A Guide To The Different Hunting Seasons

A Guide To The Different Hunting Seasons

No matter what state you live in, it’s widely accepted that hunting is one of the great American past times. After all, what could be better than exploring the wilderness, and even possibly camping under the stars or beside a beautiful river? However, the time of the year can be dependent upon what game is available to hunt, and even perhaps what legislation says you can pursue in certain months and areas. From sunny summer to the cold winter, below we have compiled a list of the different seasons and what you can expect to hunt (and where) in each.

Spring & Summer

The spring season brings a breath of fresh air, where plant life begins to reawaken and bloom. Therefore, this season is one of the best to venture outdoors and see what you can find in the woods. Spring is the best season for hunting turkey. While you may think hunting turkey is reserved for when it’s time for the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, the warm days of spring are the ideal times to pursue these birds. Each state has a slightly amended season date, with Pennsylvania’s season starting late April and ending late May, while Nebraska’s starts in March until May for those who prefer to hunt using a bow and arrow. If you intend to join the turkey hunt during this season, make sure you have the correct Archery Hunting clothing to ensure you have the best apparel.

While preparing for different hunting seasons, it’s crucial to have not only the right clothing and equipment but also to ensure your ammunition is ready. Natchez reloading supplies and equipment offer hunters the autonomy to customize their loads, fitting both preference and game specifications. Embarking on your own reloading journey enhances understanding of ballistics and can improve your overall hunting experiences.

With summer brings the excitement of vacation time for all the family, so summer is the perfect time to explore states further afield. However, summer is also the season where the big game hunts slow down. Instead, it’s time for the small game hunters to shine! South Dakota is the place to head to if you want to try your luck at hunting prairie dogs. Prairie dog season is open all year, but the warm, sunny months are ideal for hunting mid-morning to early afternoon and enjoying the rest of day. The best equipment for this hunting is a .50 caliber, but the choice of gun is ultimately yours.

Fall & Winter

Fall is the one season where the falling leaves and milder weather is longed-for by those hunters who have been out in the field all summer long. A key date to note for the fall hunting season is September 15 – December 15 when it’s the prime deer season in New Hampshire. Don’t forget that you will need a hunting license to join this season, but these are easily bought online. If you are choosing to hunt the deer with archery, you will also need a permit.

Many hunters may shy away from venturing into the snow, wind, and rain during the miserable winter months, but this can be one of the best seasons to increase your skills. There are a variety of reasons why this is true. For example, hunting during the winter has less pressure, which is ideal if you’re starting out and still learning the ropes. It is also easier to hear and see during the colder months, especially taking into account the fact that the trees and bushes are now lacking their green leaves. Tracking is also a lot easier during winter, in particular, if there has been recent snowfall. You only need to follow the tracks of your game.

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