A Trip To NYC With The Kids

A Trip To NYC With The Kids

This post was writtten by Jen Fisher. Jen Fisher is a travel blogger and mom of 3. She has been traveling the globe for years and after the birth of her first child decided to begin sharing her travel tips on the web. She is a jet setter that never slows down and loves exploring with her family.

I’ve heard a number of parents in recent years suggest that New York City is a tough place to vacation with kids. Many parents like the idea of exposing kids to the culture and perspective of NYC – however, there seems to be a common perception that the crowds, the walking, and the sheer size of the city are prohibitive for families. For this reason, many keep their kids out of the Big Apple.

I’m here to say that this perception is entirely wrong! Sure, you may have an afternoon when your kids get tired of walking around, etc. – but there’s plenty to do to keep your kids entertained around the city. Here are a few particular highlights for families with kids of different ages.

Avoid the more serious shows, and go for something up-tempo and engaging. Whether it’s Jersey Boys for your teen children, or The Lion King for the whole family, there are plenty of fun options!

Central Park Zoo
The Bronx Zoo is the best in the city, but Central Park is a bit more accessible, and has a nice, simple zoo your kids might enjoy. Plus, you can compound the visit with a stroll around the park, or a rented rowboat on one of the massive park ponds.

Famous Stadiums
If you have kids who are into sports, NYC is a great destination for them. Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, Barclays Arena, and in U.S. Open season the Billie Jean King Tennis Center are all world-class arenas for their respective sports.

The Shops Of 5th Avenue
Okay, so many of these shops are fancier than 77 Diamonds or Gucci, and clearly meant for adults. But from teen clothing shops like Hollister, to a 5-story Nike store, to famous toy store FAO Schwarz, there are options for the whole family.

World Trade Center
Head here for a bit of history, and some breathtaking new architecture. If your kids are old enough to understand or remember 9/11, this is a moving and wonderful area to visit, as it is now gorgeously reconstructed.


  1. Rosie says

    so many wonderful places to go! I think so many ppl don’t even consider going to NYC, if they have never done it before. But once they do, they’ll want to go again and again! I luv the Bronx Zoo esp!

  2. Betsy Barnes says

    I love visiting NYC, took my son before he was starting high school, we had an AMAZING trip 🙂

  3. Julie Wood says

    I want to go here someday because the sites look magnificent. New York can keep a person busy for days. And I bet the food places are a great place to try. I would love to see The World Trade Center and I would like to see the Empire State Building.

  4. This is a great list of places to visit NYC when you take kids. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. Sarah L says

    I like the Bronx zoo, but agree that the Central Park zoo is easier and fun in the park.

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