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With summer approaching, it is becoming increasingly crucial to ensure that your home’s air conditioning unit is in good operating order. Summer heat may kill, and even if it does not, it can be quite uncomfortable. 

If your air conditioner fails in the middle of summer, you will have a miserable time. Whether you have or have not used your air conditioner this winter, you could find that now is a good time to inspect it and determine whether it needs any repairs or service. HVAC air conditioning equipment often breaks down while not in use! 

If you inspect it now, you will be able to fix your HVAC system before the summer heat hits. With the help of professional repair experts at a company such as Kellerman Heating & Cooling, you can get everything fixed before problems arise!

What’s Wrong With My Air Conditioner?

The first step in discovering what is wrong with your HVAC is establishing what model it is. You must know what model it is in order to locate the handbook and effectively identify problems.

The most typical issue is that your thermostat’s batteries have run out. Simply slide your thermostat away from where it connects to the wall to reveal the battery compartment. Simply replace the batteries after you have located them. Most thermostats use standard AA or AAA batteries. However, some may require more exotic batteries.

Alternatively, the issue might be with your air ducts. If air cannot flow through the ducts, your HVAC system will not function correctly. It is critical to keep your ducts clean since running your AC with a blockage for an extended period of time can lead to far more significant problems.

Other issues may arise and we suggest checking with the simplest solutions first like your air filter; however, this will depend on the kind of AC unit you have: each model has its own idiosyncrasies and potential concerns. However, these are the most prevalent issues.

DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Repairing your air conditioner on your own might be challenging, but it is not impossible. If you have access to the handbook for your AC unit, you may be able to repair it yourself, but if not, we recommend hiring a professional from HVAC repair services such as Kellerman Heating & Cooling instead!

Services for AC Repair

Repairing AC systems may be challenging, and rather than embarking on an ambitious DIY repair job, we recommend contacting AC repair in Gahanna, Ohio to handle it for you. This is more expensive, but it is less complicated and provides much more peace of mind. Skilled AC specialists will be able to cure your problems without triggering other difficulties! Professionals such as the team at Kellerman Heating & Cooling can get your systems fully fixed without you needing to worry about any risks in the process of repairing the complexities of AC systems.


Checking your system before the start of summer will give you ample time to guarantee that your HVAC system is in good operating order before the weather becomes dangerously hot. Do not freak out if there are issues! It is simple to locate reputable AC repair firms to assist you with your issues.


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