Puro Adult Bluetooth Wireless Headphones w/Hard Case

Sample received. All opinions are my own.

Puro headphones not only offer a kid safe version as I reviewed earlier, but they also offer an adult version. I was recently sent the Puro Adult Bluetooth Wireless Headphones w/Hard Case. Included in the box are the BT5200 Headphones, Hard Carrying Case, USB Charging Cable, 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable, and Quick Start Guide.

Out of box
When I’m working and need to hear things I will throw on headphones so that I can tune out the kids and focus on what I’m working on. But while I’m trying to tune out background noise I usually end up turning the volume up louder and louder, not really paying attention to keeping it at a safe level for my ears. The Puro headphones has a 85 DBA sound limit option that prevents me from turning them up too loud and damaging my ears.  The bluetooth is a 4.0 wireless with a range up to 30 feet from the bluetooth source.

The padding on the ear cups are so comfortable and well padded. Made from a comfortable protein leather that hugs your ears they block 82% of noise. The battery life is 24 hours playback and 200 hours standby, with a lithium ion rechargeable battery.

folded, and controls
On the side of the ear cup is volume control, bluetooth on/off switch and your plug in for a wired option. For added convenience the headphones fold flat to fit nice in the carrying case for easy travel.

Carrying Case
Whether it’s me working on something or the kids watching netflix the Puro headphones are the set that everyone fights over.  The sound quality is amazing and as a mom it’s nice to know that my family’s ears are being looked after. Head over to www.purosound.com and pick up a pair for the whole family and know that you will have great sound while keeping your ears safe.


  1. Sarah L says

    Those are some fancy earphones. I like that they won’t let the volume get too loud.

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