77kids by American Eagle Winter Coats & Mittens Review


We live in Missouri and the winters can be a little rough here if you aren’t properly attired. Emma and Ethan have grown so quickly this past year that last years coats fit body wise, but the sleeves were just too short.

77kids agreed to let Emma and Ethan review a couple of their winter coats. I’ve always liked the puffer look so choosing which coats was a breeze. I decided to move Emma up into the little girls section and we requested a 5/6. Ethan’s coats is from the toddler boys section size 5Y.


I’m going to be honest and tell you that I have never shopped or owned an American Eagle (or 77kids) piece, so I wasn’t sure what to expect quality wise. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box.

The coats are made of a soft durable 100% polyester microfiber. They move and flex easily with the kids, unlike some other puffer coats we’ve had in the past that made the kids more like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. I immediately noticed that the fur trim was removable (snaps off) for ease of wash (no more matted “fur” from washing!) or simply because the kids get irritated by it.


77kids uses a tag free label to reduce irritation on the kids necks and (my favorite thing) they feature stretchy inner wrist cuffs. I always feel terrible when the kids come in and their wrists are bright pink and freezing from exposure. The wrist cuffs on both of these jackets are stretchy and pull clear down over their mittens to eliminate this problem. The fronts of both coats zip and then have an overlapping flap that snaps down to prevent drafts and keep the snow out when they roll down the hills.


Emma and Ethan have worn these coats out for a trip in the car and I love that they could still move and be comfortable and not feel overly stuffed (but yet stay warm). I give both coats 5 stars.

You can purchase the Belted Puffer Parka Emma is wearing for $79.50. Ethan’s coat is no longer available online, but you can purchase similar quality items for your little guy for $44.50 to $79.50.


Emma and Ethan both have a difficult time keeping their gloves on. Not because of comfort, but because they want to take them off to play with books or toys in the car. When I saw the magic mittens I knew this was a great option for both of them.

These are basically fingerless gloves with a mitten over flap to cover the fingertips when they need to warmed. They are made of a soft cotton knit and are stretchy with plenty of give. My favorite feature on both pair of these is that the wrist portion is extra long. Between the pull down wrist cuffs on the coat and the extra long wrist portion of these mittens their wrists and forearm are now fully protected. I just wish these made these in a water proof version so that they could play in the snow without worry of getting wet.


You can purchase the 77 Bright Knit Magic Mittens Emma is wearing for $9.50 (RV $14.50). Although Ethan’s mittens are no longer available for purchase online, you can purchase a magic mittens and hat set from  $14.50 to $24.50.

I am ultra pleased with everything 77kids sent for Emma and Ethan to try. Their coats are durable enough to last several seasons (I ordered a little large) and I won’t have to worry about the sleeves getting too short because of the pull down wrists. The gloves are super comfy and perfect for busy hands that want to play but still need to be covered to stay warm.

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Disclosure: I received all the items mentioned above free of charge for purposes of review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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    My kiddos need some jackets like these

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