am still the same cup size I was 19 years, five children and 100+ pounds ago. It’s just all settled in a not so attractive place now.

So I am faced with a decision. Continue to live with my deflated balloons that resemble breasts when pushed back up where they are supposed to be with the right bra, get a breast reduction, or consider breast augmentation. I really don’t “need” any more bosom that I already have, but I’d love that void area to have fullness again.

Is there anyone here with me on this? I dread having to wear a bathing suit because I am constantly reaching down into my swimsuit to pull the girls back up where they are supposed to be hanging out.

Heaven forbid I consider wearing something with a “built in bra”. That is a joke in itself. My chest is heavy enough that it pulls the top downward leaving unwanted cleavage and I just end up looking saggy and unkempt. Or even worse, something with spaghetti straps or strapless. I haven’t done that since I was a teenager.

So tell me… are you/have you been in this boat? What are you considering… what have you done?

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  1. Love it! I am with you; they are killing my back!

  2. Denise Taylor says

    I’m right there with you LOL.

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