9 Ways To Improve Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

There are many cosmetic surgeries – including liposuction, breast augmentation, body contouring, and more. However, the most essential thing for you is to heal fast after any cosmetic surgery.  

Recovering from cosmetic surgery is a straightforward process but challenging to some people. Others will heal quickly, while others require diligence and effort after surgery.  

Perhaps, you have taken breast augmentation Miami. You have to ensure you have done everything correctly to heal fast.  

Let’s dive into various ways to improve recovery after cosmetic surgery:  

  • Follow Cosmetic Surgeons Instructions  

Some patients follow only those instructions they feel they are meaningful but avoid those they don’t like. But some simple instructions will seem silly – such as no baths after a cosmetic procedure. However, there are essential reasons behind them.  

When a healthcare provider says you only need showers, then avoid swimming. Some cosmetic procedure requires you to avoid heavy lifting for the first few weeks.  

You may not understand why some of the instructions are given. That’s why you need to consult your surgeon or health professionals the reasons.  

  • Keep Follow Up Appointments  

Follow-up appointments are essential, and you need to keep up with them. So, suppose you’re feeling good, and the wound is healing properly. In that case, an appointment will seem like a waste of time and unnecessary expenses.  

But that’s not the case. The healthcare provider has to ensure you feel well and check the progress of your incisions. However, that’s not all – they also check other things nor aware of.  

When you visit for follow-up, the surgeon checks invisible incisions. These are things you can’t see, but it depends on the cosmetic procedures.  

In addition, the surgeon may want to look for infection signs, blood work, adjustment of prescriptions, and more.  

  • Prevent Infection  

You have to prevent infections, and that’s a significant thing you must do to get excellent results. Always wash hands before touching the incisions while on the recovery process.  

  • Inspect Incisions  

Looking at the incisions may not be the best thing for you to do. However, depending on the surgery, it is good to check on your incisions several times.  

Some cosmetic procedures may not be possible to inspect your incisions, but the mirror will make it possible. So, you can now look at your surgical site.  

Check the color of the incision – is it red or pink? Are staples or stitches intact?  

These are essential things to keep in mind. You need to also look at your incision a few times a day to determine whether you’re healing or has infections.  

  • Eat and Drink Properly  

After a successful surgery, most people will not feel like eating. That’s because they are constipated, nauseated, or not hungry.  

You must stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet after cosmetic surgery to promote the healing process, get past unwanted side effects and minimize common complications.  

Remember that your body requires energy to heal. Therefore, eating properly – balanced diet –  is essential. In addition, the healthcare provider shall inform you of the kind of food to observe. Some will enable you to garner more weight, which isn’t needed after body contouring.  

  • Cough or Sneeze Carefully  

Coughing and sneezing is something hard to avoid. However, it isn’t good for cosmetic surgeries. Perhaps, there is an abdominal incision during liposuction surgery; therefore, coughing and sneezing may lead to serious harm. That is after coughing wrongly.  

When you get a new incision, it is not strong for a violent sneeze. It may cause an opening of a surgical incision. Bracing your incision is essential while sneezing, coughing, or in the bathroom. You have to do it using your hands or even a pillow.  

Coughing is important, and you may have to cough frequently after cosmetic surgery. That’s because coughing can help prevent pneumonia.  

  • Care the Incisions Correctly  

When touching your incision, you must wash your hands. However, caring for incisions after cosmetics must not be difficult or complicated.  

Most patients want to ensure their incisions are completely clean. So, they will have to scrub their incisions, aiming to remove the scabs forming. Others will use peroxide or alcohol to ensure the area is free of germs.  

Unless the cosmetic surgeon has instructed you to clean the incisions, wash gently with water and soap. That’s because removing staples will make your incisions heal slowly.  

Soaking incisions to clean them will bring more harm because you will weaken the incision line. Most cosmetic surgeons will recommend you shower rather than bathing. You also have to avoid swimming when in your recovery process.  

  • Know When You Need an ER 

Sometimes, the symptoms may not be normal, thus requiring emergency care. So, when concerned, remember to call your healthcare provider to know where the problem lies. If not, then you need an ER.  

Generally, some of the symptoms include breathing problems, bleeding, challenges urinating, and other obvious signs of infection.  

So, with such symptoms, your next door should be at the emergency room or cosmetic surgeon clinic.  

  • Control Your Pain  

It is important your keep your pain under control after surgery. Some patients will hesitate to take their pain medications after prescription because of fearing side effects or addictions.  

Other people will think taking pain medication will be a sign of weakness. Some don’t like the feeling they get after taking prescription drugs. When you are in much pain to walk, there is a high risk of getting pneumonia and blood clots.  

You must keep your pain managed to a tolerable level, thus helping you keep moving and healing. However, ensure you drink ample water with pain medications to avoid constipation and dehydration.  

Taking medication regularly will easily control your pain. When you wait until the pain becomes severe, taking pain medication will lead to a long wait before prescription drugs can take effect.  


Recovering from cosmetic surgeries should not be complicated. The process may take some time before you can fully recover, depending on the cosmetic surgeries you take. Following the above methods will help you have an easy time recovering. 

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