8 Most Famous Landmarks in NYC

Are you visiting the Big Apple sometime soon? If you’re looking for fun-filled sightseeing in the heart of NYC, there are several world-famous landmarks you must witness firsthand.

From century-old bridges to towering buildings, here are eight of the most famous landmarks you need to catch at some point during your visit!

Statue of Liberty

Originally a gift from France to the United States, the Statue of Liberty is not only the symbol of New York City but also one of the United States’ most recognizable landmarks. You will need to venture out to Liberty Island by ferry to view the 305-foot, copper statue up close.

Empire State Building

Standing at 1,250 feet tall, Fifth Avenue’s Empire State Building was the world’s tallest building until 1971. Today, you can tour the building and view its impressive Art Deco architecture. However, you can just as easily view the building from the outside and behold its impressive tower lights during the evening.

Central Park

Central Park was established in 1858 to juxtapose the city’s commercial and industrial environment. Today, it offers solace for residents and visitors alike. Take a peaceful stroll through its many gardens, have a picnic in one of its meadows, or view the gorgeous architecture at the Bethesda Terrace.

Grand Central Terminal

For over 100 years, Grand Central Terminal has been responsible for transporting people in and out of the Big Apple. More than a half-million people pass through the terminal every day, making it the largest transportation hub in the entire U.S. The terminal’s Parisian-inspired Beaux-Arts architecture alone makes it well worth a visit—even if you’re not using the train!

Times Square

The junction of 7th Avenue and Broadway is perhaps the city’s largest commercial intersection, known for its array of flashing neon lights and colossal billboards. While you will need to wade through thousands of people to get a good view of the iconic skyline, this bucket-list experience is well worth the inconvenience.

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the main ways people travel between the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn. This enormous landmark, completed in 1883, was the first steel-wire suspension bridge constructed in the United States. Experience the bridge’s scope by passing over it yourself, or view its impressive century-old pillars from afar.

Rockefeller Center

To the naked eye, it’s easy to mistake Rockefeller Center as another commercial hub within the city. However, this national landmark boasts an incredibly rich history dating back to the Great Depression. Named after the wealthy and philanthropic John D. Rockefeller, this complex is home to the world-famous Radio City Music Hall, its iconic Christmas tree, a large ice skating rink, and other attractions.

Madison Square Garden

Since its opening in 1968, Madison Square Garden has hosted some of the nation’s biggest events. The indoor arena is unique in that is the only stadium in the world with a concave ceiling. Experience the arena’s electric atmosphere at a New York sporting event or a concert featuring some of the world’s biggest acts!

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